What are the primary and test scores of the USE?

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According to the results of passing the exam, students receive the result in the form of primary and test scores. The methodology for their determination is established by the order of Rosobrnadzor No. 1122-10 dated July 16, 2019.

 What are primary scores?

The primary score is a preliminary score for the Unified State Examination. It is set in total for all completed tasks. Each USE task is evaluated by a different number of primary points — from 1 to 25 — depending on the complexity.

The maximum number of primary points that can be obtained for the exam is from 20 to 100 —  depending on the subject.  

What are test scores?

The test score is — the final score that is set in the USE certificate and taken into account when entering a university. It is formed as a result of the transfer of the primary score to a hundred-point system according to a specially developed algorithm. For example, the minimum number of primary USE scores in the Russian language for obtaining a certificate is — 10. It corresponds to 24 test scores (on a 100-point scale). 

The exception is the USE in basic mathematics, which is taken by students who are not going to enter a university or choose a specialization not related to mathematics. In this subject, the primary scores are converted into an assessment not according to a hundred-point, but according to a five-point system. To obtain a certificate, you need to get at least “3” (unsatisfactory) — this grade is given for 3-7 primary points scored.

Source: https://obrnadzor.gov.ru/

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