Brandon Lee’s Family Speaks Out After Fatal Set Shooting

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itemprop=”headline name”>Brandon Lee’s Family Speaks Out After Fatal Set Shooting

Scott Campbell

Oct 22, 2021 10:21 am2021-10-22T10:22:04-05:00

The world is still in a state of shock after a prop firearm discharged by Alec Baldwin on the set of Western Rust ended up causing the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, with director Joel Souza since having been released from hospital after he too was injured.

It’s set to cause an industry-wide inquiry into the use of blank cartridges on set, which are still filled with real gunpowder, with a live round being cited as the cause of the Rust tragedy. It’s drawn parallels with the infamous accidental killing of Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow in 1993, where a misfiring gun robbed Hollywood of another fast-rising talent.

The family of the late actor have now put out a statement regarding the Rust incident on his official Twitter fan page, which you can see below.

Our hearts go out to the family of Halyna Hutchins and to Joel Souza and all involved in the incident on “Rust”. No one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set. Period. 💔

— Brandon Bruce Lee (@brandonblee) October 22, 2021

To the surprise of nobody, Rust has been shut down indefinitely, and it remains to be seen if shooting will ever pick up again. Maybe the cast and crew will want to finish the project in honor of Hutchins, who was pegged as a future star behind the camera, or perhaps it’ll be too raw for anyone to even contemplate getting back to work after such an awful tragedy.

Mark Hamill Addresses Whether He’ll Appear In Guardians Of The Galaxy Projects

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itemprop=”headline name”>Mark Hamill Addresses Whether He’ll Appear In Guardians Of The Galaxy Projects

Danny Peterson

Oct 22, 2021 10:20 am2021-10-22T10:20:50-05:00

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 may be a ways off from showcasing its space adventurers on the big screen again, however that isn’t stunting fans from speculating Mark Hamill might be part of some kind of future Guardians project. That speculation is partially fueled by there being multiple Guardians projects in the works, including the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, a title that is in all likelihood an homage to the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978.

The bizarre variety show co-starred the likes of Hamill, alongside Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, and represents the first spinoff of the mainline Star Wars series, taking place between the events of the first film and Empire Strikes Back.

The Guardians movies no doubt take much inspiration from Star Wars, with both films centering on space adventuring and many comparing Ford’s Han Solo to the character of Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill, in that both characters are a similar combination of being a rogue, outlaw, and reluctant hero.

Here's How Will Poulter Could Look As Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3's Adam Warlock

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And now that both Marvel and Star Wars are comfortably nestled under the Disney umbrella, it would seem there would be no rights issues with a crossover of the franchises.

In an interview with ComicBook, Hamill recently addressed the speculation that he might appear in a future Guardians project, indicating director James Gunn and him have hung out but never talked work during such social occasions. However, he added “we’ll see what happens.”

“He came over with his girlfriend and spent the afternoon, we had a great time, but we never talked about me working for him or anything like that. He was just a friend. I’d never put him on the spot like that, so we’ll see what happens. But he doesn’t need me, his movies are really well cast and I just really enjoy watching them.”

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 comes to theaters May 5, 2023 and the holiday special will reach Disney Plus during the holiday season prior.

Invasion Review

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itemprop=”headline name”>Invasion Review

Scott Campbell

Oct 22, 2021 9:49 am2021-10-22T09:49:24-05:00

Review of: Reviewed by: Scott CampbellRating:2On October 22, 2021Last modified:October 22, 2021Summary:

Invasion is an admirable attempt at subverting the expectations that come with a big budget sci-fi show about alien invaders; the only problem is that it’s not very interesting or exciting.

Next month marks the two-year anniversary of AppleTV+ launching, and with the exception of critical darling and awards season favorite Ted Lasso, the platform is still looking for another one of its original shows to really break through and make a mark on the public consciousness.

That’s not to say all of the in-house shows are terrible; far from it, in fact. The Morning Show, See, Foundation and Mythic Quest all range from good to great, with sci-fi playing an integral part in Apple’s exclusive lineup. Invasion is the latest to come along, and while it’s got an interesting premise and plenty of talent attached on either side of the camera, the first five episodes made available for review are a self-serious, overly-ponderous slog that never gets out of first gear.

X-Men veteran Simon Kinberg co-created the series with David Weil, best known for Amazon’s wild thriller Hunters and star-studded anthology series Solos. The broad strokes of the plot funnily enough follow an alien invasion, which has been a regular source of creative inspiration on both the big and small screens for decades. Instead of focusing on military generals mounting a response and people gazing in wide-eyed wonder at citywide destruction that would make Roland Emmerich proud, the stakes are kept limited to a disparate band of characters scattered all across the world.

In true cliched fashion, the first protagonist we meet is Sam Neill’s Sheriff John Bell Tyson, a veteran law enforcement officer that’s literally one day from retirement. On the trail of some drug dealers, he winds up trapped in a crop circle and attacked by a plague of locus, getting things off to an eerie start.

Across the initial couple of episodes, we’re introduced to the majority of Invasion‘s major characters, who all appear to be completely disconnected from one another on both a narrative and thematic level. As well as Neill’s Tyson, we stop in with Golshifteh Farahani’s upper middle-class Aneesha Malik, who suffers a crisis of confidence when she discovers her husband is being unfaithful with a social media influencer.

Shamier Anderson’s Trevante Ward is a Navy SEAL stationed in Afghanistan who stumbles across something out of this world while on patrol with his unit, Shiori Kutsuna’s Mitsuki is a Japanese communications engineer desperately trying to find out why one of her country’s space shuttles has mysteriously gone radio silent. There’s also the unfortunate and occasionally badly-acted English schoolboy being bullied by his classmates, who head out on a field trip before ending up at the bottom of a ditch after getting caught in an unexplained meteor shower.

Other than power glitches, occasional nosebleeds, tremors in the ground and the very first scene of the premiere where a mysterious presence annihilates a lone man wandering the desert, any talk of an actual extraterrestrial threat is non-existent. While it’s admirable to make a big budget show about visitors from beyond the stars and then deliberately avoid action sequences in the name of character-building, it doesn’t help that the pace of Invasion is slow to a fault, making you wonder if business is ever going to pick up.

Just when you think something exciting is about to happen… we cut to the other side of the planet and pick up the story somewhere else. It feels as though we’re about to get a huge revelation that finally kicks things up a notch or two…. and then the credits roll and we’re on to another episode that starts in a different corner of the globe. In fact, so little happens in the first five installments of the season that either the back half is packed to the gills with excitement and intrigue, or Invasion could go down in the history books as the most boring episodic effort of the year.

The performances are solid across the board, the visuals are frequently impressive and the production design is second-to-none, so it’s all very well made, but that isn’t enough to keep people hooked. The first three are available from today, but it’s hard to imagine the less discerning or patient viewer getting that far, never mind waiting until December 10 to see how it all comes together in the end.

Kinberg and Weil are obviously attempting to strip back and subvert our expectations, offering real-world parallels that reposition each strand of the plot as a reflection of our society; whether it be race, gender, social status, wealth, foreign policy and the rest. The only problem, and it’s a pretty substantial one, is that the meat of Invasion simply isn’t all that interesting, and this is one of the rare cases when a bit more bang for our buck wouldn’t go amiss.


Invasion is an admirable attempt at subverting the expectations that come with a big budget sci-fi show about alien invaders; the only problem is that it’s not very interesting or exciting.

Everything Coming To Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu And Prime This Weekend

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itemprop=”headline name”>Everything Coming To Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu And Prime This Weekend

Christian Bone

Oct 22, 2021 9:45 am2021-10-22T09:46:03-05:00

While Halloween isn’t until next week, this weekend is prime time to celebrate. If you’re looking for a wide range of fresh streaming content, various platforms have a lot to offer up for your enjoyment over the next few days. In particular, Netflix has some amazing new series for subscribers to check out, while HBO Max finally releases one of the most-anticipated blockbuster movies of the year.

First up, Netflix has eight fresh titles debuting this Friday. The fourth season of The CW’s hit soap opera Dynasty begins streaming today, along with the second season of Netflix’s original supernatural drama Locke & Key. As based on the comics series by Joe Hill, it follows a family discovering some magical keys in their home that pertain to an ancient mystery. Also look out for Maya and the Three, a new animated family adventure featuring the voice of Zoe Saldana.

Disney Plus has just two films going up today, both 1990s throwbacks pulled from the 20th Century Fox vaults. One is sports comedy Rookie of the Year and the other is the fondly remembered fairy tale animation Thumbelina. Meanwhile, Hulu adds the season 9 premiere of NBC’s The Blacklist today, ahead of Keira Knightley’s Christmas comedy Silent Night dropping on the streamer tomorrow.

