Bloomberg: Sanctions against Russia again hit Europe’s energy security

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The American agency spoke about the aggravation of the energy crisis in the EU.

The American edition of Bloomberg, Europe received a new blow to its energy security.

This happened after oil supplies from Russia were suspended along the southern branch of the “Druzhba” oil pipeline.


Recall that the pumping of black gold was partially suspended due to anti-Russian sanctions that prohibit accepting payments from Russia.

As a result, “Transneft” limited in the ability to pay for the transit of fuel through Ukraine and to the EU countries.

Thus, Europe is waiting for the aggravation of the energy crisis, which will lead to higher inflation and an increase in the risk of recession.

Journalists are sure that Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic may suffer the most from the situation, and the oil industry of these states is currently trying to solve the problems that have arisen.

According to the information published in the article, European banks participating in the deal cannot make their decisions about payments from Russia.

Such transactions must be approved by national regulatory authorities.

The agency recalls that companies in Europe that previously received oil via “Druzhba” suffer losses. Also, these states are now forced to spend their reserves of black gold.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that experts expect an “energy storm and chaos” in Europe.

Disappointing forecasts for the Old World are made for the near future.

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