Marvel Rumored To Be Developing Disney Plus Series For Magneto

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itemprop=”headline name”>Marvel Rumored To Be Developing Disney Plus Series For Magneto

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 11:00 am2021-10-24T11:00:53-05:00

When the news first leaked online that Evan Peters had boarded the cast of WandaVision, rumors instantly began sweeping the internet that the multiverse would set the stage for the introduction of Magneto, retconning the mutant as the canonical father of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That obviously didn’t happen, and Peters technically wasn’t even reprising his role from Fox’s X-Men franchise at all, although that’s also speculated to have been a red herring of sorts that may or not be picked up again somewhere down the line. However, Geekosity are now claiming that a Magneto-centric Disney Plus series is in the works, which would be an interesting way of rebooting one of the most iconic villains in comic book history.

Here's How Daniel Craig Could Look As The MCU's Magneto

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The only information made available offers that the project is in the early planning stages and hasn’t been given a green light behind the scenes as of yet, so it’s all very opaque at the moment. Geekosity says the Magneto show will be a clean slate and origin story for the character, unconnected to anything that’s come before on either film or television, with Polaris also touted for a supporting role.

The mutants are coming sooner rather than later, but a Magneto origin story was abandoned over a decade ago at Fox when Wolverine’s solo debut was largely panned, so do we really need to see it happen at Marvel?

Marvel Reveals First Official Hawkeye Poster

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itemprop=”headline name”>Marvel Reveals First Official Hawkeye Poster

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 10:49 am2021-10-24T10:49:40-05:00

Exactly one month from today, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s festive spectacular Hawkeye will arrive on Disney Plus, giving audiences the early holiday gift of a two-part premiere, the first streaming series to do so since WandaVision double-dosed us with sitcom shenanigans in January.

Fans have been going wild for all the footage we’ve seen so far, with Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop already a firm favorite among MCU supporters, even though we haven’t really seen her in action yet. Jeremy Renner looks to be having a lot of fun getting the opportunity to take center stage for once, and there’s even an adorable animal sidekick in the form of Lucky the Pizza Dog.

With the one-month countdown now on, Marvel have revealed the first official poster for Hawkeye, which you can check out below.

Marvel Reveals First Official Hawkeye Poster

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On top of Kate inheriting the mantle of the franchise’s expert archer from Clint Barton, Hawkeye will also explore the newcomer’s family history, with The Conjuring‘s Vera Farmiga playing her mother. Not only that, but Black Widow‘s breakout star Yelena Belova will return, while the seeds will also be sown for Alaqua Cox’s solo spinoff Echo, so there’s going to be a lot going on when the show comes to our screens beginning November 24.

The Boys Trolls Marvel’s What If…? With Hilarious New Photos

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itemprop=”headline name”>The Boys Trolls Marvel’s What If…? With Hilarious New Photos

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:39 am2021-10-24T05:39:52-05:00

Amazon series The Boys uses its status as a comic book adaptation to poke fun at the rest of the genre, whether it’s skewering the DCEU and Joss Whedon’s Justice League in Season 2, or bringing in Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy for the next run of episodes as a twisted version of Captain America.

The foul-mouthed and violent adventure has ascended into the realms of prestige drama having recently become the first superhero show to land a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, something that wasn’t expected from a project that’s featured ten-foot prehensile penises and Patton Oswalt voicing a disembodied set of gills at various points.

Continuing in that irreverent vein, The Boys‘ official Twitter account has revealed a new set of images trolling the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney Plus effort What If…?, which you can see below.

Follow me, The F*cking Butcher, and ponder the question: What If?

— The Boys (@TheBoysTV) October 23, 2021

Amazon Reveals A Ton Of New Images From The Boys Season 2

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Is it wrong that we kind of want to see this happen? Knowing how Billy Butcher operates, any spinoff focusing on alternate realities would end up being called The Boys‘ What the F*ck…? or something along those lines, but we do know that at least one offshoot with a Marvel connection is in the works after Agent Carter showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters were tasked to oversee the college-set comedy focusing on Vought’s recruitment process.

Ms. Marvel Promo Art Confirms Major Change To Kamala Khan’s Powers

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itemprop=”headline name”>Ms. Marvel Promo Art Confirms Major Change To Kamala Khan’s Powers

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:38 am2021-10-24T05:38:16-05:00

The first official look at Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel is expected to arrive when Disney Plus Day comes around on November 12, with the latest episodic series from the world’s biggest franchise having wrapped shooting earlier this year, although nobody can seem to agree on when we’ll get a chance to see it.

Kamala Khan’s live-action bow was initially scheduled to debut this year, but it was pushed back to 2022 instead, with February touted as the most likely destination. However, one of the show’s cast members then appeared to hint that Ms. Marvel won’t be dropping until next summer, but the conflicting reports should be getting cleared up in a few weeks.

A brand new promo image has been unveiled on Twitter, and it hints that Ms. Marvel will be making a significant change to the title hero’s established superpowers, as you can see below.

Ms. Marvel Promo Art Confirms Major Change To Kamala Khan's Powers

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Ms. Marvel adopted “Embiggen!” as her catchphrase for when she was using her abilities, which was itself lifted from a classic episode of The Simpsons, but the promo art makes it look as though her skills are more in line with a member of the Green Lantern Corps than her comic book counterpart. Instead of expanding her appendages, it’s more of an energy construct, so it’ll be interesting to see how fans react to such a notable alteration.

Eternals Star Says The Team Is More Powerful Than The Avengers

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itemprop=”headline name”>Eternals Star Says The Team Is More Powerful Than The Avengers

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:37 am2021-10-24T05:37:23-05:00

Despite what the name would suggest, the climactic showdown of Avengers: Endgame made it perfectly clear that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes aren’t above accepting a little help from their cosmic cohorts when it comes to saving the universe from a dangerous and deadly threat.

Nick Fury’s all-star team have been plucked from every corner of the globe and beyond, but a lot of the key members are just regular people with either advanced technology or a very unique set of skills. Tony Stark, Rhodey, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton wouldn’t stand a chance against a Thanos-level enemy without their preferred weapons of choice, so it’s no surprise that Eternals star Lia McHugh admitted in an interview with DISH Nation that the incoming squad would win in a fight.

“I mean, I gotta stick with my team, of course. Of course the Eternals, right? We have cosmic, unlimited energy superpowers from gods. I think that we may be more powerful than the Avengers. I’d like to see that showdown.”

Eternals Film Posters

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On paper, an immortal race of intergalactic beings with their own unique abilities that can combine their collective might to form the nigh-on unstoppable Uni-Mind would make short work of the Avengers, but plenty of villains have underestimated them before.

We’re a lot more likely to see them team up than face off in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, which is just as well when Kang the Conqueror is on his way to destroy the very fabric of the multiverse as we know it.

Fans Blast Tom Holland’s Spider-Man For Running Away From A Fight

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itemprop=”headline name”>Fans Blast Tom Holland’s Spider-Man For Running Away From A Fight

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:36 am2021-10-24T05:36:40-05:00

The marketing campaign for Spider-Man: No Way Home cranked up a notch yesterday, with a brand new still from the movie arriving online, which shows Tom Holland’s Peter Parker running for his life as Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus lurks in the background.

