When and where to watch the Perseid meteor shower in summer?

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Northern Hemisphere residents will be able to see the Perseid meteor shower on the night of August 12-13. Under favorable weather conditions and the absence of urban illumination, it will be possible to observe up to 100 meteors per hour, or 1-2 meteors per minute, the press service of the Moscow Planetarium said.

When will the summer meteor shower peak?

The Perseid meteor shower starts in mid-July and lasts all of August. This year, its peak will occur on August 12.

Where should I look?

To notice the Perseids, you need to look to the northeast. The source of the Perseids is located on the border of the constellations Perseus, Giraffe and Cassiopeia. 

“Radiant Perseid is located on the border of the constellations Perseus, Giraffe and Cassiopeia. Look for Cassiopeia (inverted M), to the left and below the horizon shines the bright star Capella (Alpha Aurigae) — between Cassiopeia and Capella lies the Perseid radiant. In August, around midnight, it is just in the northeast. That's where you need to look. Meteors will sort of fly out of the radiant, and you can observe them all over the sky, », — planetarium experts advise. 

Where is the best place to watch?

The meteor shower can be observed immediately after sunset and before dawn. It is best to watch the shooting stars away from major cities. The planetarium recommends driving 30 km away from settlements, and from large cities such as Moscow, more than 100 km, since strong sky illumination will not allow you to see more than half of the meteors. 

As noted in planetariums, this year the conditions for observing the Perseids are unfavorable, since the peak occurs on the night of the full moon.

Do need astronomical instruments for observation?

No, they are not needed. No astronomical instruments are needed to observe the meteor shower, the meteor shower is observed with the naked eye. 

The next time the Perseid meteor shower can be seen in a year, since the orbits of the Earth and the shower have a constant region of intersection with each other.   

What other meteor shower can be seen in August? 

From August 3 to August 25, Russians will be able to observe the Kappa Cygnids meteor shower in the constellation Cygnus. Like the Perseids, this meteor shower is only visible in the Northern Hemisphere. The peak of the meteor shower will be on August 18, then you can see three meteors per hour.


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