Seven Angels – Mask Of Sadness Lyrics

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Looking the future, trying to keep my faith
Making the time stop, by my way, I?m so sad

Trying to run away, I?m searching for a hidden place
Shadows of madness by my side, I?m a slave

Living in sacrifice, I tried to keep my self raised
I was reached by arrows of unreality

Higher, I?m trying to fly
Louder, I?m trying to scream
Follow, I look for the way
But I can?t see the steps of salvations

I can?t find my way


Neither the sea not even the trees
There is nothing that you can do to save yourself
There is just one way, one and only one
Raise your hands and speak the words

Words of wisdom at the right time
Can save a life
A new breath for an old soul

Mask of sadness, life?s disgrace
Don?t keep in search
Look around you and you?ll find the truth?

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