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f*ck you think you're goin'? Come here
Never thought you'd see me again, huh?
Hm. Sit down

We are gathered here
To pay back all those shattered years
To gain back something that I fear
Might leave spirits in the atmosphere
Tonight's the night, I'm gonna get my wish
Vengeance closed up in my fist
Hold on tight, I'mma make it quick
I'm here to serve you up the coldest dish…

[Verse 1]
Good evening, Father
It's your favorite heathen, see you're breathing harder
Hope those knots ain't too tight on your feet I bothered
To be careful not to get the demons hotter
See you took me in as just a teeter-totter
Taught me all your sacred Jesus fodder
For the record I was never even offered
Any other option I believed it off of
Every word that I heard from my family
I was urged to be heard if a fallacy
I just came to serve the good word and then had it be
Viciously returned at the urge of a Catholic priest
They want to damage me
Molest me, impress on my sanity
Everybody worships the words that you casually
Spill across the room while your mood is depravity
Can it be? Something is wrong
Nobody sees it but me
Will you please ring the f*ckin' alarm?
My custody's con
Tears down my face while I'm singin' the words of his favorite Psalm
I'm aging along
They tell me to pray but my faith is decayin'
It's fadin', it's gone
I wake up at dawn
But I still can't manage to shake off the taste of the wafer and palm
We are gathered here
To pay back all those shattered years
To gain back something that I fear
Might leave your spirit in the atmosphere
Tonight's the night, I'm gonna get my wish
Vengeance closed up in my fist
Hold on tight, I'mma make it quick
I'm here to serve you up the coldest dish…

The coldest.. The coldest dish (x3)

The coldest.. I'm here to serve you up the coldest dish

[Verse 2]
Good evening, Mother
It's been awhile since we've seen eachother
Heard you're happy with another family now
How convenient for you to leave me uncovered
See I blame you for the past
Blame you for the present
Blame you for the future
Change was never present
You were never present
Christmas, never presents
Evidence was present
You were evanescent
You were happy to leave me alone
With the cowardly powers of evil
So that makes you guilty as him you know?
You must now be devoured as equal
I tried to tell you there was trespassin'
You was clubbin' with your dress flashin'
Too young to be a mother, yeah it happens
But you could've been an asset, Katherine
Something is wrong, nobody sees it but me
Will you please ring the f*ckin' alarm?
I brought you along
You and your new family too
All tied up like a couple of hogs
Cryin' like dogs
I'm pourin' the gasoline all over y'all
Like a couple of logs
I'm sorry but she could've saved all of y'all
If she would've just listened to one of my calls


[Verse 3]
And oh yeah, you
Good evening, Brother
Don't think I wasn't gonna see you suffer
You're the one that's mostly to blame
For falling victims to these mothaf*ckers
Super weak, look at you now
You're hanging over in the balance
You can't sleep without a dose of Xanax
And your back all scarred up from the talons
I told every single day you woke
That you should be striving for better
It took you many years to get up here
That's something I can't be forgettin'
You put us all through so much pain
Now I'm about to set us both free
Cause the coldest dish that I fixed tonight
I made this one special for me

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