What is the penalty for abandoned pets?

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The State Duma plans to tighten the responsibility for the improper maintenance of pets. About this “Parliamentary newspaper” said head of the State Duma committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir Burmatov. In particular, it is planned to introduce penalties for such violations.

What can Russians who keep animals be punished for?

According to Burmatov, the Code of Administrative Offenses will be supplemented with six new offenses. All amendments will be related to cruelty to animals. The main punishment for violators will be a fine.

Thus, according to the draft, sanctions will be applied to persons:

  • thrown their pets into the street;
  • cruel handling animals in kennels, shelters, circuses and zoos;
  • Ministries of Nature: bears, cougars, some species of monkeys and snakes;

  • who let their pets go on their own. According to Burmatov, it is proposed to give the authorities of the regions additional powers to establish administrative responsibility for such “walks” animals.

Penalties also threaten officials who did not provide conditions for the proper treatment of animals in their jurisdictions, the deputy concluded.

What is the penalty for cruelty to pets ? 

The State Duma is sure that the most effective way in the fight against unscrupulous pet owners will be “a blow to the pocket.” So, for example, a fine of up to 30 thousand rubles is expected for a pet thrown into the street.

Parliamentarians did not forget about the responsibility of those whose pets can bite another person. Here, the sanctions will grow to 200 thousand rubles, provided there is no corpus delicti, Burmatov said earlier.

Punishment is also planned for those who keep potentially dangerous animals from the prohibited list at home. Previously, in this case, pets were simply confiscated, now their owners can be fined up to 200 thousand rubles.

When will the law come into force?

According to the parliamentarian, the bill has already been approved in the first reading. It should finally enter into force this autumn, Burmatov concluded.


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