Moldova opens criminal case against ex-president Dodon

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The ex-president of Moldova was accused of receiving a large amount of money from the leader of the country's Democratic Party and discussing “notes to Putin”, Dodon rejected these suspicions. In his opinion, a criminal case was opened to distract Moldovans from gas prices ” alt=”In Moldova, a criminal case was opened against ex-president Dodon” />

Igor Dodon

In Moldova, a criminal case was opened against the former president of the country and the former head of the Socialist Party, Igor Dodon, because of the video of his meeting with the former head of the Moldovan Democratic Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc, told NewsMaker at the General Prosecutor's Office.

“The Acting Attorney General [Dumitru Rob] has ordered a criminal prosecution because of the videos that appeared in the public space in the summer of 2019,” — said the representative of the department, Mariana Kerpec, promising to clarify the details of the case later.

According to NewsMaker, we are talking about a video that was published by the ex-deputy of the Moldovan parliament, Iurie Renita, in 2020. On it, Plahotniuc and his deputy Sergei Yaralov hand over a package to Dodon. Renita claimed that the meeting took place in 2019, the package contained a large amount of money.

Dodon and Plahotniuc are discussing on video the creation of a coalition in parliament, which would have a constitutional majority. As TV-8 noted, Dodon said that he “constantly writes notes to [Vladimir] Putin,” without explaining their content.

In June 2020, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of Moldova refused to open a case against Dodon, because they did not reveal “elements of a crime”. The department explained that the check could not establish the contents of the package, and the decision was based on evidence collected legally. on the basis of exhaustive evidence, not conjecture,” — emphasized then in the Moldovan prosecutor's office.

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In mid-May of this year, Renita announced that the Chisinau Court of Appeal had canceled the decision of the Chisinau court not to initiate a case against Dodon and the corresponding order of the Anti-Corruption Committee. As he noted, this step allows “to resume the criminal investigation against the former president in the case of the” bag “, NewsMaker quoted him as saying.

Dodon denied receiving money from Plahotniuc, inciting he explained the criminal case by the desire to achieve his “flight from the country”; and an attempt to divert attention from Moldova's problems “when things go wrong.”

“I want to remind you that last December, when gas prices went up, what did they do? In February, I was summoned to the prosecutor's office, for 6 months nothing has happened. Next price increase, what are they doing?,— he said on the air of the NTV channel, UniMedia reports.

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