While it’s perfectly understandable for a high school kid to run for his life when a tentacled villain from an alternate reality shows up and decides to start wreaking havoc on New York City, a lot of fans aren’t having it. As you can see from the reactions below, social media was having a field day blasting the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker for favoring flight over fight.

Tobey: Uh why are you running? Just swing.”

Holland: I’m out of webs!

Tobey: … you run out of webs?

— Killafoe (@Killafoe1) October 23, 2021

Andrew Garfield doesn't run away from villains like Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland😹😹👎👎. He chases them#SpiderManNoWayHome

— VishalSid (@VishalSid_1) October 23, 2021

If Tobey’s Spider-Man didn’t need help, why do people think Tom’s Spider-Man needs help against Doc Ock? lol

— malachi (@MCUMarvels) October 23, 2021

Some people don’t realize the reason why Tobey’s version didn’t have any help is because Sony didn’t have the rights to bring him help.. 😂

— AVON (@MagicHandz) October 23, 2021

We all know this is just tobey cgid to look like tom😭 #NoWayHome

— NotMyth (@notmythlol) October 23, 2021

New Spider-Man: No Way Home Image Reveals Doc Ock Chase

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but tom and tobey didn’t let their girlfriend’s back go snap crackle pop

— Abbi Alexander (@AbbiHope03) October 23, 2021

Reminder that Tobey went up against the toughest villains from the comics and won. He carrying Andrew and Tom’s Spidey’s in No Way Home 🔥

— Joshua Chenault (@joshuachenault1) October 23, 2021

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man wouldnt be running the opposite dirrection. 🙃

— BrokenGamezHDR (@BrokenGamezHDR_) October 23, 2021

There's actually no way they won't show or even mention Tobey and Andrew in the Official Trailer! Tom is literally running for his life. He can't even fight Doc Ock and people still think that he can beat the whole Sinister Six?! Like come on! 😂#SpiderManNoWayHome

— DimVars (@MarvelManiac_) October 23, 2021

That’s not to say that Spidey is a coward, when there’s every chance he’s simply trying to lure Doc Ock away from an area crowded with civilians, but the internet demands more from its still images. After all, No Way Home is arguably the most hotly-anticipated blockbuster of 2021, so some folks may have been craving something a little more… heroic.

Maybe Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will swing by to save the day in this particular scene, because it looks like Holland’s Spider-Man will be needing all the help he can get when there’s set to be another five bad guys for him to contend with on top of Otto Octavius.

Blade: The Series Star Offers Advice To Mahershala Ali

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itemprop=”headline name”>Blade: The Series Star Offers Advice To Mahershala Ali

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:35 am2021-10-24T05:35:36-05:00

When you think of Blade in live-action, Wesley Snipes is always the first thing that pops into your head after he headlined the successful original trilogy that allowed him to display his incredible martial arts skills in a trio of action-packed and stylish comic book adaptations.

Spare a thought for poor Kirk Jones, then, better known by his stage name Sticky Fingaz. The rapper and occasional actor landed what he must have imagined was his breakout onscreen role when he was tapped to star in Blade: The Series, which debuted in June of 2006 and became the most-watched original premiere in Spike TV history.

Unfortunately, ratings then fell off a cliff throughout the rest of the season, and Blade was canceled after just thirteen episodes. Two-time Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali will be the third star to play the Daywalker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming reboot, and Sticky Fingaz offered him some advice during an interview with ComicBook.

“Big up to the new Blade. I know he’s going to do an incredible job. He’s a great actor. It’s a lot of physical requirements and he’ll probably live up to the task. So blessings to him and pick up to him. And I give him the same respect that Wesley gave me. Man, just do your thing, man. Just, be honest.

Hit the thing, just like they say with 2Pac. Say he got stuck in the road juice, he left in set, he was still Bishop. When I was doing Blade, I was transfixed. I was one of my favorite actors, Giovanni Ribisi. He’s a character actor, and he’s on set even at lunchtime, he’s still in character. I’m a ninja, so I’m still Blade in real life. So yeah, just engulf it and just go for it and make it come to life, man.”

Mahershala Ali's Daywalker Takes Center Stage In Blade Fan Poster

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No offense to Mr. Fingaz, but nobody’s going to be comparing Ali’s performance to his, when it’s the shadow of Snipes that looms in the background. A leading man, director and writer are all in place with shooting scheduled to begin next summer, we’re just waiting on Kevin Feige to stake out an official release date so the Blade hype train can finally pull out from the station.

The Batman Is Reportedly One Of The Cheapest DC Movies In Decades

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itemprop=”headline name”>The Batman Is Reportedly One Of The Cheapest DC Movies In Decades

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:34 am2021-10-24T05:34:07-05:00

Comic book adaptations generally don’t come cheap when spectacle is a requisite part of the genre, but throwing a ton of money at any given project is far from a guarantee of quality.

Warner Bros. plowed $300 million into the theatrical edition of Justice League, which was panned by critics and didn’t turn a penny of profit, while Joker made over a billion dollars against production costs of $55 million before finding plenty of awards season glory, even though Warner Bros. didn’t really want to make it in the first place.

New Posters For The Batman Revealed Ahead Of DC FanDome

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Buried in a recent report from Deadline is the information that Matt Reeves’ The Batman reportedly cost $100 million, which is positively thrifty by the standards of the genre. In fact, not only does that make it the cheapest movie starring the Dark Knight since Batman Forever, but it’s one of the least expensive DC Comics adaptations of the modern era.

If that figure is on point, then The Batman came in at a lower budget than every single one of the company’s live-action movies made in the last quarter of a century bar Shaquille O’Neal’s dismal Steel, the equally terrible Jonah Hex, Joker and Birds of Prey, with Halle Berry’s infamous Catwoman and Shazam! also sitting on the $100 million threshold.

A Forgotten Angelina Jolie Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix

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itemprop=”headline name”>A Forgotten Angelina Jolie Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:33 am2021-10-24T05:33:16-05:00

Angelina Jolie was only 24 years old when she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Girl, Interrupted, which took the young star’s career to an entirely new level. She’d been working solidly for almost a decade prior to that, but plenty of brand new doors in Hollywood open up once you’ve got an Oscar to your name.

It didn’t take long before she became one of the biggest stars in the business, proving herself just as capable at headlining prestige dramas as she was kicking ass in the action genre, but plenty of movies from her back catalogue have long since been forgotten.

However, one of them has made a resurgence on Netflix, which might have something to do with subscribers dipping into Jolie’s filmography ahead of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Eternals coming to theaters on November 5. As per FlixPatrol, 2002’s romantic drama Life or Something Like It has risen up the viewership rankings by almost 20 places over the weekend.

Jolie stars as a TV reporter leading a superficial life, before her world is upended when a homeless seer informs her that not only is her existence entirely meaningless, but she’ll die the following week. As the predictions begin to come true, she takes matters into her own hands in an effort to turn things around.

