Watch: First ‘Morbius’ clip reveals Jared Leto’s transformation

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itemprop=”headline name”>Watch: First ‘Morbius’ clip reveals Jared Leto’s transformation

Scott Campbell

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As the first installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe that isn’t a Venom movie, there’s a lot riding on the potential success of Daniel Espinosa’s Morbius.

If the Living Vampire’s live-action debut is a success, then it’ll spur the studio on to put even more blockbuster comic book adaptations into development. On the other side of the coin, if it fails then serious questions will be asked about whether or not Hollywood’s other interconnected Marvel mythology can thrive without Eddie Brock and Peter Parker.

New Morbius Image Shows Off Jared Leto's Dual Personalities

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In an effort to assuage some of those doubts, Sony have dropped a lengthy clip from Morbius that looks to be the first action scene featuring Leto as his vampiric alter ego. Fans have been fairly unenthusiastic over the project so far, but it has to be said that the footage on display is nothing less than solid.

The visual effects are on point, there’s a couple of nice stylistic flourishes, and Morbius‘ combination of prosthetic makeup and CGI gives the character a unique and distinctive look. All told, it’s a lot better than many naysayers were predicting, and Sony need the hype to start building now that we’re less than seven weeks away from the finished product coming to theaters on January 28 of next year.

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