HBO Max definitely takes the crown for biggest release this weekend, thanks to Dune premiering on the service this Friday, the same day it opens in theaters. Denis Villeneuve’s fantasy epic, based on the best-selling Frank Herbert novels, stars an A-list ensemble cast including Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Oscar Isaac, Dave Bautista, and Rebecca Ferguson. You can catch it on HBO Max for 31 days.

Timothée Chalamet Prepares For War In New Images From Dune

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Here’s the full list of everything hitting streaming this weekend:

October 22

Dynasty: Season 4
Adventure Beast — NETFLIX SERIES
Little Big Mouth — NETFLIX FILM
Locke & Key: Season 2 — NETFLIX SERIES
Maya and the Three — NETFLIX FAMILY
More than Blue: The Series — NETFLIX SERIES

Rookie Of The Year

Dune, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021

The Blacklist: Season 9 Premiere (NBC)
Gaia (2020)

October 23

The Marksman (2021)
Silent Night (2021)

October 24

We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks

Insecure, Season 5 Premiere (HBO)

Catch all of this on Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max over the next few days.

Here’s Your Guide To Black Clover’s Filler Episodes

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itemprop=”headline name”>Here’s Your Guide To Black Clover’s Filler Episodes

Ryan Galloway

Oct 22, 2021 9:23 am2021-10-22T09:23:32-05:00

Black Clover’s manga might still be going strong, but the anime series has drawn to a close, making it the perfect time to binge through from start to finish. Whether you’re a new or returning fan, Black Clover is a joy to watch.

The series follows Asta and Yuno, a pair of orphans who grow up in the regional area of the Clover Kingdom with the goal of heading into the city to become Magic Knights. On their way to achieving this goal, there are plenty of challenges and mysteries that they uncover relating to their past.

If you plan on watching this series but don’t have a ton of time, then you may want to stick to the episodes that are integral to the story. Obviously, this means skipping the spoilers, and fortunately, there aren’t a whole lot in this series.

Black Clover‘s filler episodes

Black Clover only has 17 filler episodes in its 170-episode run, making skipping them a very simple task; however, you may want to watch them just for the extra adventures with Asta and the gang since it doesn’t look like we’re getting more episodes anytime soon.

Here is the full list of filler episodes in Black Clover.

  • Episode 29: “Path”
  • Episode 66: “The Secret of the Eye of the Midnight Sun”
  • Episode 68: “Battle to the Death?! Yami vs. Jack”
  • Episode 82: “Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special!”
  • Episode 123: “Nero Reminisces… Part One”
  • Episode 124: “Nery Reminisces… Part Two”
  • Episode 125: “Return”
  • Episode 131: “A New Resolve”
  • Episode 134: “Those Who Have Been Gathered”
  • Episode 135: “The One Who Has My Heart, My Mind, and Soul”
  • Episode 142: “Those Remaining”
  • Episode 143: “The Tilted Scale”
  • Episode 144: “Those Who Wish for the Devil’s Demise”
  • Episode 145: “Rescue”
  • Episode 146: “Those Who Worship the Devil”
  • Episode 147: “Prepare to Die”
  • Episode 148: “Becoming the Light That Shines Through the Darkness”

How To Watch My Hero Academia In Order

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itemprop=”headline name”>How To Watch My Hero Academia In Order

Ryan Galloway

Oct 22, 2021 9:14 am2021-10-22T09:14:32-05:00

My Hero Academia first aired in 2016 and since then, the series has been on rocket boosters, becoming one of the most popular anime series of today. With its vast roster of unique characters, epic fight scenes, and original premise, it’s no surprise that My Hero Academia has caught on.

The series follows Izuku Midoriya as he strives to become a superhero despite being born with no hero powers of his own. Japan’s greatest Hero All Might sees potential in Izuku and names him as his successor, helping him to get into school for heroes-in-training.

Based on the manga of the same name that was first released in 2014, there is plenty to like about My Hero Academia. Right now is the best time to get into the series if you have yet to do so, as there is plenty of content to indulge in.

The best My Hero Academia viewing order

My Hero Academia has a bunch of content to get through including five seasons of the series, multiple films OVAs, and special episodes. Unlike other anime series, chronological order isn’t the ideal way to experience this show, as flashback content is better with an understanding of the characters. Given this, here is the ideal watch order for My Hero Academia.

  • My Hero Academia: Season 1
  • My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training! (OVA)
  • My Hero Academia: Season 2
  • My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead (OVA)
  • My Hero Academia: All Might: Rising (Special Episode)
  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Movie)
  • My Hero Academia: Season 3
  • My Hero Academia: Make it! Do-or-Die Survival Training (OVA)
  • My Hero Academia: Season 4
  • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising (Movie)
  • My Hero Academia: Season 5
  • My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission (Movie)

How Many Titan Powers Does Eren Have In Attack On Titan?

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itemprop=”headline name”>How Many Titan Powers Does Eren Have In Attack On Titan?

Ryan Galloway

Oct 21, 2021 11:01 am2021-10-21T11:01:45-05:00

Anyone who has seen Attack on Titan understands just how powerful the nine Titans are and how their strength can buff its user. Given this, having multiple Titan powers can make you one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Not many of the characters in the show get the opportunity to own more than one Titan power, especially given that hosting a single Titan can drastically shorten one’s life. But the show’s protagonist Eren demonstrates that it is possible.

If you’re an anime watcher, then you may not have yet seen the extent of Eren’s powers, but manga readers will know exactly how insane they become. Part of this is because his Titan powers are gathered throughout the series.

How many Titans does Eren have?

In Attack on Titan, Eren manages to acquire the power of three different Titans: the Attack Titan, the Warhammer Titan, and the Founding Titan.

The Attack Titan is the first power we see Eren use on the show, and if you’ve watched enough of the series, then you’ll know he inherited this power from his father and also received the power of the Founding Titan at the same time.

We see Eren acquire his third Titan power during the Raid on Liberio arc, where he bests the Warhammer Titan in combat and winds up eating her to survive.

Given that the manga has come to an end and we don’t see Eren gain any new forms between where the anime has currently left off, it isn’t likely that we’ll see him gain the powers of any further Titans in Attack on Titan.

Riz Ahmed Says Venom Put Him Off Starring In Blockbusters

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itemprop=”headline name”>Riz Ahmed Says Venom Put Him Off Starring In Blockbusters

Scott Campbell

Oct 21, 2021 10:57 am2021-10-21T10:57:40-05:00

Riz Ahmed has spent the last decade establishing himself as one of the most versatile and talented actors in the business, with a string of acclaimed performances in multiple genres finding him constantly showered in adulation, with an Emmy win and nominations at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards under his belt.

However, if your only experience of him came from watching him as Venom villain Carlton Drake, you may have found yourself wondering what all the fuss was about. On paper, the prospect of seeing Ahmed go toe-to-toe with Tom Hardy in a blockbuster comic book adaptation was mouth-watering, but Ahmed’s big bad is almost shockingly flat and one-dimensional.

In a new interview with Variety, the 38-year-old explained that his uninspired work was down to his lack of experience and comfort working in such an effects-heavy environment, and it’s put him off the idea of returning to that type of filmmaking ever since.

“I’m not saying I don’t like those big movies. I’m saying I had not learned yet how to bring myself to those movies. Those films teach you stamina, technical craft, and it is a skill to be able to eke out your artistry in that setting. Look at Javier Bardem in Skyfall. I just hadn’t developed the skill set at that point to do the technical thing and the emotional thing. The idea of making masks and wearing masks is something that came very naturally to me, as someone who grew up code-switching between different cultural environments and class environments.

Shape-shifting to fit into other molds. Acting became an extension of that, and more recently what I’ve thought about it is taking masks off. Of course, if you believe on some deep internal level that you aren’t the right type, the right color, shape, size, accent, then you will start instinctively wearing masks. So it’s been a shift in self-perception for me to say, ‘You know what? I am enough. We are all enough’.”

Riz Ahmed's Secret Role In Venom Revealed?

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He was solid in Rogue One two years prior, but Venom appears to have soured him on the studio tentpole. He did strike up a friendship with his Mogul Mowgli director Bassam Tariq, though, so maybe he’ll end up reuniting with the filmmaker on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Blade reboot.

Metroid Dread Is A Labyrinth In Search Of A Maze

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itemprop=”headline name”>Metroid Dread Is A Labyrinth In Search Of A Maze

Autumn Wright

Oct 21, 2021 10:55 am2021-10-21T10:56:08-05:00

I suspect writer’s block is not so much an encounter with a wall as a maze. Writing, even at its best, involves arriving at many dead ends of research and drafts that never make it to the page, but they do come together. That process makes it hard to predict how long it will take to reach the end, with no promise as to just what is waiting to be found. As such, this is not a review of Metroid Dread so much as it is a review of reviewing Metroid Dread

Because Dread feels like a labyrinth.

