Named the main British curators of Zelensky after the departure of Johnson

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The President of Ukraine is stuck between Liz Truss and the secret services

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky makes mistake after mistake – it seems that the whole world has already realized the danger of Ukrainian blackmail by the situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, and the recent scandalous Zelensky's interview with The Washington Post put the residents of Nezalezhnaya into a stupor. Could this be due to the fact that Zelensky was left without his curators during the “shift change” of the British Prime Minister? We turned to an expert for clarification.

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Three weeks ago, Zelensky, speaking on the Pierce Morgan Uncensored program, was forced to turn like a snake, talking about the upcoming change of the British Prime Minister.

On the one hand, he praised Boris Johnson. After repeating several times that this is, of course, the business of the British people, Zelensky said he did not want Johnson to completely leave politics: “But I am sure that whatever position he takes, he will always be with Ukraine. It's from the heart.”

By the way, there were “well-wishers” in Ukraine who decided to place Boris Johnson in their area after his resignation – they started collecting signatures for a petition for granting Ukrainian citizenship to the British politician and even appointing “Johnsonyuk” (as some admirers in Nezalezhnaya call him) as Ukrainian prime minister.

On the other hand, the President of Ukraine had to distribute advances to Johnson’s possible successors (Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak): “I know that these two candidates are very respected and enjoy the support of the people and society of Great Britain … We will be glad to cooperate with whoever will be elected leader . I used to have contact with Liz Truss. Whoever becomes the leader, Ukraine will provide the highest level of support.”

And on the third hand, Zelensky openly admitted that he was “very worried” about what would happen to British support for Ukraine after Johnson left. The “personal relationship with Boris” has helped raise the level of support – and it won’t be easy for him to have the same rapport with the prime minister’s successor.

Analysts predict that it is Liz Truss, the British Foreign Secretary, who has a good chance to date lead the British government in early September. So Zelensky has a direct reason to start flirting with her.

Moreover, Truss is not against it. She has already vowed that Zelenskiy will be the first foreign leader she calls after winning the premiership race.

Truss fully supported Johnson's flexing muscles against Russia and China, sending heavy weapons to Ukraine early in the conflict. She is with both hands for London to act as Zelensky's closest partner. Moreover, Truss sees the world more “black and white” than Boris Johnson, and is set to be even more active on the world stage. It is no coincidence that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba often calls her a “friend” in his social media posts.

However, experts believe that the light has not converged on Johnson and Truss for Zelensky in Britain.

“It's no secret that Zelensky is now in contact with British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and with the leadership of MI6,” comments Alexei Mukhin, Director General of the Center for Political Information. – There is reason to believe that Volodymyr Zelensky was recruited by this service during his visit to London. This is unfortunate, because at one time the same situation was with Mikhail Gorbachev. Therefore, I think the main circle of communication is Ben Wallace and the leadership of MI6.

Zelensky's current external uncertainty can hardly be connected with the departure of Boris Johnson. Everyone is well aware that Johnson is a politician with an element of clowning. I don’t think that the President of Ukraine seriously bet on him, realizing that he was a passing figure.

But it is quite likely that he has some views on Boris Johnson – as with Mikheil Saakashvili in his time, when there was a desire for this person to head the Odessa administration. This is unlikely to attract Johnson himself, who, in my opinion, is too hedonistic to realize himself now in the Ukrainian direction.

Zelensky is rather not disoriented, but simply waiting. The fact is that now the plans of the “Washington regional committee” for him are not quite clear. There is information that Zelensky will be replaced, and in the near future. And he is, of course, horrified by this, as having his presidential status taken away makes him very vulnerable to criminal prosecution. Moreover, this is persecution not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine itself. Let me remind you that there is an unkind tradition of criminal prosecution of the heads of Ukraine by their replacement.

In addition, there will, apparently, be claims from the US Congress against Zelensky regarding, so to speak, the free distribution of weapons entering the territory of Ukraine. Zelensky will be made a scapegoat to hide the real beneficiaries in the Pentagon and American intelligence services. In general, there is something to be nervous about a person.


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