Marvel Reportedly Worried About Dave Bautista’s Social Media Behavior

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itemprop=”headline name”>Marvel Reportedly Worried About Dave Bautista’s Social Media Behavior


Matt Joseph

Jul 3, 2021 6:05 pm2021-07-03T18:07:08-05:00

Dave Bautista is an entertaining individual, so entertaining that he’s featured in hits such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Infinity War, and Blade Runner 2049 to name a few. Unfortunately, his entertaining qualities have come out through his social media activity, and some people are concerned. Reported by close insider Daniel Richtman, Marvel is reportedly worried about Bautista’s social media behavior after some tweets (and retweets) were made, such as these:

Anyone who associates themselves with that human piece of shit is a human piece of shit. And anyone associating themselves with any human piece of shit who supports that human piece of shit is also a fucking human piece of shit. That simple.

— Poor Kid Who Chased His Dreams. (@DaveBautista) June 29, 2021

If he’s so damned concerned then why is he so against an investigation? Odd.

— Poor Kid Who Chased His Dreams. (@DaveBautista) July 2, 2021


— Poor Kid Who Chased His Dreams. (@DaveBautista) July 1, 2021

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Hollywood and the executives which run it have been increasingly vocal about the comments made by its celebrities, seen with the John Cena apology to China. Now, it looks like Bautista is the sights of Marvel executives, with some of his tweets concerning the individuals that pay his salary. We’re not sure what impact this will have on his roles, if any, or if they’ll say anything directly to him, but what we’re sure about is the nearly unfiltered view we’re getting into his views and perspectives.

For many, they wouldn’t have a problem with a celebrity sharing their views on life, politics, and other matters. But it seems like the continuing intertwining of politics and media is blurring the lines between actors and the characters they play on screen. So, this is something we’ll be able to watch further. What do you think of his tweets?

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