Life or Something Like It flopped at the box office after recouping $16 million of a $40 million budget, was panned by critics and earned Jolie a Razzie nomination, but that evidently hasn’t deterred Netflix customers from checking it out.

Denis Villenueve Promises More Action In Dune: Part Two

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itemprop=”headline name”>Denis Villenueve Promises More Action In Dune: Part Two

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:31 am2021-10-24T05:31:53-05:00

Denis Villenueve’s Dune is on track to top the domestic box office this weekend, setting multiple records for an HBO Max hybrid release in the process, so the chances are increasingly high that the Academy Award-nominated filmmaker will be granted the opportunity to craft the second half of the story.

His paymasters at WarnerMedia have already been teasing that a green light is imminent, which is just as well, because fans would have been furious had the sprawling sci-fi epic ended on such a bum note. That’s not to say that Dune isn’t a great movie, because it’s frequently jaw-dropping, but it’s very much half of a whole that deliberately ends without any form of narrative resolution.

Having previously revealed that Dune: Part Two would focus largely on Zendaya’s Chani, Villenueve confirmed in a recent interview with Fandango that the sequel is also poised to up the ante in terms of action.

“I laid the base, the basics of the world; it’s done now. I don’t have to explain most of the world. So now I can just have fun with cinema. That’s what I will say, is that I think if ever such a thing happens as a Part Two, it’s going to be a cinematic party. I mean, it’s not the right word. I apologize. I will say it is going to be a cinematic blast for me. I think that I could create something much more built into cinematic action and less talking.”

Timothée Chalamet Prepares For War In New Images From Dune

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Dune does have a few set pieces dotted throughout, but it doesn’t boast the sort of show-stopping action sequences that audiences have been conditioned to expect from a $165 million blockbuster. Part Two grows more likely by the day, though, and Villenueve will be champing at the bit to reunite his star-studded cast and crew from the second the studio officially gives it the okay.

Kevin Feige Says Alfred Molina Is The Perfect Doctor Octopus

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itemprop=”headline name”>Kevin Feige Says Alfred Molina Is The Perfect Doctor Octopus

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:30 am2021-10-24T05:30:51-05:00

Up until Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s web-slinging franchise had made a conscious decision to introduce villains that had never been seen in live-action before, and it worked out a treat for all involved.

Michael Keaton’s Vulture and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio allowed two phenomenal actors to put their own stamp on a character that hadn’t been done on the big screen, but the trilogy-closing chapter is poised to return to the well in the most epic fashion imaginable.

Marvel and Sony are still keeping their cards close to the chest, but on top of Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus and Jamie Foxx’s Electro, we’re expecting Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, Rhys Ifans’ Lizard and Paul Giamatti’s Rhino to round out the movie’s multiversal Sinister Six.

In a new interview with Empire Magazine, Kevin Feige admitted that if he was ever going to use Otto Octavius again, it had to be Molina or bust.

“I remember having discussions with Amy Pascal years ago. Do we want to revisit villains we’ve seen before?’ No, let’s do Vulture, and Mysterio, and characters we haven’t brought to the screen before. But I remember thinking, ‘How would you even do Doc Ock again?’, because Alfred Molina is perfect casting. If you ever brought him back, it would have to be him somehow.”

New Spider-Man: No Way Home Image Reveals Doc Ock Chase

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Tom Holland has also heaped praise on his co-star, and Feige is clearly impressed with his work despite labeling him a spoiler merchant after Molina became the first Spider-Man veteran to officially confirm his involvement in No Way Home. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the table second time out, when his performance in Sam Raimi’s 2004 sequel is one of the genre’s best villainous turns.

Marvel Studios Reportedly Developing Anime-Style Projects

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itemprop=”headline name”>Marvel Studios Reportedly Developing Anime-Style Projects

Scott Campbell

Oct 24, 2021 5:29 am2021-10-24T05:29:51-05:00

Disney Plus series What If…? went down a storm with fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s only the very beginning of the franchise’s expansion into animation.

The creative team behind the nine-episode smash hit have already teased that they’ve got plans in store that are set to blow our minds, with recently-promoted executive Victoria Alonso confirming that offshoot production house Marvel Animation Studios is set to be founded to shoulder the workload.

There are currently 31 film and television projects in the works behind the scenes, but we haven’t heard much about the animated side of things other than Season 2 of What If…?, Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff I Am Groot and the mystery project that hired Harley Quinn‘s Liza Singer to direct.

New What If…? Poster Unites The Guardians Of The Multiverse

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However, The Cosmic Circus have uncovered a job listing that could tease a potential sojourn into anime-inspired territory. As per the report, the ad is looking for artists “who will be lead on the design and potentially the animation of key and hero FX for episodes with a strong sense of design and graphic appeal”, and also require “strong knowledge of 2D animation principles with a familiarity of high-end anime 2DFX style”.

Star Wars: Visions was a hugely successful experiment for Disney Plus, and applying a similar style or concept to the MCU is a tantalizing prospect that comes packing almost unlimited potential.

See What’s Coming To HBO and HBO Max This November

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itemprop=”headline name”>See What’s Coming To HBO and HBO Max This November

Ashley Marie

Oct 23, 2021 9:16 am2021-10-23T09:17:03-05:00

As October draws to a close and we’re ending our horror binge-watches — or at least adding other films back into rotation — streaming platforms are adding a slew of new movies for fans to indulge in. HBO and HBO Max have shared their upcoming releases for the month of November, and it looks to be packed full of entertaining and engaging releases for their fans.

From favorites like Caddyshack and A Clockwork Orange to A Cinderella Story: Starstruck and 8-Bit Christmas, there’s a film or a series for everyone.

There are originals like The Sex Lives Of College Girls — a new Mindy Kaling comedy and the reboot of Head of the Class. Another highly anticipated new arrival to HBO Max is the Warner Bros. Pictures film, King Richard, which focuses on the Williams sisters and their dad as their mentor and coach. The theatrical release will simultaneously release on the same date as the film hits HBO Max for those not attending movies in theaters right now.

So what’s the complete list of everything heading to HBO and HBO Max this November? Let’s take a closer look.

