What was the putsch of August 19, 1991

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Revolution or counter-revolution?

In the USSR, a song was popular with the words: “The revolution has a beginning, the revolution has no end.” For as long as I can remember, the theme of the revolution has been constantly imposed on us from the school bench as the goal and goal in itself of liberating the working people from the oppression of the bloody autocracy, the landowners and capitalists. In the textbooks of the history of the USSR (the centuries-old Russia, as it were, had no other history), history began with and continued from the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin. Their portraits hung everywhere (except for public toilets). Theorists of Marxism have deduced an indisputable formula: “The teaching of Marxism-Leninism is omnipotent because it is true.” Books, performances, films portrayed revolutionaries of all stripes as angels and knights without fear or reproach.

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On the contrary, all Russian tsars and emperors (great princes were mentioned in passing) were described as bloody satraps who had oppressed the peoples of Russia for centuries. Of the great Russian commanders, the first was, of course, Peter I, and even then because he defeated the Swedes near Poltava. Well, okay, even Kutuzov, Suvorov, Ushakov, but they allegedly defeated foreigners because they did not obey the kings, emperors and empresses, who did not like them, and the commanders were at the same time with the working people and did not like kings. Lies and primitive propaganda, but ideologically it worked under conditions of the most severe censorship of all other beliefs. The reality of revolutions was politically one-sided. How detrimental this is for countries and peoples, we now see on the example of the washed-out brainlessness of a part of the population of the so-called. Ukraine, Europe and America in connection with the hostilities in Ukraine. In Russia, they probably paid attention to the recent interview of the ex-leader of the Pink Floyd group, R. Waters, to a CNN correspondent, to whom Waters made a fair remark that he does not read much and, therefore, was led into a number of misconceptions about the true state of affairs in the Russia-NATO-Ukraine format. This is a long-proven way to fool the people, limiting their ability to receive, comprehend and experience a reality other than the official ideologized simulated reality. For 83 years in a row, Soviet socialist realism has presented us with a powdered and painted image of great revolutions and revolutionaries. So, in many paintings by Soviet artists and in films, Lenin drinks liquid carrot tea without sugar.

In the 90s of the last century, inquisitive journalists announced documents about the menu of Lenin and the Leninists in the Kremlin: red and black caviar, chicken legs, various fish, herring, etc. The good grandfather Mazai-Lenin did not save the hares at all, but, according to other exiles, in Shushenskoye he simply killed the hares sitting on the island in the flood with the butt of a gun. And visit Shushenskoye. This is not Magadan, Vorkuta and Norilsk, but Russian Switzerland, plus he was also paid three rubles a month. Having come to power, this “friend of all the working people of the earth”, the liberalism of tsarism, will take into account and write to its executioner Dzerzhinsky: “It is necessary to put an end to priests and religion as soon as possible. The priests must be arrested as counter-revolutionaries and shot mercilessly and everywhere. And as much as possible” (see Lenin’s letter dated May 1, 1919 No. 13666/2). Many similar documents, for example, with Lenin's resolution of the type “burn Baku completely” or about captured Cossacks: “Shoot every single one” were published in Moskovsky Komsomolets on 22.04.2003. You won’t expect the truth from modern descendants of revolutions, and all their leader G. Zyuganov is capable of is some ridiculous phrase that at one time the communists “did something stupid” or “the main mistake was that they quarreled with Orthodox faith. Twenty thousand shot only at the Butovo training ground in Moscow – is that “nonsense”? So the congresses of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation are still held in the presence of a bust of Lenin, and all their ideologists are the same as the “Communist Manifesto”.