As a kid, I most often encountered mazes at the Renaissance Festival in late winter. The ticketed amusements of two-dimensional forests and castles made of plywood do little to compel. But it’s a maze, you enter. “If you get lost,” said one knight guarding the entrance, “throw your wallet over the wall so we can find you.” We didn’t have to despite reaching many dead ends (my mom’s fault, I swear) and we emerged next to the very entrance from which our journey began.

There is a similarly compelling, even satisfactory disorientation when I open the umpteenth locked door in Lordran to find an elevator that takes me back to Firelink Shrine—the origin of my descent. But these twisting paths, with their dead ends that necessitate doubling back, these mazes are not the same labyrinths with which renaissance fairgoers were familiar.

Found in Christian art and architecture from the 1300s on, the origin of such labyrinths in castles and chapels is not entirely known to us today. But their use in religious sites around the world makes sense, the winding path directing our eyes or our feet to the center only to meet an end. Such designs evoke a meditative pause. Walk this way, and back. A definitive characteristic of these and previous labyrinths, from Crete to the Tohono O’odham tribe’s cosmology, was their unicursal design, like the original depictions of Daedalus’ labyrinth that feature a winding, unambiguous passage to the center. There were no optional turns, and the one dead end was, in this case, very literal. 

Yet the labyrinth morphed into a multicursal prison for the minotaur and those trapped within, materializing the modern connotation, that inescapable thing which we find ourselves already trapped in. Similarly, Samus is trapped in planet ZDR. Marooned and with amnesia, she awakens near the planet’s core and must fight and climb and roll her way to the surface. Instead of descending into a sprawling maze, she is fighting outward, upward, and to a single point, tasked merely with survival.

One of the most disorienting features of mazes seems to be the nonplaceness of them. Endless bricks or stalks of corn offer no clues. In Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the architecture of the Daedalus’ underground labyrinth changes gradually, but never in response to what is just outside one of its many exits. In Breath of the Wild, each of the labyrinths in the corners of Hyrule are noticeably uniform with each other, but out of place in their surroundings. 

And while some of the zones in Dread make an impression, they quickly blend into each other. In the middle and end game, use of teleporters, elevators, and other zone-shifting mechanics make these feel so connected as to the detriment of placeness, while lava or ice zones look basically the same no matter where in the larger world Samus may be. Certainly laborious, but less a maze, more akin to navigating a winding laboratory.

But such displacement was not enough to shake me. The way out was always clear: straight and fast. Playing Dread reminisced recent run-based roguelites a la Dead Cells and Blasphemous and Hades. These games, featuring fast-paced combat and meditative recursion, are much more labyrinthian than the sprawling, maze-formed maps of a namesake metroidvania such as Hollow Knight. Combat is the modus operandi in this generation of roguelites, each run demanding attention and, at best, grasping the player in a flow-state of play. You just never have to think too hard about where you’re going.

Combat in Dread is less appealing. Movement is snappy, but bosses feel like puzzles that I simply lacked the precision to complete without tedious practice. Powers are cool, but the enemies are all samey—a problem compounded by just how little each new ability changes the ways Samus can interact with the world. Most of the time, you’ll wait for an enemy to charge up a telegraphed attack or run right at you, hit your counter button, and respond with a single, fatal tap on the controller. In Dread, the challenge becomes so repetitive as to dampen my attention. 

Metroid Dread Screenshots

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Though it is not just in strife that we find enjoyment in the labyrinth. As Camus wrote, “If the descent is thus sometimes performed in sorrow, it can also take place in joy.” The leisurely mazes which metroidvanias invoke emerge sometime after labyrinthian art, and are easily recognizable in hedge and corn mazes around the world today. But Dread never lets me get lost in that way, the reason I have returned to games of its namesake genre to wander as on the trail or the page.

I know that Samus will reach the surface of ZDR not because she is the protagonist but because she has but one path ahead of her. She can’t help but walk forward, lest she be pulled back in place. The yarn tied up around power armor like a leash.

While both genres hold a place in contemporary games, it is labyrinths that have found resurgent popularity in the past year off the screen, hailed for bringing “order out of a sense of chaos” and instilling “mindfulness” in its guests. And the image of a much different multicursal labyrinth than what Athenian tributes persevered feels rooted in a primordial fear of what is within—the half bull and half man a personification of many great existential dreads. The labyrinth poses a question of literal and metaphorical escape. “How will we ever make it out of this labyrinth of suffering,” asks the eponymous character of John Green’s aughts YA novel Looking for Alaska. Life as a labyrinth is just one of many tantalizing similes. 

Indeed, labyrinths make for appealing metaphors to writers. Crafting an essay is a manicured tour of twists and turns that seldom lead to a dead end to be retread. The essay presupposes a unicursal path; one critical throughline, a line of reasoning, a ball of a yarn, a clue—or a power bomb as it may be. To write is to build a labyrinth, to read, and to play, is to walk such a path.

But the labyrinth that Metroid Dread promises is not one to get lost in. It is just a passing amusement, always sure in its end.

Russell Crowe And Zac Efron Starring In Buddy Movie From Dumb And Dumber Director

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itemprop=”headline name”>Russell Crowe And Zac Efron Starring In Buddy Movie From Dumb And Dumber Director

Scott Campbell

Oct 21, 2021 10:41 am2021-10-21T10:41:08-05:00

The two-time Academy Award-winning director of Dumb and Dumber sounds very strange when you hear it, but that’s exactly what happened to Peter Farrelly when he scooped two Oscars for producing and writing awards season favorite Green Book, entirely justifying his decision to pivot away from comedy and into prestige drama.

However, he’s back on familiar turf with his next effort, and he’s got a pair of big stars headlining the cast. As per Variety, Zac Efron and Russell Crowe have arrived in Thailand for the start of production on The Greatest Beer Run Ever, which as you may have guessed from the title will be more in line with Farrelly’s earlier work, even though the story behind it is as incredible as it is true.

Based on the book of the same name by Joanna Molloy and John ‘Chickie’ Donohue, the story unfolds in 1967 at the height of the Vietnam war. Efron will play Donohue , who was a Marine Corps veteran working as a merchant seaman at the time. He was effectively dared to sneak into Vietnam, track down the friends of his drinking buddies and bring them both messages of support and beer; which he did.

AppleTV+ scooped up the rights to The Greatest Beer Run Ever in March of this year, with cameras now rolling ahead of an expected late 2022 release date, where it’s sure to drum up plenty of interest based on the bonkers true-life tale of a man who infiltrated a war zone in the name of a challenge and some beers.

Marvel Studios Author Says Agents Of Shield Isn’t Canon To MCU

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itemprop=”headline name”>Marvel Studios Author Says Agents Of Shield Isn’t Canon To MCU

Danny Peterson

Oct 21, 2021 10:38 am2021-10-21T10:38:45-05:00

The official lore of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe can be confusing when compared to some of its pre-Disney Plus television properties.

Nowadays, with The House of Mouse now having its own streaming service, modern shows like WandaVision and Loki are firmly cemented within the MCU canon, with both of those shows even potentially setting up storylines for films to come.

The same can’t be said with as much certainty for the various Marvel shows that appeared on Netflix—such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones—and ABC, including Agents of Shield and Agent Carter.

Awesome What If…? Fan Poster Imagines Live-Action Marvel Zombies

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While it’s possible some of these shows or narrow aspects of them might be canon, and indeed that was the assumption for a long time for many fans, our understanding of the official mainline MCU narrative is getting revised thanks to the release of a new book, The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The book was fully authorized by Marvel and gave us the previous revelation that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios had little or no control over the pre-Disney Plus era shows. In addition, Marvel Entertainment, the studio that was then charged with producing the television content, was kept as a separate entity that operated fairly independently of the films and whose grasp of properties like Daredevil and Ghost Rider precluded Feige’s ability to use those characters in the movies, despite his expressed desire to do so.

Now the author of the book, Tara Bennett, is clarifying for fans that one show, in particular, has been confirmed as canon to the MCU: Agent Carter (per TheDirect). However, the other Marvel show that aired on ABC, Agents of Shield, is not considered canon.

Check out a response from a fan on Twitter amidst a debate over what shows are considered canon or not:

We wrote the book. It does not say AoS is part of the MCU.

— Tara Bennett (@TaraDBennett) October 20, 2021

She further clarifies that the book explains in further detail how each show works within the MCU.