Released November 1

The 90 Day Plan, 2020

A Good Day To Die Hard, 2013 (Extended Version) (HBO)

A Very Brady Sequel, 1996 (HBO)

Adult Beginners, 2014 (HBO)

Aftermath, 2017 (HBO)

Area Chica Infierno Grande (aka Hell In The Goal Area), 2021 (HBO)

Bully, 2001 (HBO)

Caddyshack, 1980

City Of Ghosts, 2003 (HBO)

A Clockwork Orange, 1971

Company Business, 1991 (HBO)

Cry Wolf, 2005 (HBO)

Cymbeline, 2015 (HBO)

Dead Heat, 1988 (HBO)

Disturbing Behavior, 1998 (HBO)

Doom, 2005 (HBO)

Dressed To Kill, 1980 (Extended Version) (HBO)

Equilibrium, 2002 (HBO)

Eyes Wide Shut, 1999

Executive Decision, 1996 (HBO)

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, 2011 (HBO)

Full Metal Jacket, 1987

Godsend, 2004 (HBO)

Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

Hotel Rwanda, 2004 (HBO)

In the House

Lady In White, 1988 (HBO)

Love And A .45, 1994 (HBO)

Moonstruck, 1987 (HBO)

Murphy’s Law, 1986 (HBO)

Never Let Me Go, 2010 (HBO)

New Year’s Eve, 2011

Practical Magic, 1998

The Parent ‘Hood

Pride & Prejudice, 1995 (HBO)

Rush, 1991 (HBO)

Showtime, 2002 (HBO)

Something New, 2006 (HBO)

Spark: A Space Tail, 2017 (HBO)

Still Waiting, 2009 (HBO)

Summer School, 1987 (HBO)

The Bourne Identity, 2002 (HBO)

The Bourne Legacy, 2012 (HBO)

The Bourne Supremacy, 2004 (HBO)

The Brady Bunch Movie, 1995 (HBO)

The Care Bears Movie, 1985 (HBO)

The Conspirator, 2011 (HBO)

The French Lieutenant’s Woman, 1981 (HBO)

The Next Three Days, 2010 (HBO)

The Presidio, 1988 (HBO)

The Purge, 1988 (HBO)

The Queen, 2006 (HBO)

The Rules Of Attraction, 2002 (HBO)

The Transporter, 2002 (HBO)

The Wolverine, 2013 (HBO)

Thelma & Louise, 1991 (HBO)

Transporter 2, 2005 (HBO)

Unleashed, 2005 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)

Waiting…, 2005 (HBO)

Weightless, 2018 (HBO)

What’s The Worst That Could Happen?, 2001 (HBO)

Witness, 2012 (HBO)

Wildcats, 1986

Wristcutters: A Love Story, 2007 (HBO)

Released November 2

Single Mother By Choice, 2021

Son of Monarchs, 2020

Tokyo Revengers, (Subtitled) (Crunchyroll Collection)

Released November 3

This is Not a War Story, 2021

Released November 4

Aida Rodriguez: Fighting Words, Max Original Special Premiere

Frayed, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

Gen:Lock, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

Head of the Class, Max Original Series Premiere

Rap Battlefield, Max Original Series Premiere

Released November 5

Las Niñas (aka Schoolgirls), 2020 (HBO)

Released November 6

Land, 2021 (HBO)

The Story of Late Night, 2021

Dawson’s Creek

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Released November 8

Dawson’s Creek

Noblesse (Subtitled and English Dubbed) (Crunchyroll Collection)

Released November 9

Billy on the Street, Seasons 2-5

Dear Rider: The Jake Burton Story, Documentary Premiere (HBO)

Released November 11

A Thousand Fangs (aka Mil Colmillos), Max Original Series Premiere

Doom Patrol, Max Original Season 3 Finale

Love Life, Max Original Season 2 Finale

My Sesame Street Friends, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

Reign of Superwomen, Max Original Documentary Premiere

Selena + Chef, Max Original Season 3 Finale

Sesame Street, 2021 Library

South Side, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

Released November 12

A Cinderella Story: Starstruck, 2021

Back on the Record with Bob Costas, Season Finale

Released November 13

Boogie, 2021 (HBO)

Darwin’s Yearbook

Final Space, Season 3

United Shades of America, Season 6

Released November 14

Kamikaze, Max Original Series Premiere

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Season 8 Finale (HBO)

Released November 15

TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy– (Subtitled) (Crunchyroll Collection)

Sex Lives Of College Girls

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Released November 18

Craftopia, Max Original Season 2B Premiere

Comedy Chingonas, Max Original Special Premiere

The Sex Lives of College Girls, Max Original Series Premiere

Sort of (CBC), Max Original Series Premiere

Tom and Jerry in New York, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

Released November 19

The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain, 2019

King Richard, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021 (Only available on the $14.99/month Ad-Free plan. Streaming in the US only for a limited time. Available in 4K UHD, HDR10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos in English only on supported devices.)

Real Time with Bill Maher, Season 19 Finale (HBO)

Stath Lets Flats, Season 3

Released November 20

2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Special Premiere (HBO)

Released November 23

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO)

Released November 25

The Cut, (aka O Grande Look), Max Original Series Premiere

Looney Tunes Cartoons, Season 3

La Pasión de Maradona, Max Original Film Premiere

Released November 26

How to With John Wilson, Season 2 Premiere (HBO)

Inside Man, 2006 (HBO)

Released November 28

Anna Karenina, 2012 (HBO)

Axios, Season 4 Finale (HBO)

Released November 29

We’re Here, Season 2 Finale (HBO)

Released November TBA

8-Bit Christmas, 2021

A Choice of Weapons: Inspired By Gordon Parks, Documentary

Black and Missing, Documentary Series Premiere (HBO)

Gossip Girl, Season 1 Part B Premiere

Life of Crime 1984-2020, Documentary Premiere (HBO)

Music Box: Jagged

Music Box: DMX: Don’t Try to Understand

Sesame Street, Season 52 Premiere

What are you most looking forward to watching this November on HBO and HBO Max? Let us know.

The Internet Throws Hands Over Who Would Win A TV Dad Fight

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itemprop=”headline name”>The Internet Throws Hands Over Who Would Win A TV Dad Fight

Ashley Marie

Oct 23, 2021 8:59 am2021-10-23T08:59:08-05:00

When it comes to iconic family sitcoms, there are a few that stand the test of time—shows like The Wonder Years and Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Family Matters. 

Within the series, there are also characters that you grow to love. From their storylines to their personality traits — if you spend years watching a television show, the characters become important to you — you become invested in what happens.

Two characters from the abovementioned sitcoms are tv dads that fans fell in love with — Carl from Family Matters and (Uncle) Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. They taught life lessons to the characters within the series but also to fans watching at home.

So today, when a pop culture fan posed a question on Twitter — fans were up in arms defending their decision. Which TV dad would win a fight, Carl or Phil?

Of course — the answers ranged from ‘they wouldn’t fight at all’ to fans all but pulling out their Team Phil or Team Carl shirts.

I'm going with Uncle Phil.

— sierra scott (@sierrascott14) October 22, 2021

Uncle Phil sure could tell someone off.

But Carl snapped right here 😂😂😂😂

— D e r r 💡c k (@derrbearrr) October 22, 2021

This fight scene was epic.

Uncle Phil was like 6’4. He’d mop Carl

— MagicMackXXXL (@BigOrangeMack) October 22, 2021

This fan said on size alone, Uncle Phil would take Carl down.

seen this?

— Ray Frand (@RayBtwin91) October 22, 2021

Carl used to always find a way to reason. Uncle Phil? He’s got secrets about his past. Just when you think you got him figured out? BAM he’s got Lucille.

No way Carl Winslow wins.

— A Kenny For Your Thoughts (@akfytwrestling) October 22, 2021

Plot twist!

Earl Sinclair shows up and negotiates peace between Carl and Uncle Phil and they all go have a beer to vent about Steve Urkel, Will Smith and Baby Sinclair on a "Very Special Episode of…"

— John Taylor (@HalosFanMontana) October 22, 2021

We are here for this plot twist!

