The Internet Throws Hands Over Who Would Win A TV Dad Fight

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itemprop=”headline name”>The Internet Throws Hands Over Who Would Win A TV Dad Fight

Ashley Marie

Oct 23, 2021 8:59 am2021-10-23T08:59:08-05:00

When it comes to iconic family sitcoms, there are a few that stand the test of time—shows like The Wonder Years and Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Family Matters. 

Within the series, there are also characters that you grow to love. From their storylines to their personality traits — if you spend years watching a television show, the characters become important to you — you become invested in what happens.

Two characters from the abovementioned sitcoms are tv dads that fans fell in love with — Carl from Family Matters and (Uncle) Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. They taught life lessons to the characters within the series but also to fans watching at home.

So today, when a pop culture fan posed a question on Twitter — fans were up in arms defending their decision. Which TV dad would win a fight, Carl or Phil?

Of course — the answers ranged from ‘they wouldn’t fight at all’ to fans all but pulling out their Team Phil or Team Carl shirts.

I'm going with Uncle Phil.

— sierra scott (@sierrascott14) October 22, 2021

Uncle Phil sure could tell someone off.

But Carl snapped right here 😂😂😂😂

— D e r r 💡c k (@derrbearrr) October 22, 2021

This fight scene was epic.

Uncle Phil was like 6’4. He’d mop Carl

— MagicMackXXXL (@BigOrangeMack) October 22, 2021

This fan said on size alone, Uncle Phil would take Carl down.

seen this?

— Ray Frand (@RayBtwin91) October 22, 2021

Carl used to always find a way to reason. Uncle Phil? He’s got secrets about his past. Just when you think you got him figured out? BAM he’s got Lucille.

No way Carl Winslow wins.

— A Kenny For Your Thoughts (@akfytwrestling) October 22, 2021

Plot twist!

Earl Sinclair shows up and negotiates peace between Carl and Uncle Phil and they all go have a beer to vent about Steve Urkel, Will Smith and Baby Sinclair on a "Very Special Episode of…"

— John Taylor (@HalosFanMontana) October 22, 2021

We are here for this plot twist!

There’d be no fight. They sit down and talk it out like real men. Neither was about violence, especially amongst black men…

Having said that, Uncle Phil would wash Carl Winslow.

— Chris Najdek (@Chris_Najdek) October 22, 2021

Neither. Aunt Viv for the win.

— Front Row Seat To The Freak Show (@Puddinth) October 22, 2021

If you had to pick Team Phil or Team Carl — who would you choose? Let’s talk about it.

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