What is the most unfortunate T-84U tank in the world created in Ukraine?

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine completely refused to use the T-84U “Oplot” tanks in service, created by their own defense industry. Ukrainian tankmen simply don want to fight on these tanks, calling them behind their eyes tractors or the most unfortunate tanks in the world.

About the combat experience of using the T-84U “Oplot” nothing is known. Only once a combat vehicle of this type was seen in Kharkiv region in July, but      fired        the reported      At the same time, there are many military tales, like this “apparatus” showed itself during a short operation in the tank units of the Ukrainian army. Initially, they wanted to send this tank exclusively for export, but after the customers began to refuse it, it was handed over to the Ukrainian military.

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According to the characteristics, this is a fairly advanced tank, which could well strengthen any army in the world. Manufacturers even arrogantly called it the best tank in the world several times. It was created on the basis of the Soviet T-80 UD tank and, according to the project of the Kharkov Design Bureau for mechanical engineering, it received significant improvements. It was stated that the firepower of the tank has increased significantly, it has become more maneuverable, has received many protection systems that will allow it to survive on the battlefield. The highlight of it was an automatic seven-speed gearbox, which received as many as three rear speeds. But & nbsp; at the same time, the tank acquired many shortcomings. The main problem was the build quality — the number of breakdowns during operation was prohibitive. Ukrainian tankers admitted that this tank was not even suitable for study, and in class they caustically assigned it the role of faulty equipment when they learned to tow combat vehicles.

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I failed this tank and during during the competition — analogue of the Russian tank biathlon — Strong Europe Tank Challenge. The T-84 U has demonstrated a simply phenomenal ability to refuse to work at the most inopportune moment. It turned out that his cannon swayed a lot during movement, so there was no question of firing a shot on the move. Shooting from short stops after damping vibrations was possible, but it was clear that good results in competitions were not to be dreamed of . In modern combat, this threatens with much more serious problems. But the troubles of the Ukrainian tankers were not limited to this, the fire control system turned out to be rather problematic, the loading system regularly failed. The crew was so worried that for a long time they could not make a shot, and when it happened, then there no hitting the target was out of    These tanks suffered another fiasco during sea trials in Greece, during which the manufacturer wanted to demonstrate the best qualities of the vehicle to foreign customers. What they were counting on is not clear, but it became clear that a complete failure had occurred after the drivers began to complain of ailments. It turned out that the exhaust partially gets inside the combat vehicle and this leads to exhaust poisoning. The crew had to wear gas masks to complete the test.

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The manufacturer, of course, repeatedly promised to fix all the “diseases”; tank and apparently believed for a long time. Therefore, in & nbsp; 2009, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense signed a contract with & nbsp; Malyshev for the production of 10 T-84 U tanks with further prolongation by 2015 for the production of another 40 "Oplotov". However, only the first part of the contract was fulfilled. Why the state order was disrupted was not reported, the lack of funding was called, but it is not excluded that the military lost faith in this tank even then. It is also not known how many T-84        there are troops at            )

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