With skewers in the throat. The most ridiculous injuries at a picnic and barbecue

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At picnic, the most frequent injuries and troubles — these are cuts, drifts, insect bites. A & nbsp; inept kebab man risks getting burns from & nbsp; inciting liquids. But not only!

Aif.ru collected the most ridiculous injuries at picnics and kebabs. The countryside vacation for these people ended in the hospital.

I pierced my throat with skewers

A man at a picnic in Omsk accidentally pierced his throat with three skewers.

When the meat was ready, the drunk barbecue man gathered the skewers with meat into a "bouquet" and went to the guests, but on the road from brazier to the table stumbled extremely unfortunately. Yes so that he fell right on sharp tools that he carried in hands! To  the horror of the griller's friends, three skewers pierced his throat.

  The patient with three skewers in throat was brought by an ambulance from a country picnic, his life was saved, the man was born in shirt»,  — said deputy chief physician of the Omsk City Clinical Hospital No. 1 Sergey Mamontov.

Choked on barbecue

Every year, in the  summer media reports, there is news that someone “choked on a barbecue and died”.

A resident of the city of Rubtsovsk (Altai Territory) experienced a clinical death by choking on a barbecue.

On a day off, a 53-year-old man grilled kebabs with his family at a picnic. Suddenly, he choked on a piece of meat, began to choke, and fell unconscious.

In critical condition, the victim was taken to the hospital. The doctors dragged the barbecue man from the other world. According to their choking on a barbecue, he experienced a clinical death, he almost breathed for 15 minutes.

The man will have a long rehabilitation.

Dislocated his shoulder while opening a beer

Internet users, after reading the ridiculous  state of emergency from  picnics, share their  funny  stories.

One user admitted on social media that he did too much alcohol at a picnic and dislocated his shoulder while opening a bottle of beer. Yes so much so that I had to seek help from doctors.

This vacationer was more fortunate than the hero of the next episode.

“I decided to open a bottle of cider with a spoon (well, I didn't have an opener at hand). The cork flew out exactly into the eye, — describes the situation in the social network of a young man.      since I wear glasses, the glass broke and stuck into           sticks out of it a shard sticks out. My wife almost fainted fell».

According to the guy, everything ended, thank God, safely. The eye healed, and the sight was not affected.

Dangerous chicken bone

Another story of an Internet user from rest in nature, in which hard to believe.

“My friend ruined a fishing trip. We arrived, unpacked, settled down, — the man remembers. — To this day we still can't understand how it was possible to pierce your palm with a sober bone from grilled chicken. Moreover, this bone got caught on something and didn't come out».

The man adds that in the district hospital the staff and patients lined up in to look at this.

I fell off a hammock

It's nice to swing in nature and nap in a hammock. But a suspended wicker net for inexperienced vacationers turns into a traumatic roulette.

On the Internet there is even a selection of videos of the best falls from a hammock in nbsp;nature.

Socialite Olga Buzova also became a victim of the hammock. In the Maldives she wanted to make a spectacular photo shoot, but clucked out of a hammock, good thing  soft sand.

Others were not so lucky. A 41-year-old tourist suffered spinal and head injuries when she fell from a hammock at the tourist center of Turgoyak Lake (Chelyabinsk Region).

“A woman lost her balance when she was swinging in a hammock, fell out, fell headfirst on” ;stones, injured. The victim was conscious, but could move  — Vitaly Kholin, Deputy Head of the Miass Search and Rescue Squad, told reporters.

Rescuers transported the woman in a rubber boat and handed over to doctors.

We hope these stories will serve you a good reminder that on rest and nbsp;nbsp;you need to be vigilant and not think that "it will definitely blow me over!"

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