Why is rain water dangerous?

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Some people believe that the moisture collected from atmospheric precipitation is good for the body, or at least tasty. A study by European scientists shows that they are wrong. 

Experts from Stockholm University and ETH Zurich measured the concentration of four main “eternal chemicals” in rainwater and concluded that it was well above safe levels. 

“Eternal chemicals” (PFAS) refers to a class of chemicals that are artificially synthesized and widely used in a range of non-stick, stain-resistant, and waterproof products such as carpets, cookware, clothing, and food packaging. The most famous of these substances – teflon, there are more than 4.7 thousand of them.

All PFAS are extremely stable in the environment or break down into simpler substances of the same class. That is why the name “eternal chemicals” stuck behind them. Their second unpleasant property – the ability to accumulate in the body and cause serious health problems, including cancer, liver damage, thyroid disease, infertility and pregnancy complications, high cholesterol, immune system malfunctions, learning difficulties in children.

As stated in the researchers' report, the regulatory concentrations of PFAS in drinking water, surface water and soil have been significantly reduced over the past 20 years, because the public has become aware of their toxicity. in the environment is almost always exceeded. 

“Based on the latest US recommendations for PFAS contents in drinking water, rainwater is not safe to drink everywhere. Although we We drink it infrequently, many people around the world consider it safe to drink, and their drinking water sources are replenished by rainfall, says Jan Cousins, lead author of the study, Professor of Environmental Sciences at Stockholm University. — And the rain — is not the only problem. Soils are also polluted everywhere. I'm not saying that we're all going to die from this, but there are no places left on the planet right now where you can be sure that the environment is safe.

In other words, “eternal chemicals”; distributed throughout the world in the earth's atmosphere, so they can be found in rainwater and snow even in the most remote corners of the planet. Of course, you should not drink the moisture collected with precipitation.

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