Please go read the book where it clearly states how each show works in the MCU. You are not tweeting what we wrote.

— Tara Bennett (@TaraDBennett) October 20, 2021

Agent Carter is distinct from Agents of Shield, Bennett explains.

The tweet is incorrect lumping both shows in together as the same situation. Agent Carter is different from AoS.

— Tara Bennett (@TaraDBennett) October 20, 2021

Yes, AC is. And it's laid out that way in the book. And the book also explains how AoS is different and why.

— Tara Bennett (@TaraDBennett) October 20, 2021

The book sources Marvel insiders themselves about the how and why of whether a certain show is considered canon or not.

We just spent 3.5 years writing 250K words in a book that lays out MS's history w/ the TV shows. It's all in the book with quotes from the players. I'm not making statements for MS when the book is their history & says what you want to know.

— Tara Bennett (@TaraDBennett) October 20, 2021

The insight about Agents of Shield not being canon is explained in the book by Joss Whedon, who said Agent Coulson’s death in The Avengers was “definitive.”

What pre-Disney Plus or Marvel show do you think they should bring into the MCU?

WarnerMedia CEO Teases More Matrix Movies After Resurrections

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itemprop=”headline name”>WarnerMedia CEO Teases More Matrix Movies After Resurrections

Scott Campbell

Oct 21, 2021 10:34 am2021-10-21T10:34:21-05:00

WarnerMedia will be giving their filmmakers and creative talents more leeway this year, with box office takings set to be less important to determining the fate of sequels to the company’s marquee movie franchises than any other annum thanks to the controversial and contentious decision to send the entire 2021 slate to HBO Max on day one.

James Gunn confirmed he’s sticking around for another DCEU project despite The Suicide Squad failing to recoup its $185 million budget from theaters, Denis Villenueve’s Dune is expected to get that Part Two regardless of how it performs, and we’re still waiting for a second Mortal Kombat to be announced after the opener was described as a top asset by the higher-ups.

New Matrix Resurrection Photos Reveal Neo And Young Morpheus

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The fate of The Matrix series, once Resurrections draws to a close, is less clear, though, if only for the veil of secrecy that still surrounds the project. Of course, we’ve heard plenty of rumors that a fifth installment is already in development, but we won’t be finding out whether that’s the case until after Neo returns to our screens in December.

However, WarnerMedia CEO Ann Sarnoff was asked by Deadline if another Matrix was in the offing, to which she replied by saying “any time Lana [Wachowski] wants to make a movie, we’re all in”. That’s encouraging, so fans will be on tenterhooks to discover if Resurrections tells a complete story, or if it leaves the door open for more stylized cyberpunk adventures.

Watch: Ambulance Trailer Reveals Michael Bay’s Latest Action Extravaganza

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itemprop=”headline name”>Watch: Ambulance Trailer Reveals Michael Bay’s Latest Action Extravaganza

Scott Campbell

Oct 21, 2021 10:18 am2021-10-21T10:18:28-05:00


Michael Bay hasn’t directed a movie that released in theaters since summer 2017’s Transformers: The Last Knight, although he did helm Netflix’s 6 Underground in the interim. If there’s one filmmaker in the industry that doesn’t benefit from having their output watched on a small screen; it’s the orchestrator of Bayhem.

Luckily, the first trailer has just dropped for Ambulance, the remake of a 2005 Danish thriller that arrives in February 2022. If you’re expecting high art, subtlety, or any semblance of complexity then you’ve come to the wrong place, but it looks like a lot of fun regardless.

Michael Bay Shares First Images From New Action Movie Ambulance

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II partner up to rob a bank, but things naturally go south very quickly, and they’re forced to go on the run, where they hijack the titular mode of transport that houses Eiza Gonzalez’s paramedic. The footage has all of Bay’s visual trademarks, from swooping cameras and sunsets to explosive pyrotechnics and slow motion, which is no bad thing in this instance.

Ambulance looks like a relentless, breathless action thriller anchored by three strong performances from a trio of talented stars, and it could turn out to be Bay’s best work in years if it lives up to the potential glimpsed in the promo.

WarnerMedia Boss Already Teasing Dune: Part Two

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itemprop=”headline name”>WarnerMedia Boss Already Teasing Dune: Part Two

Scott Campbell

Oct 21, 2021 10:08 am2021-10-21T10:08:51-05:00

Denis Villenueve’s Dune will be hoping to parlay critical acclaim into box office success this coming weekend, even if the sci-fi epic has already gotten off to a strong start internationally. It’s a bold and very risky strategy to spend $165 million on a 156-minute epic that doesn’t have an ending, so the director must be confident he’ll get his sequel.

Debuting the entire slate of Warner Bros. projects on HBO Max the same day they hit theaters has had a drastic effect on box office takings; the entire slate has under-performed theatrically except for Godzilla vs. Kong, and even then that’s largely down to a mammoth $188 million haul from China alone.

However, in a new interview with Deadline, WarnerMedia CEO and noted enemy of SnyderVerse enthusiasts Ann Sarnoff was asked about the status of Dune: Part Two, where she gave an answer that could hardly be interpreted as cryptic.

“Will we have a sequel to Dune? If you watch the movie you see how it ends. I think you pretty much know the answer to that.”

Dune Character Posters Tease The Delayed Sci-Fi Epic

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That’s encouraging to hear, especially when Villenueve’s previous blockbuster sci-fi Blade Runner 2049 didn’t generate the franchise that was hoped for. Rumors abound that Dune: Part Two has already been given the okay behind the scenes, but whether that’s true or not, we should be getting a definite answer sooner rather than later.

Netflix Reveals 4 New Posters For Star-Studded Actioner Red Notice

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itemprop=”headline name”>Netflix Reveals 4 New Posters For Star-Studded Actioner Red Notice

Scott Campbell

Oct 21, 2021 10:02 am2021-10-21T10:03:04-05:00

We’re only a few short weeks away from Red Notice coming to Netflix on November 12th, where it’s in with a very good shot of becoming the platform’s most-watched original movie ever thanks to the highest of high concepts and a central trio plucked straight from the top of the Hollywood A-list.

Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction currently holds the record, but the globetrotting action blockbuster from director Rawson Marshall Thurber could be the streamer’s first in-house exclusive to crack 100 million streams in its first 28 days. Why? Because it’s got three of the most popular stars on the planet looking sleek, stylish and sexy in a breezy heist caper.

Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot star as an Interpol agent, conman and thief respectively, and hot on the heels of a brand-new trailer, Netflix has revealed four brand new Red Notice posters that you can check out below.

Netflix Reveals 4 New Posters For Star-Studded Actioner Red Notice

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Johnson and Reynolds already showed they made a great bickering double act in Hobbs & Shaw, so seeing their dynamic in a much bigger capacity is an exciting prospect. Throw in an ass-kicking Gal Gadot and some massive set pieces, and there are no prizes for guessing what subscribers all around the world will be doing from almost the second Red Notice goes live.

Batwoman Star Camrus Johnson Responds To Ruby Rose Allegations

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itemprop=”headline name”>Batwoman Star Camrus Johnson Responds To Ruby Rose Allegations

Christian Bone

Oct 21, 2021 10:00 am2021-10-21T10:00:14-05:00

Around 18 months after exiting Batwoman, Ruby Rose launched a scathing social media tirade against the cast and crew of The CW show yesterday, blasting certain execs, producers and co-stars of various levels of on-set misconduct. Warner Bros. Television has since hit back against the actress’ claims, revealing that she was fired in response to “multiple complaints” against her own workplace behavior.

Following the studio’s official rebuttal of Rose’s comments, her former co-star Camrus Johnson has likewise hit back at the ex-Kate Kane performer’s accusations. In her Instagram posts, Rose alleged that Johnson was callous towards her recovery from a serious spinal injury, labeling him an “egomaniac kid”. While Johnson – who plays Luke Fox on the series – did not directly address what Rose said about him, his Twitter response to the controversy backed up WB’s statement.

“Batfam ya know I couldn’t go the whole day without saying something! I love y’all, don’t think I haven’t seen all the love today,” Johnson wrote. “But yea fam, she was fired. And it is VERY hard to be fired when you’re the lead. Imagine what u have to do for that 2 happen.”

Batfam ya know I couldn’t go the whole day without saying something! I love y’all, don’t think I haven’t seen all the love today. But yea fam, she was fired. And it is VERY hard to be fired when you’re the lead. Imagine what u have to do for that 2 happen

— Camrus Johnson (@CamrusJ) October 21, 2021

When Rose announced her exit from the DC series in May 2020, it was painted as her decision to leave. Johnson acknowledged that fans may be confused about the truth of the situation because of that, but he continued to defend the show’s cast and crew.

