WP learns about US development of guidance on intelligence sharing with Ukraine

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WP: The US has banned the transfer of data on Russian military leadership and targets outside Ukraine to Kiev Washington will not be able to transfer information to Kyiv about Russian targets outside Ukraine and the top leadership of the Russian Armed Forces, for example, about Shoigu or Gerasimov. The ban does not apply to data on Russian officers on the territory of Ukraine

The administration of US President Joe Biden has developed guidelines for intelligence sharing with Ukraine in order to avoid escalating tensions between Washington and Moscow, The Washington Post reports, citing sources.

The document, according to the newspaper, prohibits the United States from transmitting Ukraine information that “helped to take life” high-ranking Russian officers. This also applies to Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

At the same time, the newspaper writes, the ban does not apply to data on Russian officers, including generals, who are on the territory of Ukraine. However, a senior Pentagon official told WP that Washington has tacitly decided not to give Kyiv information about the whereabouts of the Russian generals.

The second category of information that Washington will not be able to share with Kyiv,— this is any data that would help the Ukrainian side to attack Russian targets outside of Ukraine, the newspaper writes. According to WP sources, the ban is in part to prevent “the United States from becoming a participant in attacks that Ukraine could carry out on Russian territory.”

The United States regularly exchanges intelligence with Ukraine about Russian ships in the Black Sea, which could be used to support offensives against cities like Odessa, according to an unnamed Pentagon official. He stressed that it— “not specific information,” the purpose of the data transfer is not for Ukraine to strike at them, but for Kyiv to be able to prepare for defense. For example, the authorities may take measures to strengthen the defense of the city or evacuate civilians, the source said.

According to US and Ukrainian officials, in addition, the United States transmits real-time information to Ukraine about the location and movement of Russian troops on territory of the country. This includes satellite imagery and intelligence.

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The New York Times also reported that the United States gave Ukraine intelligence data that the Ukrainian military used to strike Russian positions, stating, that they do not include information about the advances of high-ranking officials of the Russian military leadership. The Pentagon indicated that Kyiv is provided with the information “which they can use for self-defense.”

On May 6, CNN, citing sources, reported that the United States had provided intelligence to Ukraine about the location of the Moskva cruiser. in the Black Sea shortly before the fire started on the ship. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, on April 14, due to a fire on board, ammunition detonated, the cruiser sank. As a result, the ministry said one person was killed, 27 were missing and 396 more were evacuated. The Pentagon denied passing this information to Kyiv.

NBC reported May 7 that Biden, in a meeting with CIA Director William Burns and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, demanded an end to leaks of information about the exchange of data between US and Ukrainian intelligence, as it “distracts from our common goal».

According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the transfer of intelligence by the West to Ukraine will not prevent Russia from achieving the goals of the military operation.

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