And here is the position on the revolutions of the modern professor, communist A.V. Buzgalin. Here are a few theses from him: “Revolution as a temporary triumph of the kingdom of freedom, as a celebration of culture, revolution as a celebration, as the creativity of the working people, as the locomotive of history, as the emancipation of labor,” well, and so on. And of course, revolutions and revolutionaries must be against private property, because, according to the Communist Manifesto, “Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement … in all these movements they put forward the question of property as the main issue of the movement.” It is difficult, being of sound mind and solid memory, to comment on the absurd set of metaphors cited that decorate revolutions, mindful of the terrible violence against people that all revolutions have brought with them since the middle of the 18th century – the so-called. great French, English and Russian (1905, 1918). Now it is finally customary to call the Great October Socialist Revolution the most ordinary military coup. Suffice it to document the facts about how the Bolsheviks, Marxist-Leninists famously dispersed the Constituent Assembly, organized a terrible fratricidal civil war, gassed the rebellious Kursk peasants; methodically plundered monasteries and churches; destroyed the clergy and flock, etc. And how can one talk about the revolution as the triumph of culture or the emancipation of labor with a comprehensive network of labor camps (GULAG) and peasants forcibly driven into collective farms (who were not paid money and were not issued passports), Soviet socialist realism was silent about all this.

But since 1990, no one has bothered us to read “counter-revolutionaries” – the great Russian and non-Russian philosophers, historians and writers expelled from Soviet Russia.

For example, Nikolai Berdyaev. “The Russian revolution is a great misfortune. Every revolution is a disaster. There have never been happy revolutions. But revolutions are sent by God's Providence, and therefore peoples learn a lot from them… The French Revolution, recognized as “great”, was also disgusting and unsuccessful. It is no better than the Russian revolution, it was no less bloody and cruel, just as godless, just as destructive in relation to all historical shrines” (see his “Philosophy of Inequality”). Note that inequality has metaphysics and philosophy, and the notorious formal equality is an idea without application. Take a look around – it's true. All revolutions carry material and spiritual destruction as if in carbon copy, and it is inherent in the fate of the states created as a result of revolutions. These states are the same house mentioned by Jesus Christ, which a foolish man built on the sand, and when rain, rivers and winds fell upon him, “that house fell, and its fall was great” (Gospel of Matthew, ch. 8, verse 26, 27). This is by no means absurd. As soon as the nation-builders reject the religious stone of faith, sooner or later the house will fall. So the cowardice of the Russian people allowed the murder of the royal family, the destruction of the great Russian Empire and a series of endless internecine wars that have not ended to this day. The Communist Bolsheviks, at the cost of huge sacrifices, created their own anti-Christian empire, which collapsed so easily after 83 years of seemingly unshakable existence.

What did the members of the not yet completely forgotten GKChP want in August 1991: to continue the revolution or to stop the counter-revolution? It seems that any unambiguous simple answer will be wrong. They definitely wanted to save the USSR, but they forgot the impotence of the ideological and political “stone” indicated in the Anthem of the USSR: “Lenin’s party, the strength of the people, is leading us to the triumph of communism!” The leaders of Lenin's party—Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Shevardnadze, Yakovlev, Kravchuk, and others—were the first heirs of that house on the sand built by the reckless communist revolutionaries. Now it is too late to discuss options for saving the USSR, although one of them is modern China. No communism has been built there for a long time, but the capitalist market economy is supposedly run by communists who have retained the administrative system of government (moreover, they run it strictly according to the plan, as taught by Marx and Engels). There is no need to copy them, if only because they and we have completely different spiritual cultures.

Few people have tried to define the true and non-politicized content of the word “counterrevolution”. One of the possible deciphering options was suggested to us from the distant 18th century by the Frenchman Georges de Maistre, who lived in Russia for a long time: “The counter-revolution should not be the reverse revolution, but the reverse of the revolution.” The basis of an active ideology of counter-revolution can only be created by the joint work of the state and the church. This is primarily Orthodox Christianity, fundamental Islam, Orthodox Judaism. This work does not give an immediate effect, but creates the very “spiritual bonds” that Vladimir Putin has repeatedly mentioned in his messages to the Federal Assembly. So far, we can even see the excessive enthusiasm of the authorities for all kinds of social programs and economic forums. This is important, but we should not forget that even before the time of the “Russian Troubles” (1905, 1918), the so-called proletariat (only 17% of the 150 million population of Russia) lived very well socially: a skilled worker received on average at least 30–40 rubles per month, plus free treatment and vouchers to resorts at the expense of industrial capitalists hated by the revolutionaries. And, of course, our special services must quickly figure out and punish the newly-minted Ulyanov-Lenins and others like them, calling the unstable and immoral to some barricades to build a “new world”. Moreover, numerous enemies and ill-wishers of Russia did not stop their revolutionary work (pink and blue) and will not stop.

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