Gal Gadot Issues Statement On Joss Whedon Misconduct Allegations

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itemprop=”headline name”>Gal Gadot Issues Statement On Joss Whedon Misconduct Allegations


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Zack Snyder’s Justice League has essentially wiped away the theatrical cut of the DC movie, but the truth about Joss Whedon’s shocking behavior on set for the film’s reshoots still demands to be told. This week, The Hollywood Reporter shared a new exposé on what went on behind the scenes, based on an interview with Cyborg star Ray Fisher and comments from unnamed inside sources. The most alarming accounts, however, had to do with Whedon’s treatment of Gal Gadot.

The Wonder Woman star is said to have raised issues about the director’s dialogue given to her character. Whedon blew up about this and threatened her career unless she played ball. He’s also noted to have openly disparaged Patty Jenkins’ work on the first WW movie and to have gloated about demeaning Gadot when she wasn’t around, saying he could make her look “incredibly stupid” in his film.

THR reached out to the actress for a comment on these new allegations and she responded with a brief statement making clear that she considers the matter to be concluded, saying:

“I had my issues with [Whedon] and Warner Bros. handled it in a timely manner.”

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This echoes what Gadot has said about her experiences with Whedon before, acknowledging that she clashed with him but that the problem had been sorted out at the time. Unlike her co-star Fisher, it seems she’s looking to leave the unpleasantness with Whedon in her rearview mirror and move forward with her partnership with Warner Bros. It probably helps that Whedon was no real threat to her, too, as his apparent claim to ruin her career is laughable in the face of Gadot’s enormous success over the past few years.

Beyond the DCEU, Gal Gadot is hugely busy, with her upcoming projects including Red NoticeDeath on the Nile and Cleopatra, for which she’ll reunite with Jenkins. Both versions of Justice League, meanwhile, can be found on HBO Max.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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