The Mandalorian Fans Furious Over Golden Globes Snub

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The Golden Globes took place last night and, as always, some of the winners caused controversy online. The Best Television Series – Drama category, for instance, was a race between HBO’s Lovecraft Country, Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian and three Netflix shows – The Crown, Ozark and Ratched. Unsurprisingly, Netflix won out, with the aforementioned royal drama claiming the golden statuette. And Star Wars fans are not happy that Mando and Baby Yoda were snubbed.

Social media is full of angry reactions from those who think the Pedro Pascal-fronted show should have beaten the Olivia Colman period series to the gong, and here are just some of the tweets going around that are arguing that this is not the way.

still mad that The Crown beat The Mandalorian for the golden globe

— isabella (@vforvalidation) March 1, 2021

@goldenglobes I can’t believe you snubbed the #Mandalorian !!!

— XboxSeriesX/S (@HFXDronePilot) March 1, 2021

They snubbed Mandalorian at the golden globes for the show that features Maggie Thatcher as a character

— REO Memewagon (@KafeiAizawa) March 1, 2021


— erin (@jjmincult) March 1, 2021

9-1-1, we’d like to report a robbery.

The #Mandalorian was robbed!!! #GoldenGlobes

— Lauren sweet tea in the summer ミ☆ (@SwiftJunkie1989) March 1, 2021

Somehow, we’re still disappointed.

Me when The Crown won the Golden Globe instead of The Mandalorian:

— Noor-Hal (@noorhal) March 1, 2021

Moff Gideon Returns In More New Mandalorian Season 2 Photos

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How could they not give the Golden Globe to this little guy? Monsters.

Kenan Thompson: And the Golden Globe goes to The…
Me: Please say Mandalorian, please say Mandalorian… Kenan: … Crown.
Me: #GoldenGlobes #TheMandalorian

— FanSided Entertainment (@FanSided_ENT) March 1, 2021

Some folks were a bit overconfident.

“are you okay?” no, i had to delete my “the mandalorian golden globe winner” draft

— kyrs got s worded (@josepedropascaI) March 1, 2021


Sorry, lame. The Mandalorian should’ve taken this one home. The Crown is an excellent sedative though, I’ll give it that.

— AlliSandwich (@alli_sandwich) March 1, 2021

Others are trying to look at the situation in a different light.

the mandalorian didnt lose the golden globes, the golden globes lost the mandalorian

— angela ☂︎ (@SITHJAVI) March 1, 2021

Now this is downright wholesome.

the mandalorian won the golden globe in my heart 💗

— cassidy | ceo of hanleia (@leiaaahansolo) March 1, 2021

Of course, we shouldn’t be so shocked that The Mandalorian didn’t win, as the Golden Globes rarely awards sci-fi/fantasy TV shows. For instance, despite being nominated several times, Game of Thrones never actually came out on top. The exception to the rule is The X-Files, which achieved three wins back in the 1990s, but if the Disney Plus series keeps up the quality, maybe it’ll break the mold in a future ceremony.

Pedro Pascal is due to suit up again as Din Djarin for The Mandalorian season 3, which starts shooting this spring. It won’t be airing in time for this fall like usual, then, but will instead debut in early 2022. The good news is that The Book of Boba Fett spinoff series will arrive this December to keep us entertained.

Tell us, though, how cut up are you that The Crown beat The Mandalorian at the Golden Globes? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

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