What are the largest plants?

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Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 32. Take a check per capita 10/08/2022

Scientists have discovered the largest plant in the world underwater. And what is the largest plant on land?

Photo: AiF collage/Photo from social networks, opb.org, sciencealert.com, dl.kaskus.id

A colony of algae Posidonia australis ➊ stretches along the coast of Australia for 180 km. Research has shown that the colony grew from a single shoot that cloned itself over 4,500 years. years.

The black honey agaric Humongous Fungus, more precisely, its mycelium ➋, is striking in its size. This creature, called the “Oregon Monster”, grows in the & nbsp; wildlife sanctuary in the state of Oregon (USA). For 2.5 thousand years of its existence, the mycelium has grown over an area of 10 sq. km.

The tallest plant in the world — this is the giant sequoia Hyperion, which “settled” in Northern California ➌. Its height — 116 & nbsp; m (like a & nbsp; 40-story skyscraper). The age of the tree is 700 years.

The longest plant — climbing vine belonging to the rattan family ➍. It grows in Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania and in the length can reach more than 300 m.

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