There’d be no fight. They sit down and talk it out like real men. Neither was about violence, especially amongst black men…

Having said that, Uncle Phil would wash Carl Winslow.

— Chris Najdek (@Chris_Najdek) October 22, 2021

Neither. Aunt Viv for the win.

— Front Row Seat To The Freak Show (@Puddinth) October 22, 2021

If you had to pick Team Phil or Team Carl — who would you choose? Let’s talk about it.

A Clint Eastwood Film Is Blowing Up On Netflix

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itemprop=”headline name”>A Clint Eastwood Film Is Blowing Up On Netflix

Diamond Jeune

Oct 23, 2021 8:53 am2021-10-23T08:53:08-05:00

Clint Eastwood’s 2008 drama is currently dominating Netflix. 

Gran Torino is one of the steaming apps top ten films in various countries including, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Jamaica and Mexico, according to Flix Patrol.  

The film, which the actor also directed, follows the story of a prejudiced Korean war veteran Walt Kowalski (Eastwood) that recently lost his wife as he lives through the many changes in his life. The list includes being a widow and his once all-white neighborhood becoming more diverse around him.

In addition to Kowalski’s underlying issues, he also has to deal with not getting along with his children and grandchildren. Kowalski only considered his prized possession his 1972 Gran Torino, which almost gets stolen by a Hmong teenager named Thao Vang Lor (Bee Vang). This incident occurred after Lor is pressured by his cousin into trying to take the car.

The picture also stars Cory Hardrict, John Carroll Lynch, Geraldine Hughes, Brian Haley, Dreama Walker, and Doua Moua. Since its release, the movie has generated $270 million worldwide. 

Gran Torino received many awards, including 2009’s AFI Awards for Movie of the Year and ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards for top box office. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song the same year. 

Gran Torino is now streaming on Netflix. 

Marvel And Sony Kept 2019 Spider-Man Split A Secret From The Cast And Crew

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itemprop=”headline name”>Marvel And Sony Kept 2019 Spider-Man Split A Secret From The Cast And Crew

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:42 am2021-10-23T04:42:26-05:00

Fans across the world were plunged into a state of shock and disarray in the summer of 2019 when the news broke that Sony had prematurely ended its working relationship with Marvel Studios, deciding to take its ball and go home, the ball in this case being Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

There was widespread fury among the online community, especially when Sony had managed to botch two franchises already when they were in full control, while Holland found himself caught in a very unfortunate situation that he had absolutely no control over.

Of course, the two parties eventually reached an accord that’s set to continue for the foreseeable future, but in new book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe via ComicBook, Kevin Feige reveals that the breakdown in communication was kept hidden from the cast and crew of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

“There were only a handful of us that were aware of that; we didn’t tell the filmmakers [or] the actors. We didn’t want it to color the finishing of the movie or the press junket. All I cared about was finishing the movie to make it feel as great as we could.” 

New Spider-Man: No Way Home Photos Reveal Doctor Strange And A Terrified MJ

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The split didn’t go public until after the web-slinging sequel was released and hauled in over a billion dollars at the box office, and Feige’s right in saying it would have detracted from the movie were Sony to be in the middle of the firing line for severing ties with the Marvel Cinematic Universe right around the time the middle chapter of the Spider-Man trilogy came to theaters.

Ghost Rider Director Would Love To Tackle A Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie

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itemprop=”headline name”>Ghost Rider Director Would Love To Tackle A Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:41 am2021-10-23T04:41:44-05:00

In the early 2000s, it was looking like Mark Steven Johnson was set to become one of Hollywood’s go-to guys for helming blockbuster comic book adaptations, after the filmmaker delivered Ben Affleck’s Daredevil and Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider within the space of four years.

They were both reasonably big hits at the box office, although it would be fair to say that critics weren’t left particularly enthused. The latter did at least manage to get a sequel, albeit without Johnson behind the camera, but Ghost Rider marked the final time Johnson took the reins on a big budget studio project.

Since then he’s largely returned to his roots in comedy, but in a new interview with ComicBook, the 56 year-old admitted that he’d love to return to the Marvel sandbox to have a crack at something like a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

“If I did another Marvel movie it would be a comedic one. I just love the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. They are the perfect blend of comedy and action and heart. I would love to make something like that. Most of all I’m just excited to see what Kevin and the gang come up with next. I’m still the same fanboy I was at six years old.”

Karen Gillan Returns To The Makeup Chair In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 BTS Photos

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Naturally, fans would be up in arms were that to happen, but we don’t know what the long term future holds for the MCU’s resident band of intergalactic misfits. James Gunn definitely won’t be sticking around past Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but that doesn’t mean the studio won’t carry on the series with another director, especially when the ensemble boasts some big names that could continue to play major roles in the mythology well past the threequel’s May 2023 release.

7 Marvel Movies Are Coming To Theaters In 2023

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itemprop=”headline name”>7 Marvel Movies Are Coming To Theaters In 2023

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:40 am2021-10-23T04:40:21-05:00

The success of Venom and sequel Let There Be Carnage has emboldened Sony to keep the ball rolling on its own Marvel universe, with yesterday bringing the news that two new movies had been awarded 2023 release dates.

We don’t know what they are as of yet, but J.C. Chandor’s Kraven the Hunter lands on January 13, where it’ll be joined by the mystery projects on June 23 and October 6, although speculation has already started that the latter will be a third outing for Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock given that the previous two installments debuted in the same month.

Go Behind The Scenes Of All Your Favorite MCU Films

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Over at Marvel Studios, the recent Phase Four reshuffle has The Marvels coming on February 17, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 premiering six years to the day after its predecessor on May 5, with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on July 28 and another as-yet-unnamed title exploding out of the blocks on November 3.

That means for the first time ever, seven Marvel-branded films will be releasing within a single calendar year, breaking the 2018 record that was set when the MCU’s Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp were joined by Fox’s Deadpool 2, along with Sony’s Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. As if you needed any more proof that the comic book company was the biggest game in town, seven movies in less than ten months should make it pretty clear.

James Gunn Debunks Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Casting Rumor

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itemprop=”headline name”>James Gunn Debunks Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Casting Rumor

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:39 am2021-10-23T04:39:11-05:00

At any given time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly swamped in rumor and speculation, with new stories touting potential projects, casting additions and plot details appearing on an almost hourly basis, making it increasingly difficult so separate the theoretical wheat from the hypothetical chaff.

Luckily, James Gunn is a very active presence on social media, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 writer and director has always been quick to shut down any unfounded scuttlebutt. He remained suspiciously silent when the ‘Will Poulter as Adam Warlock’ chatter began to spread before letting the cat out of the bag, but he’s back to pour cold water on another falsehood.

Gunn is known for collaborating with a number of actors on a regular basis, but it looks as though The Suicide Squad‘s breakout star Daniela Melchior isn’t going to be one of them, at least not yet.


— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) October 22, 2021

Gorgeous Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 Fan Poster Teases Thor Team-Up

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That’s about as firm as a denial as you could hope to get, even if Gunn has previously teased that there’s every chance we could see some familiar faces from his stint in the DCEU making the jump over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to board Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Ghost Rider Director Explains Why Nicolas Cage Was His Only Choice

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itemprop=”headline name”>Ghost Rider Director Explains Why Nicolas Cage Was His Only Choice

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:37 am2021-10-23T04:37:57-05:00

If you needed to find an A-list star with a solid track record of box office success who was capable of headlining a blockbuster comic book adaptation revolving around a lesser-known character that morphs into a vengeful supernatural antihero with his skull on fire, then you couldn’t do much better than Nicolas Cage.

It also helped that the Academy Award winner had been a massive fan of Ghost Rider his entire life, with the makeup team forced to cover up Cage’s Johnny Blaze tattoo when he ended up playing the role in Mark Steven Johnson’s 2007 effort. It wasn’t the best superhero movie we’d ever seen, but it turned a profit and ended up getting a sequel, so it was hardly a failure.

In an interview with ComicBook, the director admitted that Cage’s deep-rooted love of the character was the main reason why he didn’t even consider casting anybody else as Ghost Rider.

“Nic was always the choice for Ghost Rider. He has such a love for this character. There was never talk of anyone else playing Johnny Blaze.”

Awesome Fan Art Imagines Keanu Reeves As Ghost Rider

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It’s remarkable that the leading man’s hairpiece in Ghost Rider is arguably more distracting and out-of-place than seeing his entire head go up in flames, but we did at least get to see some classic Cage Rage when the first transformation occurs, which must have been quite a sight to see unfold on set.

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Star Hypes Helen Mirren’s Villain Hespera

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itemprop=”headline name”>Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Star Hypes Helen Mirren’s Villain Hespera

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:36 am2021-10-23T04:36:40-05:00

Dame Helen Mirren might be a legend of the stage and screen, with a career that dates back over half a century and has yielded a trophy cabinet packed to bursting point with an Academy Award, three Golden Globes, four BAFTAs, four Emmys, an Olivier Award, a Tony and much more, but she can also be a total badass when the occasion calls for it.

The actress was one of the highlights of Bruce Willis’ otherwise middling Red duology, clearly having the time of her life getting the opportunity to fire some high caliber weaponry, while her stint as the Fast & Furious franchise’s Queenie Shaw has seen her bring a mischievous spirit to the role, even if she didn’t get behind the wheel until this summer’s F9.

Not many big budget superhero sequels would cast a 76 year-old woman as the principal antagonist, but that’s just one of the many reasons why we’re looking forward to Shazam! Fury of the Gods. During an interview with ComicBook, returning star Jack Dylan Grazer hyped up the debut of Mirren’s big bad Hespera.

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods is so fun. It was so fun, especially to work with Helen Mirren. That stuff, that was fun. That was really cool because she’s a really cool person, and so funny, and just cool. And so that was the most fun part, I think, Helen Mirren’s involvement.” 

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Photo Reveals New Costumes For The Shazam Family

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Zachary Levi has already showered his new co-star in praise, with the feeling being reciprocated, and the prospect of seeing Mirren chow down on the scenery as a grandstanding villain in Shazam! Fury of the Gods is reason enough to get excited about the second installment in the franchise.

Oscar Isaac Reveals He Turned Down A Role That Won An Oscar

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itemprop=”headline name”>Oscar Isaac Reveals He Turned Down A Role That Won An Oscar

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:35 am2021-10-23T04:35:48-05:00

As one of the most in-demand talents in Hollywood, Oscar Isaac probably finds himself turning down a lot of offers that come his way. The overwhelming majority of actors and filmmakers would no doubt say publicly that regret isn’t a healthy part of the job, even if they end up saying no to something that ultimately yields massive success.

During an interview with ABC Audio, Isaac revealed that he passed on the lead role in Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, which went on to land Rami Malek an Academy Award for Best Actor. On top of that, it’s also the highest-grossing movie in the history of either the biopic and drama genres after hauling in $904 million at the box office, landing a further three Oscars for Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Film Editing.

At the time I was like, ‘I don’t think anybody wants to see somebody pretend to be Freddie Mercury.’ And then, sure enough, everybody wanted to see someone do Freddie Mercury. So that was one that came by. I think I could never have done what Rami Malek did, I just think he was; obviously everyone thought so, he was great. But that was a funny one where it was just my thinking was so like, ‘You could just watch him on YouTube. Why would anybody want to watch somebody pretend to do him, you know?’”

Gorgeous Bohemian Rhapsody Posters Will Have You Singing

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Embodying one of the modern era’s biggest and most enduring musical icons was a daunting task, and maybe Isaac is right in saying that he couldn’t have done what Malek did, although it may have helped that the Mr. Robot star was a much lesser-known name among general audiences than Star Wars‘ Poe Dameron, allowing him to disappear deeper into the part.

Then again, maybe there was a hint of retrospective envy on Isaac’s part after he said no to tackling a performance that saw Malek dominate the entirety of that year’s awards season, where he landed no less than nine variations on a Best Actor trophy.

Oscar Isaac Admits He’d Never Heard Of Moon Knight Before Being Cast

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itemprop=”headline name”>Oscar Isaac Admits He’d Never Heard Of Moon Knight Before Being Cast

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:34 am2021-10-23T04:34:27-05:00

The advent of Disney Plus has given the Marvel Cinematic Universe the creative leeway to introduce characters that may not work quite so well as the subjects of a feature-length movie, and Moon Knight is a perfect example.

The longtime fan favorite is an incredibly complex antihero, and it would be hard to tell the story of how former boxer, Marine and CIA operative Marc Spector is left for dead, resurrected by an Egyptian deity and given superpowers in a couple of hours, without even mentioning the dissociative identity disorder that sees him adopt multiple distinct personalities.

Moon Knight isn’t a particularly well-known name among casual audiences, and that even extended to the actor playing the role in the upcoming streaming series, with Oscar Isaac admitting in an interview with Fandom that he hadn’t heard of him before signing on to the project.

“I collected comic books in the 90s but I had not heard of Moon Knight. It wasn’t on my radar at all, so when it came my way I didn’t have any baggage on it. I didn’t really know anything. I read the first episode, I spoke with Kevin Feige, I tested some stuff out on my kids and I just got really excited about the story and about the character and the potential there and I found there to be a lot of space to try some really out there stuff.”

Here's How Oscar Isaac Could Look As The MCU's Moon Knight

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Everyone will know about Moon Knight by this time next year, though, and it might just be the most hotly-anticipated MCU series on the slate. Isaac is one of the best actors in the business, and the Disney Plus exclusive isn’t going to shy away from the darker aspects of his many personalities, so we could be in store for something special whenever it arrives.

Scarlett Johansson Pitched 2 Other Characters When She First Met With Marvel

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itemprop=”headline name”>Scarlett Johansson Pitched 2 Other Characters When She First Met With Marvel

Scott Campbell

Oct 23, 2021 4:33 am2021-10-23T04:33:36-05:00

James Gunn recently highlighted the importance of giving your all in an audition, which could ultimately lead to more opportunities further down the line if you make enough of an impression. It’s an approach the Marvel Cinematic Universe has adopted, with several notable stars being cast in one of the franchise’s movies after originally reading for another part.

