The brother of the deceased journalist Suleymanova shared his memories of her

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The brother of the journalist Zemfira Suleymanova, who died in the Donbass, shared his memories of her. The corresponding post was published in the Telegram channel of Roman Suleimanov.

He noted that for someone Zemfira was a daughter, sister, girlfriend, girlfriend, volunteer, tik-toker, and for him — a party comrade with whom he has known since childhood. According to Roman, the girl was not a very good party member, and she became one only because of him.

“But she has many talents, more precisely one, but big (so it seems like a lot) — she played talentedly », — Suleimanov wrote, saying that Zemfira was always “for” any, even crazy, scripts for commercials and she herself offered great ideas.

He added that the girl was a fighter and her family called her “Xena” — in honor of the warrior princess (referring to the TV series «Xena — warrior princess» — approx. ed.): “I know, I fought with her as a child! Not a single man gave me such a fierce rebuff as she did!»

«For all this, she hated war (any), but she loved me very much, the Twilight movie, Russia and everything else! " — Zemfira's brother concluded.

Recall that Roman also spoke about the problems with the girl's funeral, the main of which is — transportation of the body to Nizhny Novgorod.

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