What benefits can a family expect at the birth of a child?

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Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 33. Russian folk satchel 17/08/2022 Story Social insurance

In addition to « maternity leave mother, or rather, benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, families in which a child is born receive other support from the state. Which one?

As aif.ru was informed by the Social Insurance Fund (FSS), in the first half of this year, 522,500 women applied for maternity benefits. Its size depends on earnings, and now for 140 days of maternity leave, a mother can receive from 70,324.8 to 360,164 rubles.

In addition, at the birth of a child, a lump-sum allowance is also paid. It can be received not only by the mother, but also by the father of the newborn. If it so happened that one of them does not work, then the allowance, the amount of which today is 20,472.77 rubles, will be paid to the working parent. Moreover, where regional coefficients are applied, the amount is calculated taking into account them. In the first half of the year, 420.5 thousand people received this allowance.

And finally, a monthly allowance for caring for a child up to 1.5 years. Women start receiving it when they take parental leave after the end of maternity leave. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what number the child was born in, – first, third or fifth. Maximum childcare allowance in 2022 – RUB 31,282.82 minimum – RUB 7677.81

If the parental leave is issued by the father, grandmother or grandfather (this is decided by the family), then the allowance is paid to them. The one who takes care of the baby writes an application for the appointment of a monthly allowance for the care of the child and for the provision of parental leave. Submit it to your place of work. After that, the employer sends the necessary information to the FSS, and the allowance is assigned there.

If suddenly any information is missing, the Fund can request it from other government bodies through the system of interdepartmental interaction. For example, information about the birth of a child will be received from the registry office, and information that the other parent was not assigned a monthly childcare allowance will be checked in its database.

In the first half of the year, 1,327,652 people received child care allowance in Russia. It is paid monthly from the 1st to the 15th day until the child reaches 1.5 years or until the date of early termination of parental leave (if this occurs). The money comes directly to the recipient of the allowance, the employer is not involved in the chain.

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Mom, dad, grandparents can be on parental leave for longer – until they are 3 years old. In the remaining period, the benefit is provided by the employer at the request of the employee.

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