What will the PAK DA bomber look like according to foreigners?

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Chinese experts believe that the promising sixth-generation PAK DA stealth bomber, which is currently being developed in Russia, will outperform the American B-2 stealth aircraft in all respects. Although even a prototype of this aircraft still does not exist, foreigners believe that this is a real project that can change the balance of power in the world. In their opinion, in the future, this bomber will become a serious problem and “will not let NATO sleep peacefully.”

PAK DA bomber (3D model). Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Invisible and deadly

Foreigners assume that the new Russian bomber will become the most inconspicuous bomber in the world, while carrying a large number of various weapons on board. This will allow it to be used in armed conflicts of varying intensity — from large-scale hostilities to local clashes. PAK DA will become a universal tool capable of hitting a variety of targets on the battlefield and at the same time remain invulnerable, and most often even unnoticed. It is planned that the new aircraft will become as versatile as possible and will actually replace all the strategic bombers currently at the disposal of the Russian Aerospace Forces: Tu-22M3, Tu-95 and Tu-160.

For the first time, they started talking about a completely new sixth-generation bomber five years ago, at the same time it was reported that the draft design and working design documentation were ready. In 2020, they talked about the creation of the first elements of the PAK DA, including the development and bench testing of the engine. Despite the secrecy of this project, it is known for sure that it will be carried out according to the “flying wing” scheme. This and a number of other stealth technologies should make it almost invisible to the most modern radars. So, to reduce the degree of visibility, the fuselage will be made of composite materials and covered with a special Russian-made radar-absorbing coating. A technical solution will make it even more invisible, thanks to which all the weapons of the bomber will be placed inside.


The aircraft will be subsonic, it is reported that due to fuel savings, this will help to significantly increase the range and time spent by the aircraft in the air. And this will not make him vulnerable, since the bomber will receive long-range weapons, which will allow him to operate outside enemy air defense zones. In addition, the bombers will receive new electronic warfare equipment that will protect it from being hit by anti-aircraft missiles. 

It is planned that PAK DA will have the most powerful weapons in the world. At the first stage, the main system for PAK DA will be Kh-102 high-precision missiles, which have a high-explosive and nuclear warhead, and their range exceeds five thousand kilometers. These weapons are designed to ensure the destruction of all types of sea and land targets, including well-protected ones. Depending on the mission, the bomber can be armed with all existing and future high-precision bombs and missiles. 

Then, the main weapon of the bomber will be long-range hypersonic missiles, which will be guided and controlled by artificial intelligence. All developments of new aviation weapons systems will also be done with the prospect of being placed on this aviation platform. 

Space fighter 

An additional option for this strategic missile carrier may be the ability to strike targets located in near space, which will make it a new effective element of missile defense. Space interception is necessary to destroy strategic nuclear ballistic missiles that are on the march. The aircraft will also have the ability to destroy military satellites in Earth orbit.

Source of information: https://k.sina.com.cn

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