Why did the largest submarine “Dmitry Donskoy” go to sea?

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The world's last nuclear submarine of project 941 “Shark” TK-208 RDS-901 “Dmitry Donskoy” went to sea in early August and has now begun to work out special tasks. The mission of the submarine is not reported.

The sea is calling

A number of experts were quick to report that since the submarine is still leaving, it will remain in the Navy for the time being, although opposite statements were made earlier about its withdrawal from the Russian Navy. Now sources in the Russian defense industry report that & nbsp; the fate of the submarine will be determined at the end of 2022.   Most likely, the final decision will be made after test missions at sea and the return of the nuclear submarine to the base. Next, a final assessment of its general technical condition will be carried out, and a special commission will also check the reactor and assess the state of nuclear fuel reserves. Against the backdrop of the rising hype, most likely, the submarine will not be written off right now. Most likely, the time spent by the TK-208 submarine in service will be increased by at least another two or three years.

This is not the first combat entry of the nuclear-powered ship into the sea. Only in June, he returned to the base in Severodvinsk, but after a six-day stay on August 1, he again went to sea, as if demonstrating good technical condition. & nbsp;

Intelligence, training or protection

Based on the skills of the submarine cruiser and the political situation, it is most logical to assume that he is on combat duty in the Arctic Ocean. It is also possible that training tasks are carried out with his participation, since submarines of this class are considered an excellent tool for practicing a wide variety of actions at the depths of the ocean. It is possible that the submarine is also on combat duty, which is important in the current turbulent times.

Nuclear submarine “Dmitry Donskoy”. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Quiet and very dangerous

Based on the qualities of “Dmitry Donskoy”, it can be described in three words – large and dangerous scout. The Project 941 submarine is 172 meters long and 23 meters wide. The height of the nuclear-powered ship is comparable to a nine-story building. But even with such dimensions, the nuclear submarines of this project were among the quietest among Soviet nuclear submarines.

The armament of the giant is to match its gigantic size. When creating this ship, its main weapon & nbsp; became intercontinental ballistic missiles of the D-19 complex. In 2002, it was decided to modify the ship according to the 941UM project, after which it became the carrier of the Bulava missile system, then the creators of these missiles used  “Dmitry Donskoy” as a platform for testing these missiles.

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