Trump compares the US to a third world country

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Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump likened the United States to a third world country. He made the comparison during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas.

“We are in many ways a third world country. We are a country whose economy is floundering, whose supply chains are disrupted, stores are not full, whose packages do not reach, and whose education system is at the bottom of any list, — he declared.

Moreover, the United States has become a country that is “no longer respected or listened to.”

Americans— “a nation in decline,” the former president noted. He pointed to the worst inflation in more than 40 years and the highest energy prices in history.

The United States is no longer an independent country in energy and is forced to “beg” for Venezuela and Saudi Arabia on oil supplies.

At the end of March, Trump was already comparing the United States to a third world country due to a shortage of goods. “You go to the store, and there is no bread, — Trump said.— We are like a third world country that has no goods. He also gave another example: “You go shopping at Tiffany or you're going to buy something at a hardware store and they don't have any.”

Read on RBC Pro Pro What you need to know about buying property in Thailand: nuances and tips Articles Pro Eight exercises to look like James Bond Instructions Pro A disaster is approaching in the cryptocurrency mining market. What investors should do Articles Pro How to convince a stubborn interlocutor: advice from psychology Articles Pro Why only 8% of Russians strive for unlimited wealth Research Pro Companies change software at extreme speeds. What mistakes they make Pro Morgan Stanley instructions: why the rebound of US stocks is not for long In particular, he accused Biden of “killing the American dream”, and the United States has become “a laughingstock” over the past two years. and “land of decline.” According to him, the United States is forced to endure one historic humiliation after another on the world stage. Trump is convinced that if he himself led the United States, there would be no hostilities in Ukraine and a rapid increase in inflation in the United States.

The ex-president has repeatedly admitted that he would fight for the post of head of state. In mid-July, he said he had made a decision about running in the 2024 presidential election. Trump promised that he would continue to engage in politics, otherwise the United States will become “another Venezuela, the Soviet Union or Cuba.”

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