“Since it was claimed she “walked away” last year I’m sure some of you may be pretty confused or upset, and even moreso that a lot of lies were spread today,” he continued. “Just know we have a lot of great souls working on this show and none of this changes that. From the top to the bottom.”

The Batwing actor then pivoted to encouraging fans to watch Rose’s replacement Javicia Leslie in yesterday’s episode of Batwoman season 3.

Love y’all, and West Coast fam enjoy the new episode of Batwoman starring @JaviciaLeslie in t-minus 4 minutes baby

— Camrus Johnson (@CamrusJ) October 21, 2021

Rose also accused co-star Dougray Scott of being verbally abusive to female cast and crew members on the Batwoman set. Scott – who recently exited the series himself in season 2 – has publicly denied these allegations. “I absolutely and completely refute the defamatory and damaging claims made against me by her; they are entirely made up and never happened,” Scott shared in his own statement.

While the drama rages on off-screen, Batwoman continues its third season Wednesdays on The CW.

Uncharted Trailer Generates A Mixed Response From The Internet

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itemprop=”headline name”>Uncharted Trailer Generates A Mixed Response From The Internet

Scott Campbell

Oct 21, 2021 9:55 am2021-10-21T09:55:46-05:00

After spending well over a decade in development hell, the first trailer for blockbuster video game adaptation Uncharted has finally arrived ahead of the movie’s February 18th, 2022, release date, and it looks… okay.

We’re still four months away from the live-action spin on the console favorite coming to theaters, so there’s still plenty of work to be done in post-production, which is just as well because the visual effects clearly need to be finished. On the whole, it looks like a perfectly inoffensive globetrotting adventure that nods to the fans while trying to appeal to a broader audience.

This being a high-profile IP with a recognizable star in the lead, though, the internet had plenty to say about the first full-length Uncharted promo, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

Uncharted looks like an amalgamation of imagery and set pieces lifted wholesale from the four games, wrapped in a generic adventure film that would otherwise be unrecognisable as Uncharted if not for the former. Also some of the most bizarre miscasting ever. Particularly Sully.

— consumeprogeny (@ConsumeProgeny) October 21, 2021

The two moods of people watching the Uncharted trailer:

— ᴇɴɢɪɴ (@Enguino) October 21, 2021

Me seeing Mark Wh*lberg in the Uncharted trailer

— beth (@vaneIIoki) October 21, 2021

tom holland doing ✨ THE pose ✨#Uncharted #UnchartedMovie

— aurs ‎⎊ ceo of tom holland -57 (@starkerwiitch) October 21, 2021

Does a lot of this contradict the games’ continuity? Is Wahlberg hilariously bad casting? Is this being made by the guy who did Venom?

Yeah, that’s all rough, but as the chief authority on Uncharted (fact), I wish this nonsense the best. Interested to see what newcomers think

— Joe-B.Wan Cannoli’s Force 👻 (@J_Bologna) October 21, 2021

Tom Holland And Mark Wahlberg Team Up In New Uncharted Photo

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Well, it definitely captures that grand sense of scale that the Uncharted games have, and I love Tom Holland, so maybe this won't be that bad.

— galaxssea (@Shawn_W_) October 21, 2021

hmm the tough thing with an Uncharted film is that the og games are already so cinematic

Also them doing the plane scene is a nice surprise but makes sense, it's arguably the most iconic set piece from the series.

— Cinematic Wallflower (@FilmdomBlog) October 21, 2021

no thoughts just tati gabrielle in the uncharted trailer

— lin (@ruesholland) October 21, 2021

Just finished watching the Uncharted trailer 📽🎞 speaking from the point of view of someone who loves the games it looks like a really fun action- adventure romp I’m cautiously optimistic. 🗺🧭🤞🤞

What’re your thoughts? 🤔💭 let me know 👇👇📝

— Ben Jones (@BenjiDWJ) October 21, 2021

it doesnt even feel like an uncharted movie it just feels like a cookie cutter action/adventure movie

— 🔪tyler🔪 (@Tyerd81) October 21, 2021

Ruben Fleischer is a director that could be described as workmanlike at best, Mark Wahlberg is very hit-or-miss when he appears in these types of movies, and the video game genre itself is about the most inconsistent in Hollywood. We’ll remain cautiously optimistic for now, but it’s hard to imagine Uncharted seizing the zeitgeist.

Not that it has to, when healthy box office returns and decent reviews should be the bare minimum for a broad $120 million escapade based on a recognizable property, which Sony would likely settle for at this stage.

The Internet Is Begging Sony For A Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Instead Of Uncharted

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itemprop=”headline name”>The Internet Is Begging Sony For A Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Instead Of Uncharted

Ashley Marie

Oct 21, 2021 9:52 am2021-10-21T09:52:07-05:00

Fans of Tom Holland awoke to a new trailer starring one of their favorite actors, just not the one they were anticipating. Marvel fans have been waiting for news about Spider-Man: No Way Home and counting down the days until a second trailer for the movie is released.

When they signed on to social media today, however, fans were met with Holland in a trailer, but it was alongside Mark Wahlberg for the video game-inspired film, Uncharted. To say many fans are a little confused would be an understatement.

While the trailer was largely an exciting moment for Uncharted fans, the cry for more No Way Home news couldn’t be drowned out.

With a December 17th release date, fans are more anxious than ever for a Spider-Man No Way Home trailer, and rightfully so. With recent Disney/Marvel delays, they’re a little concerned that Spider-Man No Way Home may join the list of films we have to wait a little longer to see.

So the reactions to the trailer were a mix of everything from excited to downright upset that we haven’t seen that second No Way Home trailer yet. Let’s look at what fans are saying about Uncharted, Sony, and our beloved Spider-Man.

Great🔥 but give us the No Way Home trailer 2 soon or give us some updates about it. Movie gonna come out in less than 60 days

— VishalSid⋓ (@Vishalsiddu1) October 21, 2021

This fan is anxious for the trailer or any updates at all. We’re just about 60 days out from its theatrical debut, and everyone is searching for breadcrumbs.

Up Next Spider-Man No Way Home 2nd trailer

— Lol Man (@LolMan33506133) October 21, 2021

This fan says, fine, now can we please get the next trailer for Spider-Man?


— spidey #SpiderManNoWayHome (@spidersense_17) October 21, 2021

Fans just really — REALLY — want No Way Home news, specifically the second trailer for the movie.

Marvel fans seeing Tom Holland do the #SpiderMan pose in the new #Uncharted trailer…

— The Weekly Cut (@weeklycut) October 21, 2021

Some are also commenting that we can be grateful we, at the least, got a Spider-Man pose out of the whole thing.

Give us some NWH material/news now!

— T H E. O N E. (@raisehell1996) October 21, 2021

Is it asking too much for some No Way Home news?

The uncharted movie trailer literally just looks like Spiderman but this time Mark Wahlberg is Iron man for some reason 😂

— IG:lilmemedrip (@lilmemedrip) October 21, 2021

This user says we basically got a Spider-Man trailer with Mark Wahlberg acting as Iron Man somehow.

#NoWayHome trailer

— MarvelousRiz (@rizwanmarvelfan) October 21, 2021

The patience of Spider-Man fans is just going out the window at this point.

We don't care we want no way home official trailer

— SÉÌF (@SE_IFKX) October 21, 2021

Finally, this user spoke their mind about it simply; they really just care about Spider-Man.

For those who do care about Uncharted, many say that the trailer for the film looks great and can’t wait to see it. While some are a little unsure about casting, they’re overall thrilled that there’s a film coming out next year.

So, are you one of the excited-for-Uncharted fans, or are you more of an I-don’t-care-until-it’s-Spider-Man: No Way Home? Let us know!

Dwayne Johnson Laughs Off Shazam!’s Threat To Black Adam

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itemprop=”headline name”>Dwayne Johnson Laughs Off Shazam!’s Threat To Black Adam

Scott Campbell

Oct 20, 2021 11:03 am2021-10-20T11:03:50-05:00

Everyone’s expecting either a third Shazam! movie or a Black Adam sequel to pit the two comic book arch-enemies against each other in a titanic battle for the ages, something Zachary Levi has admitted on innumerable occasions that he’d love to see happen.

In fact, the actor was positively giddy at the prospect of suiting up and punching Dwayne Johnson in the face, and the comic book connections between the two all-powerful beings are ready-made to act as the centerpiece of a blockbuster showdown that leaves a trail of destruction and broken bodies in its wake.

