Where there is water, there is roach. What is interesting about this fish

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Roach inhabits reservoirs with fresh and semi-salty water. Those who like to sit with a fishing rod by the river know that this fish will not leave even a beginner without a catch.

Common roach belongs to the carp family. This fish settles where it finds thickets of aquatic plants. It lives almost everywhere in our country: in the basins of the Black and seas of Azov, in the rivers of Siberia, in Yamal, it was also found in Lake Baikal.

The scales covering the body of the roach are large. The color of the back is black with greenish or light blue tint, the sides and belly of the fish — silvery. The pelvic fins are bright, orange, pectoral — yellow, tail and dorsal — green-gray with red tint.

Roach can reach a respectable age: 21 years. The length of such an individual is 40–50 cm, body weight — 1.5 kg (record — 2.5 kg). It reaches such values ​​in the presence of a full fodder base. This fish is omnivorous — feeds on zooplankton and algae.

Young roach flocks stay in shallow water, and adults choose places deeper, near the banks overgrown with reeds. Roach hibernates in deep-water areas of reservoirs with abundant vegetation, and leaves these places in spring, going upstream to shallow water.

In mid-April, noisy numerous roach “crowd” goes to spawn. Each female sweeps from 2.5 to 100 thous. eggs, and after 10-14 days, fry appear, the food base of which is made up of small invertebrate inhabitants of reservoirs.

Once upon a time, roach was a commercial fish, but now its value has been called into question. The roach is recognized as dangerous for the Baltic Sea, as it destroys most of the local zooplankton. Despite  this, in Russia, some subspecies of roach remain commercial. On large scales we get ram, roach and Siberian roach.

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