Turchak opposed Mironov’s idea to cancel the autumn elections

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Turchak did not see the possibility of weakening Russia due to political competition in the elections. The day before, the leader of the Right Russians warned about this, who also proposed to send money instead of election campaigns to support the army

Andrey Turchak

«United Russia» I do not agree with the proposal not to hold elections on the Single Voting Day in September, Andriy Turchak, Secretary of the Party General Council, said on his Telegram channel. So he commented on the initiative of the head of the faction «Fair Russia— For the truth” Sergei Mironov.

“United Russia” strongly disagree with this. First, the source of power in Russia is the people. It is written in our Constitution. And this is the case when it is not just the letter, but the spirit of the law. It is impossible to deprive people of this right under any circumstances,»,— Turchak said.

He did not agree with the opinion that political competition weakens the country, noting that it makes it stronger. As Turchak pointed out, “all parties agree on the meaning and justification of the special military operation.” and the election campaign cannot shake that consensus.

According to Turchak, “United Russia” is preparing for the preliminary voting procedure, it will begin on May 23.

The day before, Mironov, speaking in the State Duma, proposed to refuse to hold elections in the fall. In his opinion, funds for holding election campaigns should be directed to support the army or to territories taken under control.

“After all, today we must be all as one. Today, all of us in this hall support the president. And in the elections we will have to fight with each other, talk about our contradictions, about what we do not agree with. I think that it is absolutely not the time and place to deal with elections where political parties will compete, — Mironov explained. He also proposed to elect the heads of regions through legislative assemblies, as is the case in Adygea.

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In March, Kommersant wrote about the proposal of several governors to cancel direct elections due to the economic situation against the backdrop of a special operation. with reference to sources in the presidential administration. At the end of April, RBC sources familiar with the discussion of the issue said that the likelihood of direct gubernatorial elections being canceled was high, and the regions could switch to elections through legislative assemblies.

In addition, they allowed the postponement of elections to legislative assemblies and city dumas for 2023 or 2024, when presidential elections are scheduled in Russia.

President Vladimir Putin will make the final decision on changing the format. As expected, he could speak about this at a meeting of legislators in St. Petersburg on April 27, but this topic was not raised. The day before, the press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, said that so far no decisions had been made to postpone the elections.

A single voting day should be held in Russia on September 11th. Then 15 heads of regions, as well as deputies of six legislative bodies of the country's constituent entities, will be elected.

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