Queen Elizabeth II handed over part of the duties to Prince Charles

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Previously, the Queen had a clear list of 13 duties, but now it contains only general language, writes the Daily Mail. Prince Charles replaced the Queen in May for the first time at the opening of parliament Queen Elizabeth II handed over part of the duties to Prince Charles Daily Mail.

Previously, the list of duties of the queen, who turned 96 in April, consisted of 13 items and included the appointment of a prime minister based on the results of a vote in parliament, the opening of sessions of parliament, and state visits. The new version of the list contains more vague language, according to which the role of the monarch is to fulfill the “range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties”, maintaining “unity and national identity.” From the list of events in which the queen should participate, the opening ceremony of parliament, which usually takes place in the fall, was excluded. Many of the other events from the calendar this year were attended by Prince Charles instead of the Queen, the publication notes.

A Daily Mail source at Buckingham Palace called the changes minor.

In October the Queen spent the night in the hospital. After that, the doctors recommended that she rest for a few weeks. In February, Elizabeth II suffered a coronavirus, after which she complained that it was difficult for her to move. From October last year to the end of March this year, she did not appear in public.

In early June, the Queen was unable to attend some of the events that took place in honor of the 70th anniversary of her reign due to discomfort. In the middle of the month, Elizabeth II missed the Ascot races for the first time in 70 years. annual social event— due to mobility issues. She recorded a video message to the guests of the event. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton represented the royal family at the races.

Prince Charles is 73 years old and heir to the British throne. On May 10, the prince instead of the queen opened the next session of parliament by reading the Throne Speech.

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