The expert explained the “tolerance” of official America to fascism and neo-Nazis

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“The US ruling elite encourages the ideology of radical groups in Ukraine and the Baltics”

Recently, President Vladimir Putin announced the first International Anti-Fascist Congress, which begins its work in the Moscow region on Saturday. The expert told us about the relevance of the fight against modern fascism, including in countries that imagine themselves to be the “stronghold of world democracy”.

“Nothing strange, because she was not completely trampled down,” comments the president of the All-Russian Police Association, Lieutenant General, Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of Russia, Professor Yuri Zhdanov. “They only extinguished the big fire, but the embers remained. And these embers or, let's say, the spores of the “brown plague” are cherished in the main world nursery of this infection – in the USA. It was from American fascism that metastases originated, which sprouted in many countries – satellites of the United States. I believe that this will also be discussed at the first ever International Anti-Fascist Congress.

– This is a common misconception based on the effect of external perception. Well, such as “zigs”, legionnaire salutes, black uniforms and other paraphernalia, torchlight processions … This is all, of course, spectacular, but you need to understand why all this is started and who pays for the show. And when you start to understand, it turns out that all this horror was not originally created by the “gloomy German genius”.

– Yes, and there were also the Frenchman Gobineau and the Italian Mussolini. And many others. However, in all its glory, racial theory first appeared on the southern plantations of the North American United States. And racism, Nazism and fascism are inseparable. And it does not matter whether the Negroes are oppressed, whether the Indians or the Jews are exterminated, whether the same white people are sold into slavery, as the British did with the Irish. Fascists, even if they don't call themselves that, always divide people into “higher” and “lower”.

But let's understand the original essence of fascism. It is in the name, from the Latin word “fascio” – a rod with which the guilty are flogged. The ancient Roman lictors, who carried out punishments, wore a bundle of such “fascios” in which an executioner's ax was stuck. That is, they could flog, or they could cut off something, say, a head. It was the personification and symbol of power. Formally, it seems to be legal. But in fact – arbitrary and limitless. Fascists are a single group of people who themselves establish and enforce laws. And these laws are punitive. I will not go into history, but the first fascist states were Sparta and Ancient Rome of the era of the early empire, where a handful of people reigned supreme over the majority of the population. The Spartans were outrageous over the helots, also, by the way, the Greeks turned into slaves. And in Rome, for the first time, a military junta was born – the triumvirate of Caesar, Crassus and Pompey. The triumvirs, however, ended very badly, no one died a natural death. But the founding fathers of the United States really liked the tradition and they called their temple the Capitol. For the majority – a reference to the alleged traditions of democracy, a reminder of the ancient Roman Senate. But the initiates understand…

– The fact that at any moment all this democratic tinsel can fly around like autumn leaves, and the real masters of America will come to power, who for the time being rule the country from behind the scenes. No, I am not a supporter of the notorious conspiracy theory, but do you think about why any fascist organizations are unequivocally and unconditionally banned in Russia? And in the “civilized” countries – republics and monarchies – they legally exist. Although they do not flourish everywhere, they are considered legal. This is a reserve for local “masters of life”, in case something goes wrong in their country. There are hundreds of official organizations of such “reservists” in the USA. And it is possible that their services may soon be needed.

– And this too. In the meantime, they are actively and not unsuccessfully developing the practice of using the Nazis in Europe. The American ruling elite, represented by the Democratic Party, is pursuing a provocative course of simultaneously encouraging neo-Nazi ideology and radical fascist groups as a shock fighting force in Ukraine, the Baltics, Poland, Canada and elsewhere to promote their political narratives and physically confront opponents. This allows, by tightening legislation, using hidden operational and tactical mechanisms for the actions of special services, and manipulating public opinion through media-controlled media, to “push through” their own openly fascist policy both within the country and in foreign policy.

The bet is made on neo-Nazi groups, pro-fascist movements. American intelligence agencies are provocatively pitting irreconcilable political opponents – supporters of Democrats and Republicans, “Trumpists”, social groups – “whites” and “blacks”, migrants and “native” Americans, national and sexual minorities. Paramilitary formations – Antifa and pseudo-human rights, essentially destructive movements – BLM, are used, inevitably undermine the socio-political situation. This leads to new massacres, internal and “external” terrorist attacks, military conflicts. That is, special projects of American intelligence services are being implemented both on the territory of their country and on the territory of other countries.