Of course, Shazam! is the good guy and won’t let innocent people get hurt, while Black Adam would happily kill Superman if he had to. Throwing down the gauntlet, Johnson responded to a fan questioning what Billy Batson’s alter-ego would even be able to do if he wanted to even think about stopping the Man in Black.

“Not a fucking thing”
~ Black Adam

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) October 20, 2021

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Tantalizing New Look At His Black Adam Suit

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You’ve got to love the way Johnson keeps hyping up Black Adam at every opportunity, with the actor and producer making it perfectly clear that he’s massively invested in the project. He’s said the hierarchy of power is about to change roughly a hundred times by now, but you’d be an idiot not to believe him.

Star Wars: The Acolyte Reportedly Shoots In Early 2022

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itemprop=”headline name”>Star Wars: The Acolyte Reportedly Shoots In Early 2022

Scott Campbell

Oct 20, 2021 10:58 am2021-10-20T10:58:37-05:00

There are at least eleven Star Wars shows currently in development for Disney Plus, but excluding Ewan McGregor’s hotly-anticipated return to a galaxy far, far away in Obi-Wan Kenobi, the most exciting of the lot might just be The Acolyte.

Created by Russian Doll‘s Leslye Headland, the series unfolds towards the end of the High Republic era, a time period that’s never really been explored in any great detail as part of the live-action franchise. When the project was first announced last year, it was described as having a heavy martial arts element, with rumors swirling that a disgraced Sith will act as the anti-heroic protagonist.

That’s about all we’ve got to go on officially, but according to a couple of reputable Star Wars insiders, we may have just gotten an indication of when production could start, as you can see below.

Acolyte is February at Pinewood, London.

— (@BespinBulletin) October 18, 2021

If that information pans out, then The Acolyte will be following in Andor‘s footsteps by shooting at Pinewood, whereas The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi have filmed at Lucasfilm’s California soundstages. We might even be getting confirmation as soon as next month’s Disney Plus day, which is expected to feature major updates for all of the platform’s upcoming heavy hitters.

Amazon Pays Big Bucks To Land New Sci-Fi Thriller From TRON: Ares Director

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itemprop=”headline name”>Amazon Pays Big Bucks To Land New Sci-Fi Thriller From TRON: Ares Director

Scott Campbell

Oct 20, 2021 10:50 am2021-10-20T10:50:34-05:00

At the moment, Garth Davis is best known as the director of Best Picture-nominated drama Lion, or for his work on acclaimed TV series Top of the Lake. However, his next two projects will see him immerse himself in the world of high concept sci-fi, where he’s being backed by two of the most powerful companies on the planet.

In August of last year, it was announced that Davis would helm TRON: Ares with Jared Leto in the lead role, but the big-budget Disney blockbuster might have to wait. As per Deadline, Amazon has shelled out upwards of $30 million to secure high concept thriller Foe, which already has a pair of hugely talented stars locked in.

Four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan, who is still somehow only 27 years old, will headline the project opposite Emmy-nominated Normal People star Paul Mescal. Aaron Pierre is also on board, and he’s having quite the year after appearing in M. Night Shyamalan’s Old and replacing John Boyega in Netflix’s Rebel Ridge.

Foe is set in the near future when corporations and environmental decay continue to ruin the world. Mescal’s Junior and Ronan’s Hen have been married for seven years and live an isolated life on their farm when Pierre’s mysterious stranger shows up to tell them that the husband has been randomly selected to visit an experimental space station, but a shocking surprise lays in wait for his loyal wife.

Shooting is set to kick off early next year in Australia, and Amazon must have really seen something in Foe to fork over more than $30 million to ensure it winds up on the outfit’s streaming service.

The Matrix Resurrections Theatrical Age Rating Revealed

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itemprop=”headline name”>The Matrix Resurrections Theatrical Age Rating Revealed

Danny Peterson

Oct 20, 2021 10:41 am2021-10-20T10:42:17-05:00

The Matrix Resurrections is the forthcoming fourth installment to the Matrix film franchise, and it looks to be staying true to the graphic violent action of its predecessors.

The Matrix Resurrections is officially rated R for “violence and some language,” according to a Motion Picture Association bulletin.

Considering the original three films—The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions all being rated R—the development shouldn’t come as a surprise for fans of the franchise. As a matter of fact, for years, Reloaded was the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. However, Deadpool knocked it down from the top spot, followed by Deadpool 2 and now Todd Phillips’ Joker holds that title.

The influential franchise centers around a dystopian future where machines have enslaved mankind by porting their consciousnesses into a virtual world much like our own.

First Images From The Matrix: Resurrections Reveal Old And New Faces

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Returning stars for this latest installment include Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith and Lambert Wilson. Newcomers include Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

The original directors of the films have since both come out as trans women since the original trilogy’s release, with Lilly Wachowski even acknowledging a recent re-examination of their films as metaphorically capturing the experience of being a closeted trans person. Lilly is choosing not to return for this newest Matrix film, however, as she is still involved with Showtime’s comedy-drama Work in Progress.

Lana Watchowski, on the other hand, is full steam ahead and she is both co-writing and directing The Matrix Resurrections, which comes to theaters and HBO Max on December 22nd, 2022.

Back 4 Blood Review

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itemprop=”headline name”>Back 4 Blood Review

David Morgan

Oct 20, 2021 10:38 am2021-10-20T10:38:05-05:00

Review of: Back 4 BloodGaming: David MorganReviewed by: David MorganRating:3On October 20, 2021Last modified:October 20, 2021Summary:

At every turn, Back 4 Blood frantically alludes to its superior predecessor, digging its own grave as it crumbles under the weight of blasé characters and overly complex systems.

More Details

Yadda yadda Back 4 Blood this, yadda yadda Left 4 Dead that. You know, the worst part of the marketing and overall presentation of Back 4 Blood is that every single time I write about, play, or see it, my brain is comparing it to Left 4 Dead. I’ll explain why shortly, but I think this is doing it the most disservice of all in terms of endearing itself to me. I still play Left 4 Dead semi-regularly with friends, and I just don’t see Back 4 Blood taking the throne. It has its own ideas and spins on the genre, and tries to refresh it a bit with some fancy bells and whistles, but I ended up feeling let down. One last thing — I’m not calling them “Ridden.” 

I’m going to levy my biggest criticism of Back 4 Blood right here at the top, and it’s this: The game delivers a tone as irritating and insincere as an Army recruitment video made for middle school boys. From the hammy tutorial videos to the eye-rollingly bland quips of our cardboard cast of literal whos, there wasn’t a single moment during my playtime that I felt invested in the game’s cast or world. 

This is made worse by the campaign’s horrible pacing, which opens with a three or four-minute-long cutscene of the “Cleaners” mowing down horde after horde of zombies with minimal dialogue in an absolutely joyless montage. It’s trite, pointless, and overall, boring. I learned almost nothing about these characters, their relationships, or their goals. All I know is they kill zombies pretty well, which I (hopefully) would’ve learned the moment I started playing.  

Once the campaign actually began, I was faced with several stock-standard linear romps through levels reminiscent of Left 4 Dead, complete with “call the horde” objectives and the occasional boss fight. The finales are about half as exciting as they should be, usually because the AI Director fails to deliver memorable moments at times that make sense, opting instead to send three or four specials at once during what should otherwise be a lull in the action to completely ruin a run. 

This problem — namely, erratic AI Director behavior — is mediated somewhat from the early betas, but it’s still present. There simply aren’t enough moments to catch your breath on normal mode and above. With such a complex loot, card, and attachment system, it would’ve been helpful to punctuate action sequences with respites to trade gear and formulate a game plan. 

The gunplay, at least, is quite fun. Zombies’ heads explode and paint nearby walls and ceilings with congealed blood, and each weapon is beefy enough to feel satisfying to shoot. You’ll go down quickly if you get surrounded, much more quickly than Left 4 Dead, so it’s imperative to position intelligently and for the love of god crouch if you’re standing in the front. 

Back 4 Blood’s “special infected” equivalents do their job well enough, and I quite like the weak spot system that changes how each one is fought, even within a single run. The lumbering Tall Boy is my favorite, slamming its trunk-like appendage on the ground to reveal a glowing pustule to shoot. 

This is all to say the moment-to-moment gameplay of shooting the bad guys with buddies is pretty fun. It is, like most other aspects of Back 4 Blood, undermined by some flaws, however. Poor netcode leads to enemies erratically snapping around, making normal zombies appear to be much more advanced teleportation zombies. It also leads to some buggy animations and less-than-ideal teamplay. 

