WB Reportedly Open To Continuing The SnyderVerse In Animation

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itemprop=”headline name”>WB Reportedly Open To Continuing The SnyderVerse In Animation


Scott Campbell

10 mins ago

At this stage, we’ve all resigned ourselves to the fact that we’ll never hear the end of the SnyderVerse speculation, even though we’ve now reached a point where Zack Snyder is openly blasting Warner Bros. in various interviews and TV appearances when the subject of his stint at the helm of the DCEU comes up, which it always does and no doubt always will.

We’ve heard everything from the success of HBO Max’s Justice League to Netflix’s Army of the Dead serving as the catalyst to relaunch the filmmaker’s superhero mythology, with Dwayne Johnson and incoming Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav named as potential candidates to ride to the rescue and give the fanbase what they’ve been clamoring for.

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Of course, none of this has come remotely close to materializing as of yet, but hope will never fade when you consider that various online campaigns backing Snyder’s work to the hilt have been circulating continuously for almost four years now, and the latest unfounded addition to the rumor mill is that WB are reportedly open to continuing the SnyderVerse in animation.

The information comes from Reddit and doesn’t offer any sort of further insight as to how this is all supposed to come together, so it’s best not to take it at face value quite yet. Admittedly, the leaker does have a solid track record, but HBO Max has a slew of DC animated content in the works already, and if they’ve proven to be so reluctant to carry on the SnyderVerse in live-action, it’s hard to imagine the top brass letting it continue at all. After all, the company’s 2D output has always proven popular and comes bearing a built-in fanbase without ever tying itself closely to the big screen blockbusters, and it’s worked out pretty well for all parties so far, so there’s no real need to rock the boat.

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