What kind of “Tablet-M-IR” for artillery control was developed in Russia?

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In Russia, a new artillery control complex has been created, which received the characteristic name “Planshet-M-IR”. It is planned that its tests will be completed in 2022 and a decision will be made on its adoption.

Why is it needed

It is reported that “Tablet” developed on its own initiative by the corporation “High Precision Complexes”. This device is designed to automate the guidance of multiple launch rocket systems, cannon artillery and mortars. This is the development of the Tablet-A complex, which is already being mass-produced and has good reviews from the military.


Artillery control complex “Tablet-A” was created for digital targeting of mortars and towed artillery, which were previously guided using standard sights and calculations. Now the guidance procedure has become much easier. Aiming is carried out using a modern device — compact tablet computer with a touch screen. The use of “Tablet-A” greatly reduced the time for calculating settings for firing and increased the accuracy of hitting. It synchronizes with drones, instruments, weather devices, ballistic stations.


“Tablet-M-IR” — this is the development of the project, it has received more opportunities for controlling firepower, now it is synchronized with automated control systems. In addition, the system has significantly expanded the range of technical means with which it can work. For example, it became possible to quickly exchange data from reconnaissance radars. “Tablet-M-IR” synchronizes with most UAVs that are in the possession of the military. This allows the operator to observe a complete picture of the situation on the battlefield and adjust the fire. A secure satellite communication channel ensures the confidentiality of the transmitted data, and it is also possible to communicate with the higher command through it.

The new device eliminates the human factor as much as possible, which can lead to errors in obtaining target designations and calculations for hitting a target. Electronics speeds up the work of units and gives maximum attack accuracy. According to the developers, the necessary calculations and the return of the “fire” command takes less than a minute.

The novelty will work with both old artillery fire weapons and new ones.


https ://ria.ru/20220812/artilleriya-1809049280.html

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