Will the crocodile survive in the wild in Russia?

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Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 33. Russian folk satchel 17/08/2022

In fact, crocodiles have already been met in the wild in our country. True, these were escaped individuals.

About 10 years ago, one such reptile escaped from a crocodile farm in Anapa and lived in the bay until the first frosts. Then it disappeared, but, as zoologists say, the animal is still unable to survive the Russian winter (even in the south).

In March of this year, in the Astrakhan region. found three crocodiles under the road shield. According to law enforcement officers, they were transported to Volgograd, but they decided to get rid of the predators by unloading them right next to the road. Two were dead, the third was transferred to the veterinary clinic, where he soon also died.

In June, the crocodile was found in Bataysk, Rostov Region in a reservoir not far from the local residential complex. Workers who serviced the electric pump noticed the reptile. The police and rescuers arrived at the place, nets were set up on the canal and round-the-clock duty was organized with the participation of the Cossacks. But the crocodile was not found. Presumably, he ran away from a private house in the nearest village.

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