Most famously, Tom Hiddleston was gunning for the role of Thor before Kenneth Branagh realized he’d be the perfect Loki, while Chadwick Boseman’s first encounter with the studio saw him test for Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Drax. Scarlett Johansson may have spent over a decade as the MCU’s Black Widow, but she originally had another pair of characters in mind.

In new book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe via ScreenRant, the actress admits that before settling on Natasha Romanoff, she’d researched Wasp and Blonde Phantom.

“I brought up some of the characters that I had researched that I thought could have some space in the universe.”

New Black Widow Photos See Natasha And Yelena Facing Down Taskmaster

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Joss Whedon wanted Zooey Deschanel as Wasp in Avengers: Age of Ultron before Evangeline Lilly landed the part in Ant-Man, but Blonde Phantom hasn’t been seen in the MCU as of yet. There are similarities between Louise Grant Mason and Agent Romanoff, though, with the former a secretary who moonlights as a costumed crimefighter, not too dissimilar from Johansson’s introduction in Iron Man 2.

Twitter Mourns Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ Death On Alec Baldwin Set

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itemprop=”headline name”>Twitter Mourns Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ Death On Alec Baldwin Set

Danny Peterson

Oct 22, 2021 11:03 am2021-10-22T11:03:49-05:00

Following the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins yesterday on the set of the Alec Baldwin Western Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Twitter users are turning to their timelines to mourn Hutchins and honor her work.

Hutchins was 42 years old. Born in Ukraine during the Soviet Union, Hutchins was initially a journalist in Eastern Europe before immigrating to the United States and working in the film industry. She is now being remembered for her work on the TV miniseries A Luve Tale: The Series, The Mad Hatter, Blindfire, Archenemy and numerous short films.

Rest in Peace, Halyna Hutchins.

— Film Updates (@FilmUpdates) October 22, 2021

Director James Gunn expressed his sympathy to the mourning family last night, saying his heart goes out to Hutchins and her family.

My greatest fear is that someone will be fatally hurt on one of my sets. I pray this will never happen. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the tragedy today on Rust, especially Halyna Hutchins & her family.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) October 22, 2021

Many are posting photos in remembrance.

I see more than enough pictures of Alec Baldwin, while y’all should honor and post more pictures of the cinematographic Halyna Hutchins who lost her life today in such a tragic accident.

Rest in peace, Halyna! My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones.

— Wirjil (@Wirjil) October 22, 2021

And some are even sharing stills from some of her past work.

I just wanted to share some stills of Halyna Hutchins’ work and take a moment to appreciate how ridiculously difficult it is to become a DOP in the film industry, especially as woman. we’ve lost an incredible artist today

— kenny ♡ (@bvckystjames) October 22, 2021

I don't know a lot of Halyna Hutchins work. Not many of us do because she was just getting started. She had so much left to give. there was still a voice being developed, an incredible one. These stills are literally from the first few seconds of a film she shot called Mad Hatter

— Scout Tafoya (@Honors_Zombie) October 22, 2021

There’s plenty of calls for press coverage to be more respectful to the late cinematographer in headlines.

i know it’s deadline but “female crewmember” feels like such particular disrespect. she was the fucking director of photography. her name was halyna hutchins.

— devon of nine (@dynamofire) October 22, 2021

Her social media posts are being remembered as some of her final moments doing what she loved.

Halyna Hutchins last couple of posts showed how excited she was to be working on this Alec Baldwin western, and then it ends in tragedy. So sad 🙏🏾 #RIP

— Joshua Chenault (@joshuachenault1) October 22, 2021

Rust Cast And Crew Photo

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Hutchins’ accidental death was the result of a mishap involving a prop gun reportedly discharged by star Alec Baldwin.

While Hutchins died shortly after being transported to a local hospital, director Joel Souza was also injured in the accident. He is reportedly under medical care.

The investigation of how the firearm was used and what type of projectile was involved is reportedly still being conducted by detectives. Earlier reports indicated that a cast member, who we now know was Alec Baldwin, had cocked the gun during a rehearsal, unaware that it contained live rounds.

While Souza was hit in the shoulder, Hutchins was immediately airlifted to a hospital for stomach surgery following a 9-11 call and Santa Fe Sheriffs arriving on scene. But the 42-year-old did not survive her injury, despite help from medical personnel. The production for Rust has understandably been shut down indefinitely amid the accident.

First Social Media Reactions To Dune Claim It’s A Cinematic Masterpiece

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itemprop=”headline name”>First Social Media Reactions To Dune Claim It’s A Cinematic Masterpiece

Christian Bone

Oct 22, 2021 10:46 am2021-10-22T10:46:33-05:00

As of today (October 22), Dune is finally out there for the world to see. One of the biggest productions held back by the pandemic, the hype for this one has been huge. Not only does it come from acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, it’s based on a beloved property — Frank Herbert’s best-selling fantasy novels. It features the most talented cast you’ll see anywhere in a movie this year. It includes Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, and Dave Bautista.

So with Dune at last playing in both theaters and streaming on HBO Max in the U.S., the people of the internet are sharing their initial reactions to the film on social media — with what appears to be an overwhelming majority hailing it as a triumph.

Many think Villeneuve has outdone himself on this one, with folks praising it as a visual feast filled with great performances, making it an all-round unmissable viewing experience. A lot of reactions are even labeling it as one of the defining movies of this era.

#Dune was worth every minute of the wait. Denis Villeneuve knocked it out of the park. Timothee Chalamet absolutely nails it as Paul. Visually stunning and perfectly blends world building and setting up Part Two, which can establish Dune as one of the greatest sagas of our time.

— advit (@advitinsoho) October 22, 2021

Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE is a monumental cinematic achievement.

A gargantuan space opera full of quiet whispers, complex political struggles, messianic figures, & philosophical ideologies.

One of the most beautiful & contemplative sci-fi blockbusters of all time. #Dune

— Jesabel 🦇 (@JesabelFilms) October 22, 2021

Something that’s being said a lot is that, is that while it might be easier to stream it, it’s worth making the effort to see Dune on the biggest screen possible.

Review: Dune 5/5 🌟's

Dune is a remarkable, stunning movie. Denis Villeneuve is cemented as an all-time movie making genius & deserves every ounce of praise. Chalamet stands out amongst some of the best actors alive in the performance of a lifetime. Meant to be seen in a theater

— Cinema Tweets (@CinemaTweets1) October 16, 2021

Fans of the books also promise you will not be disappointed.

#Dune was so fucking good. It was everything i wanted from the books and more. God bless Dennis Villeneuve.

— Aaron 🎃 (@BenAaronFIynn) October 22, 2021

You need to watch it for, uh, the plot. Yes, the plot.

Watching #Dune for the plot

The plot:

— ✨ FILM DAZE ✨ (@filmdaze) October 21, 2021

Momoa maniacs, this one’s for you, too.