I believe that at the International Anti-Fascist Congress they will definitely notice the intensified process of external expansion, the internationalization of American fascism outside, in particular to Ukraine, the Baltic states, Poland. I consider it necessary to emphasize: internal terrorism in the United States and Ukrainian, Baltic, Polish, Canadian and other fascist structures are two sides of the same coin, in fact, they are metastases of American fascism.

– And no one calls the United States fascist state. Bye. But fascism for America is not Hitler's delusional and expansive statements about the highest value and purity of the “Aryan race” and millions of victims, and not the philosophical “doctrine of fascism” of Mussolini.

For the United States, fascism is their own history of the formation of American statehood, a chronologically earlier and longer (than for Italy and Germany) historical stage. This is the official political course of the ruling elite, aimed at fighting for the “purity of the nation” within the nation, the state apparatus, which provides the mechanism for the implementation of this racial struggle – the courts, the police, medicine, special commissions.

And then there is the scientific elite, which, within the framework of eugenic, that is, selective science, has prepared not only a supposedly scientific justification for the necessity, expediency and effectiveness of racial selection, but also conducting medical manipulations (sterilization) and other inhumane experiments on their own citizens. By the way, the methods and results of these studies were later adopted by the Hitlerite Nazi regime in concentration camps.

Let's also remember the leading industrial giants, who at one time provided the technical capabilities for the implementation of fascist ideas, and their generous willingness to share the terrifying “best practices ”, and cooperation with the growing strength of the Nazi regime in Germany.

Therefore, at first glance, the “tolerance” of official America towards fascism and neo-Nazis, which is hardly explained at first glance, declared as freedom of speech, opinion and expression of will, is just one of the echoes of that monstrous historical past through which the American state itself passed, and which is now bashfully hushed up. This is, first of all, fascism in relation to American citizens who have been massively segregated, sterilized in the framework of the eugenic doctrine of “racial purity”.

The Americans themselves are talking about all this. In his book An American Example for Hitler. The United States and the Rise of Nazi Race Legislation,” law professor James Whitman argues that Hitler was inspired by American racism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hitler admired America for the way it “excluded certain races from naturalization”. He saw America as an example of a “single state” and hoped to recreate such a state in Germany. The Nazi leader wrote about this in his autobiographical manifesto Mein Kampf. In 1928, Hitler even praised the Americans for the way they hunted Indians during their continental expansion to the west.

Coercive sterilization, racial segregation, bans on interracial marriages, and even the infamous gas chambers were all done in the US for eugenics research years before the same thing happened in Nazi Germany. The books of the American researcher Edwin Black “IBM and the Holocaust” (2001) and “The Conspiracy Against the Weak” (2003) are devoted to this.

In December 2006, the New York Times published a 617-page Secret Justice Department report, The Office of Special Investigations: Striving for Accountability in the Aftermath of the Holocaust, which details how the CIA and the FBI helped Nazi criminals escape punishment, recruited and took them to the United States to work under cover against the USSR.

“America, which has positioned itself as a safe haven for those fleeing persecution, has become a safe haven for the executioners themselves,” the report emphasized. It provides examples of the Nazi executioners of the Third Reich, whose devotion to the American intelligence agencies of the CIA and the FBI allowed them to escape punishment.

The high degree of “usefulness” and awareness for the CIA and FBI of former Nazi criminals in confronting the USSR during the Cold War outweighed the arguments about the need to prosecute them for war crimes, and only after the publication of a secret report were some declassified Nazi criminals transferred for trial in USA and other countries.

This previously secret document also reveals the attitude of official Kyiv towards Nazi criminals.

The annotation to the released document noted: “The inside history of the United States government's Nazi-hunting operation provides exciting new evidence about some of the most notorious Nazi cases of the past three decades. The Justice Department has kept the 600-page report under wraps for the past four years, releasing a heavily redacted version last month to a private research group that sued to force it to be published.”

After that, decide – how to classify a state created in the USA?

– I don't know if it will be a coup d'état. But there is no doubt that the Democrat-controlled forces in the US intelligence services will do everything possible from them through their agents to organize simultaneous violent protests by pro-fascist groups. After all, that's what they were bred for. Also, the process of further influence of the American intelligence services on the increased Nazification of political processes in Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland is beyond doubt.

The danger of fascism has never disappeared anywhere. One should always remember the words of the writer Julius Fucik executed in 1943 by the Nazis: “People, I loved you! Be vigilant!”.

In general, there is something to discuss at the International Anti-Fascist Congress.


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