I guess I should talk about the cards, one of the myriad systems Back 4 Blood insists on introducing using a hokey pre-recorded video tutorial. You unlock cards by spending currency that you accrue by playing online. Cards are then used to build custom decks that you’ll take out into the field. Each character has their own passive abilities and bonuses, so synergizing these with specialized decks can actually be quite rewarding when done correctly. It can often mean the difference between a smooth run and an absolute nightmare. 

It took me some time to appreciate the nuances of the card system, and while I certainly am more on-board now than I was to start it still feels cumbersome. Creating a deck is time-consuming, and I feel the whole passive bonus economy could’ve been just as easily handled by pre-run loadouts of your choosing. Leaving big bonuses and character-defining abilities to luck of the draw just feels… odd, somehow. Still, this system is Back 4 Blood attempting something new, and even if it’s not quite my speed, I can get behind a little added depth. 

I think the target audience of Back 4 Blood, the veteran Left 4 Dead players, are going to miss the charisma and simplicity of that game’s design. It’s likely to find a new audience among grindset gamers who don’t mind working toward long-term goals and cosmetic rewards with their friends, and for that reason, I think the marketing push toward an older generation of gamers was a bit misguided. Then again, maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

In a market awash with similarly cooperative-focused games, I just don’t see Back 4 Blood making a huge splash. Deep Rock Galactic has better levels and customization. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has better combat. GTFO, despite being in early access, delivers better on the promise of being a “hardcore” team game. Even its title, Back 4 Blood, feels awkward and unearned, cloying in its commitment to being the next Left 4 Dead. There are sure to be some diehard fans, but the awful writing and stilted progression and pacing have turned me off for good.

This review is based on the PC version of the game. A copy was provided to us by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Back 4 Blood


At every turn, Back 4 Blood frantically alludes to its superior predecessor, digging its own grave as it crumbles under the weight of blasé characters and overly complex systems.

Large Parts Of The Marvels Will Reportedly Be Set In Space

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itemprop=”headline name”>Large Parts Of The Marvels Will Reportedly Be Set In Space

Scott Campbell

Oct 20, 2021 10:35 am2021-10-20T10:35:08-05:00

Production is well underway on The Marvels, Nia DaCosta’s sequel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe origin story that proved to be so contentious that YouTube was forced to alter its algorithms in order to prevent trolls from downvoting it into oblivion.

That obviously had no effect on the movie’s box office performance, with Captain Marvel one of the franchise’s highest-grossing solo adventures, but nobody’s going to try and argue that it’s top-tier MCU. Now that the world-building is out of the way, though, The Marvels is free to genuinely fly harder, faster and further second time out.

Samuel L. Jackson Teases Fury's Return With The Marvels Set Pics

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We don’t know much about the plot in terms of specifics, but insider Daniel Richtman is now offering that large swathes of The Marvels will be set in outer space. Of course, you’d have thought this was an obvious development given that the title hero is cosmic in origin, and it’s heavily expected to tie into the space-set adventures of Secret Invasion, with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury starring in both.

While Richtman’s intel is hardly earth-shattering when it’s almost the same as saying much of Spider-Man: No Way Home is rumored to take place in New York, the introduction of Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan into the equation sets things up nicely for a trio of superpowered ass-kickers to tackle a shared threat that could realistically threaten both Earth and everything beyond our atmosphere.

A Forgotten Keanu Reeves Movie Is Finding New Life On Netflix

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itemprop=”headline name”>A Forgotten Keanu Reeves Movie Is Finding New Life On Netflix

Scott Campbell

Oct 20, 2021 10:25 am2021-10-20T10:25:27-05:00

Suicide Squad and Bright now withstanding, you largely know what you’re going to get when you see David Ayer’s name attached to a project. Nine times out of ten, there’s going to be corrupt cops and street-level criminals, plenty of bloody violence and a hard-edged noir style, and those tropes have served the filmmaker very well for 20 years.

Training Day, Dark Blue, S.W.A.T., Harsh Times, End of Watch, Sabotage and The Tax Collector all tick at least a couple of the aforementioned boxes, but it’s arguably his underrated effort that’s been finding a new lease of life on streaming.

As per FlixPatrol, 2008’s Street Kings has rocketed up the viewership charts to crack the Top 10, and it’s fully deserving of finding a much bigger audience than it did first time out, when it only managed to earn $66 million at the box office. Keanu Reeves headlines as Tom Ludlow, an LAPD veteran who finds himself implicated in the death of a fellow officer, drawing him into a citywide conspiracy.

The stacked ensemble also features Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Forest Whitaker, Naomie Harris, Terry Crews, Common and many more, and it’s well worth a watch for fans of the crime genre, especially those who like their protagonists to be complex and painted in at least a couple of shades of grey.

Eternals’ Chloé Zhao Says She’d Direct Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie

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itemprop=”headline name”>Eternals’ Chloé Zhao Says She’d Direct Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie

Scott Campbell

Oct 20, 2021 10:17 am2021-10-20T10:17:21-05:00

We don’t know anything about Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie other than the fact the architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is overseeing a brand-new blockbuster set in a galaxy far, far away, with Loki creator Michael Waldron tasked to write the script after quickly establishing himself as a Disney favorite.

Several high-profile MCU alumni have already thrown their hat into the ring, including Chris Evans and Brie Larson, and now Eternals‘ Chloé Zhao appears to be making a play for the director’s chair. The two-time Academy Award winner is a noted fan of the sci-fi franchise and has expressed interest in helming a Star Wars project in the past.

However, during a new interview with The Playlist, the filmmaker was asked if she’d want to get on board with Feige’s film in particular, and her answer was rather illuminating.

“I would, I’ll do anything Kevin asked me to do.”

Dark Rey Wears Kylo Ren's Helmet In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Concept Art

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Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron is out of the gate first in December 2023, with Feige and Taika Waititi’s efforts arriving in 2025 and 2027, but we don’t know which occupies what date as yet. Despite mixed early reactions, Eternals is poised to be a major hit at the box office, and Zhao may well end up stepping behind the camera to collaborate with her MCU boss on another one of cinema’s most popular properties.

Tom Hardy Fuels MCU Crossover Rumors After Deleting Venom & Spider-Man Art

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itemprop=”headline name”>Tom Hardy Fuels MCU Crossover Rumors After Deleting Venom & Spider-Man Art

Joe Pring

Oct 20, 2021 10:15 am2021-10-20T10:21:31-05:00

The lines between Sony’s standalone Venomverse and the MCU are so blurred at this point that you’d need the Hubble Telescope to achieve any degree of definition.

For those yet to witness Tom Hardy‘s Eddie Brock/Venom do symbiote-on-symbiote battle with Cletus Kasady in this year’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage, a tantalizing scene splashed on-screen during the sequel’s credits teases something rather special indeed. It goes without saying that spoilers aplenty will be present from this point forward, so continue at your own risk.

Venom, like other members of its race, has the ability to visit not just other planets, but entirely different realities. Brock witnesses this first-hand when his co-inhabitant transports both of them to a world where New York is under the protection of a Friendly Neighborhood hero.

New Venom: Let There Be Carnage Poster Teases The Battle Of The Symbiotes

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Brock witnesses J K Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson delivering his exposé on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man as seen during Far From Home, directly alluding to the fact that worlds are about to collide.

Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis has already teased exactly that, and now fans think Hardy, by way of a deleted social media post (H/T, Screen Rant) is getting in on the act. The actor posted and quickly removed art depicting Peter Parker and Brock’s alter-ego’s doing battle which, while not particularly indicative of anything on its own, becomes incredibly suspect if the actor decided it best to remove any reference to the image altogether.

Could the meeting come as soon as Spider-Man: No Way Home later this year? There’s not long left to find out, as the threequel lands on December 17th.

Ruby Rose Reveals Horrific Injuries She Says Were Sustained On Batwoman Set

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itemprop=”headline name”>Ruby Rose Reveals Horrific Injuries She Says Were Sustained On Batwoman Set

Christian Bone

Oct 20, 2021 10:00 am2021-10-20T10:01:01-05:00

Almost a year and a half since her abrupt exit from The CW show, former Batwoman star Ruby Rose has finally come clean about what led her to leave the Arrowverse after just one season. Taking to Instagram, the Australian actress has slammed the show’s producers for, amongst other things, allegedly prioritizing the speed of production over the safety of the cast and crew. In doing so, Rose opened up about her own serious injuries apparently sustained on set.

As part of her multi-slide diatribe, Rose shared audio of a conversation between herself and her doctor, as well as reposting footage from her surgery which she’d already shared with her followers at an earlier date. While the actress has revealed details on her spinal injury before now, she went into greater detail today, alluding to the additional problems of broken ribs and a tumor.

