What kind of innovative Kh-69 cruise missile was created in Russia?

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Corporation "Tactical Missiles" plans to launch production of a new Kh-69 aviation cruise missile. This is a universal armament, which will soon be received by Russian fourth and fifth generation fighters. The capabilities of the X-69 will allow you to reliably destroy the enemy without entering his air defense zone.


The new development of the X-69 will hit a variety of ground targets according to the coordinates that it receives before launch. This technique has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the rocket is “not” distracted ” in flight, and goes exactly to the target, ignoring interference     And and she doesn't need any contrast of the target with the surrounding background. C another — it can not be able to change direction, is able to orient by radar, infrared and optical contrast.

Thus, the X-69 is mainly intended for stationary purposes — buildings, warehouses or armored vehicles standing in place. These are such key goals as critical infrastructure and communications, railway junction stations, crossings, buried checkpoints. Also, armored vehicles and aircraft of various classes located on runways can become its potential targets.

Modern combat aircraft will be developed for this missile, first of all, the fourth generation Su-35, MiG-35 fighters, the fifth generation Su-57, which is beginning to enter the troops. The promising Su-75 will also receive this missile. For the use of new weapons, fighters will be equipped with additional electronic systems. Special ejection devices and suspensions will also be additionally developed.


The X-69 missile has an innovative multi-stage aiming system. For guidance accuracy, the rocket received high-tech ultra-precise altitude and speed meters, as well as an optoelectronic system that works on the final flight path. Navigation is based on a strapdown inertial system that receives data from conventional GLONASS commercial satellites, and information can also be refined by foreign global GPS NAVSTAR global positioning services.


X-69 is designed at the State Machine-Building Design Bureau (GosMKB) “Rainbow” them. A. Ya. Bereznyaka. This scientific organization is part of the Tactical Missiles Corporation.

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