Jason Momoa's #DuncanIdaho was by far my favorite character. Momoa brought so much charisma and intensity to the role! #Dune

— Duane KILLER! Miller 🔪 (@Cinemaniac94) October 22, 2021

And let’s not forget all the love being shared for Rebecca Ferguson, who a lot of tweeters think steals the show.

Rebecca Ferguson was more than outstanding in this film. Her acting is incredibly magnificent. + she looks beautiful! #Dune #LadyJessica

— Gina (@capricornvenus0) October 22, 2021

The superlatives are, indeed, flowing …

#DUNE is the movie event of the year

— haroon 👻 (@sociaIInetwork) October 21, 2021

… including this especially bold one.

#Dune is the biggest cinematic event since The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

— Ben (@punchsunriseben) October 22, 2021

People are already getting hyped for Dune: Part Two.


— Knuckle Head (@Knuckle_HeadTV) October 22, 2021

The good news is that Warner Bros. Pictures seems committed to continuing the Dune universe, even before gauging its box office and HBO Max performance. So make sure to catch what could be the opening chapter in cinema’s next big franchise this weekend.

Dune Scores Solid Thursday Box Office Ahead Of Opening Weekend

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itemprop=”headline name”>Dune Scores Solid Thursday Box Office Ahead Of Opening Weekend

Scott Campbell

Oct 22, 2021 10:41 am2021-10-22T10:41:45-05:00

A cursory glance at the internet will tell you that Dune is already one of the major online talking points heading into the weekend, which bodes well for Denis Villenueve’s sci-fi blockbuster both at the box office and on HBO Max, where it’s poised to top the charts on both fronts.

In even better news, the latest adaptation of the iconic source novel has brought in a solid $5.1 million from Thursday preview screenings, as per Deadline. That’s well ahead of fellow day-and-date hybrid The Suicide Squad, which nabbed $4.1 million, and it’s even ahead of the $4.85 million posted by Halloween Kills last weekend, although Dune isn’t expected to come close to the slasher sequel’s $50 million three-day frame.

Timothée Chalamet Prepares For War In New Images From Dune

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Industry analysts estimate that Warner Bros. will be happy if Dune soars past $300 million globally given the current circumstances caused by the pandemic, which is an entirely reasonable target. The 165-minute saga also releases in China today, a country where effects-driven fantasy always tends to play very well among audiences.

All told, the studio are projecting Dune to have brought in somewhere in the region of $35 million by the time the dust settles on Sunday, which would be a great start for such an ambitious and potentially polarizing project, especially one that only tells half a story.

Marvel Almost Cast Benedict Cumberbatch As One Of The MCU’s Worst Villains

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itemprop=”headline name”>Marvel Almost Cast Benedict Cumberbatch As One Of The MCU’s Worst Villains

Scott Campbell

Oct 22, 2021 10:32 am2021-10-22T10:32:07-05:00

Marvel Studios waited patiently for Benedict Cumberbatch to become available so they could hire him to play Doctor Strange, even pushing the shooting schedule back by months so that the actor could commit to the role without having to worry about scheduling conflicts.

However, it turns out that TV’s former Sherlock Holmes could have boarded the cinematic universe much sooner, and as one of the worst villains in the franchise’s history, no less. As revealed in new book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe via The Direct, he was under consideration for utterly forgettable Thor: The Dark World antagonist Malekith, with Cumberbatch admitting he’d always been drawn to the MCU from the outside looking in.

“I had friends that I supported in the like Tom [Hiddleston], and I was as intoxicated as everybody else was with the mixture of themes, humor, and the scale of cinema, of spectacle. But I didn’t grow up obsessed with any comics. I knew more about the cinematic universe than the comic universe.”

Christopher Eccleston ended up landing the role instead, something he’s admitted he regretted in the aftermath, which is fair enough because Malekith sucks. The epitome of the MCU’s early villain problem that took years to shake off, the Dark Elf offers no sense of threat or menace; he’s simply cannon fodder there to be vanquished in the third act.

It’s been five years since Cumberbatch’s solo debut hit theaters, but we’ll be getting a double dose of the Sorcerer Supreme in the near future thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Spider-Man Producer Cried During First Disagreement With Kevin Feige

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itemprop=”headline name”>Spider-Man Producer Cried During First Disagreement With Kevin Feige

Scott Campbell

Oct 22, 2021 10:23 am2021-10-22T10:23:19-05:00

It was definitely a shock when it was first announced that Sony had stuck an unprecedented agreement to share Spider-Man with Marvel Studios and reboot the web-slinger as part of Kevin Feige’s cinematic universe, but it wasn’t much of a surprise.

After all, both Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suffered from many of the exact same problems; namely heavy-handed studio interference that ended up stuffing the narrative to breaking point, with the latter in particular creaking under all the weight of the world-building designed to expand the planned mythology.

The MCU’s Spider-Man movies have proven to be immensely popular, but it wasn’t all plain sailing behind the scenes. In new book The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe via The Direct, it’s revealed that Sony’s Amy Pascal ended up in tears when she had her first disagreement with Feige.

“”At first, I was super resentful,” she admits. ‘I think I started crying and threw him out of my office, or threw a sandwich at him – I’m not sure which.’ Then she started to think it through. ‘By the fifth [Spider-Man] movie, we weren’t giving them anything new. And I have to be honest about it, we were trying so hard to be different, we even went into places to be different that we shouldn’t have. We weren’t fresh anymore.’”

New Spider-Man: No Way Home Photos Reveal Doctor Strange And A Terrified MJ

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You can bet there were plenty more heated discussions when it came to drawing up the plans to parachute Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into the MCU, especially with two major industry players like Sony and Marvel involved. After a brief hiccup in the summer of 2019, everyone’s best friends again, with No Way Home coming in December to draw Holland’s solo trilogy to a spectacular close.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Runtime Reportedly Revealed

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itemprop=”headline name”>Spider-Man: No Way Home Runtime Reportedly Revealed

Scott Campbell

Oct 22, 2021 10:22 am2021-10-22T10:22:48-05:00

Make no mistake about it; Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to be a very long movie. Sometimes superhero blockbusters deserve or are fully justified in their butt-numbing length, and we can safely say the Marvel Cinematic Universe threequel has earned the right to drag on for a little while.

Not only does it have to pick up where Far From Home‘s cliffhanger left off, but we’ve got Doctor Strange plunging the multiverse into chaos with an assist from Peter Parker, which leads to a Sinister Six from different realities all appearing in New York City, without even mentioning the Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire cameos we’re all banking on.

New Spider-Man: No Way Home Photos Reveal Doctor Strange And A Terrified MJ

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Insider Daniel Richtman has offered that No Way Home is posed to run for around two and a half hours, and while it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony or Marvel, it sounds about right. Not everything gets to be a breezy 97-minute roller coaster like Venom: Let There Be Carnage, although the running time has been cited as a weak spot of the MCU’s upcoming Eternals.

This is Spider-Man, though, so fans will lap up as many minutes as they can get, with Tom Holland drawing his solo trilogy to an end with what we’re expecting to be more than a little help from his spandex-clad predecessors.