“Cut to 3 weeks after this video, it’s worse than abnormal,” Rose captioned the conversation. “This was diagnosed years ago on set but if I got an X-ray ‘we would make our day.’ I have documented this for years. On top of that, I have enough documentation to make a one-hour documentary. Pray tell what else would you like me to share, the broken neck or the broken rib split in two and the tumor?”

Ruby Rose Slams Batwoman Cast And Crew, Details Shocking Set Conditions

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Rose alleges that former Warner Bros. Television boss Peter Roth told her it would cost the studio millions and also threaten the jobs of the cast and crew if she did not return to filming immediately, which she says led her to start shooting again just 10 days after her surgery. The actress hit back at critics who said she was “too stiff” in the role, arguing that this was an outcome of being forced to get back to work earlier than was healthy.

Due to her injury, Rose was unable to travel to San Diego to attend Comic-Con in summer 2019. The actress claims that the studio ordered her to film a video announcing her absence, as well as telling her to hide the surgery scar on her neck in the video. WB also apparently threatened to not tell the fans she wouldn’t be showing up and allow attendees to turn up and be disappointed if she didn’t accept their terms.

Other shocking accusations Rose has made include EPs keeping production going during the pandemic despite a production assistant being paralyzed from the waist down after an on-set accident. So far, neither the Batwoman team nor The CW has responded to her claims.

Night Teeth Review

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itemprop=”headline name”>Night Teeth Review

Scott Campbell

Oct 20, 2021 9:54 am2021-10-20T09:54:13-05:00

Review of: Reviewed by: Scott CampbellRating:2On October 20, 2021Last modified:October 20, 2021Summary:

Night Teeth is a disappointing vampire thriller that’s all style and no substance, leaving plenty of interesting world-building and unique mythology behind in favor of a formulaic story audiences will see coming from a mile away.

Netflix has recently been making solid gains when it comes to the horror genre and its many permutations, delivering a string of popular and entertaining titles that couldn’t be more different from each other. Whether it’s the comedic Vampires vs. the Bronx, the airborne thrills of Blood Red Sky, the atmospheric chills of His House or the slasher stylings of the Fear Street trilogy, the streaming service has been showing more love than ever to a medium that’s never really factored into the company’s plans for world domination.

Night Teeth has a relatively unique spin on vampire lore, plenty of stylish visuals and accomplished visual effects, along with a talented cast of rising stars and recognizable faces who are all very easy on the eye, so on paper it should be a slam dunk. Unfortunately, Adam Randall’s action thriller is a crushingly dull exercise in wasting the potential of a premise, and as a result it’s one of the least memorable Netflix originals to come along in a while.

The opening titles briskly run through the setup; vampires and humans have forged an uneasy truce that’s kept the peace for over a century, with Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights the epicenter of the undead underworld for reasons that are never really explained or justified. However, Alfie Allen’s Victor has grown tired of playing nice, so he decides to send his minions out to suck the competition dry and establish himself as the kingpin of a new world order.

Our audience surrogate comes in the form of Jorge Lendenborg Jr.’s Benny, an ambitious college student with big dreams who ends up filling in for his brother as a chauffeur, unaware that the kidnapping and subsequent murder of his sibling’s girlfriend has set the tone for an evening that’s about to get wilder than he could have ever imagined.

Benny picks up Debby Ryan’s Blair and Lucy Fry’s Zoe, taking them on a whirlwind tour of the city that finds him stumbling headfirst into a secret battle for supremacy the general population has no clue is even happening just behind closed doors. As mentioned earlier; it’s a decent premise for a hybrid of the action, thriller, fantasy and vampire movie, but Night Teeth never really clicks.

There are hints of an organization not unlike the mafia, with various vampire families maintaining some semblance of order and keeping their fanged peers in check, but it’s never explored. Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney show up for a single expositional scene and that’s it, making you wonder why they’d even bothered to board the project in the first place, even if their natural star power and charisma makes them one of the highlights despite such limited screentime.

Night Teeth is full of of half-cooked plot threads and mythology that’s mentioned briefly in passing and then never picked up again, almost as if writer Brent Dillon wanted to throw as many cool things into the mix as possible, only to forget about them completely by the time the next set piece rolls along.

Without exception, every single character in the film is as one-dimensional as they come. Benny is the out of his depth frightened protagonist learning about vampires at the same speed as we are, Blair is the undead bad girl with a good heart, Zoe is the malevolent menace, Victor is a British bad guy, Benny’s brother Jay is the stoic, grief-riddled figure out for revenge, and on it goes.

Everyone talks about Jay as if he’s the pivotal figure in the war between humans and vampires, but we never really find out why. There are hints of an intriguing underworld similar to that of John Wick‘s cabal of assassins but with vampires, yet we never get to see it. There’s even a hierarchy in place that gets dismantled offscreen before we even find out enough about it to care, with the desperation to run through the plot as fast as possible robbing Night Teeth of any tension, stakes or excitement.

The central trio of Benny, Blair and Zoe do their best to carry the narrative through the strength of their performances alone, with former Disney Channel star Ryan leaning into her doe-eyed persona while subverting it at the same time, while Fry is having an absolute blast as the scenery-chewing badass without a care in the world. It’s just a shame that everything surrounding them is so formulaic, with any shred of inventiveness quickly glossed over as the action constantly moves from one location to the next, without ever giving us a reason to invest in why these people are doing what they’re doing, or what it all means in the grand scheme of things.

Night Teeth has style to spare and never disappoints on a purely aesthetic level, but that’s nowhere near enough, especially when a lot of Netflix subscribers will be going in with high hopes, seeing as we’re talking about a vampire movie releasing on the world’s most popular streamer less than two weeks before Halloween. Sure, it’ll no doubt generate some strong viewing numbers as a matter of circumstance, but it’s very unlikely anybody will have even the slightest interest in watching it twice.


Night Teeth is a disappointing vampire thriller that’s all style and no substance, leaving plenty of interesting world-building and unique mythology behind in favor of a formulaic story audiences will see coming from a mile away.

Doctor Strange 2 Reportedly In Extensive Reshoots To Fix Story Problems

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itemprop=”headline name”>Doctor Strange 2 Reportedly In Extensive Reshoots To Fix Story Problems

Christian Bone

Oct 20, 2021 9:36 am2021-10-20T09:36:15-05:00

Marvel fans got some disappointing news over the weekend as Disney pushed back their upcoming slate of MCU movies yet again. The first affected is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which was supposed to open next March but is now coming in May 2022 instead. The reason behind the shift is unclear, but it seemed to be a response to the lingering impact of the pandemic on box office totals.

According to a new rumor, though, the actual reason is that Doctor Strange 2 is facing some “extensive reshoots” to fix some “significant” story problems. That’s what YouTuber Grace Randolph is claiming in her latest video. Randolph doesn’t go into specifics on what these narrative issues are, but she also says Marvel wants to add in more cameos and Easter eggs to please the fans.

“Doctor Strange 2 is currently going through extensive reshoots,” Randolph claims. “I hear not only to fix those story problems, which I hear were significant, but to add a lot more characters. I hear they’re adding a ton more characters because Marvel felt they were too light on Easter eggs to please fans. This is supposed to be the Multiverse of Madness, not the Multiverse of Meh!”

Randolph continued by stating that her sources tell her those rumors of the Illuminati making their MCU debut in the sequel are accurate, with certain major characters set to be featured as part of the group that will make fans “go wild”. Despite having all these heroes involved, however, Randolph stresses that it will still be Strange’s movie and not a secret Avengers 5.

“But overall this is still playing very much as a Doctor Strange movie and not like a de facto Avengers movie like we’ve seen the case of some other standalone films. [It’s] very Doctor Strangey and that’s not really how I think it’s been sold. But don’t worry, Marvel realises this and they’re like, ‘We need more characters’, so they’re putting them in.”

Doctor Strange 2 Official Artwork Reveals Team Strange

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For a film that may end up having a humungous cast, only six stars have been confirmed to appear in Multiverse of Madness to date. Obviously, Benedict Cumberbatch is back as the Sorcerer Supreme, with Benedict Wong, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Rachel McAdams returning from the first film as Wong, Mordo and Christine Palmer, respectively. Elizabeth Olsen, fresh off WandaVision, will serve as a co-lead as Scarlet Witch. Xochitl Gomez, meanwhile, makes her debut as America Chavez, a young heroine with the power to create multiversal portals.

Funnily enough, the last Marvel film to release before it, December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, looks to be stealing its thunder when it comes to cross-franchise crossovers. Director Sam Raimi will have to pull off some mind-blowing cameos if he’s going to top the thrill of the Sinister Six coming together – plus Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield potentially returning – in Spidey 3.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is currently scheduled to release May 6th, 2022.