What kind of biometrics do they want to collect without the consent of citizens and how will they do it?

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The Ministry of Digital Development proposes to cancel the requirement for the mandatory consent of citizens to transfer their biometric data to the “Unified Biometric System” (EBS) from various sources. This follows from the amendments that the ministry has prepared for the draft of its order on the procedure for collecting and storing biometrics in the EBS. It is reported by “Kommersant” with a link to the document.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation sent a letter containing amendments to the order to the Government Analytical Center on August 2. The publication sent a request to this organization, but they did not respond to it.

Why do they want to refuse to obtain the consent of citizens to transfer their biometrics?

The explanatory note to the amendments states that the provision of biometrics to the EBS from other information systems without obtaining the consent of its owner is legal. This right is specified in the amendments to the Law “On Information”, which were adopted on July 6.

Also, the authors of the amendments believe that the transfer of biometrics from commercial biometric systems (CBS) to the EBS GIS will make the processing and storage of such personal data more secure.

What kind of data can get into the EBS without the consent of the owners?

The proposed amendments also simplify the requirements for biometric data that can be transferred to the EBS by any commercial information systems, such as banks' biometric storages. Now only biometrics that contains both the image of a person's face and his voice can get into the state system. The Ministry of Digital Development proposes to allow providing the EBS with those biometric data that include only a snapshot of a face or only a voice recording. But in this case, only the organization that placed it will be able to use such biometrics.

Where else can biometrics be collected from?

Kommersant experts believe that biometrics will be able to get into the EBS not only from commercial systems. Due to the refusal of the consent of citizens to the transfer of biometric data, they can begin to be obtained in various accessible ways. For example, facial images can be transmitted by surveillance cameras at the entrance to the subway, MFC, banks and other public places.

Can a person forbid transferring his biometrics?

The Ministry of Digital Transformation stated that organizations transferring biometrics to the EBS are obliged to inform its owner about this. If a person is against it, he can contact EBS (its operator — "Rostelecom") and demand that his data be erased.

Source: https://kommersant -ru.turbopages.org/kommersant.ru/s/doc/5502622

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