Things heat up as Steven Spielberg fans debate his best movies of the 2000s

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itemprop=”headline name”>Things heat up as Steven Spielberg fans debate his best movies of the 2000s

Scott Campbell

Dec 5, 2021 1:03 pm2021-12-05T13:03:45-05:00

When you’re the single most commercially successful director in the history of cinema, and the only one that’s ever seen your filmography earn in excess of $10 billion at the box office, you can pretty much do whatever you want and get away with it.

For the legendary Steven Spielberg, that means sticking to what you do best; flitting between hard-hitting prestige dramas and crowd-pleasing blockbusters on a whim, and never delivering anything less than solid entertainment. His West Side Story remake has been coming in for high praise, with many critics lauding it as his finest work in decades.

Taking that lofty claim to heart, Twitter has been locked in debate all day about which three features can be named as Spielberg’s best since the turn of the millennium, and you can check out some of the reactions below.

The Adventures of Tintin
Bridge of Spies
Catch Me if You Can

— Milo (@Milo_AFC) December 5, 2021

I’ve seen all but WSS and The Terminal, but I’d go:

1. Minority Report
2. AI: Artificial Intelligence
3. Catch Me If You Can

— John T (@TMROJ) December 5, 2021

Minority Report

Honorable Mention: Catch Me If You Can

— Brian Hadsell (@Filmquisition) December 5, 2021

Catch me if you can
Bridge of Spies
The Terminal

War horse and Munich honorary mentions.

— Ted (@WritingTed) December 5, 2021

War of the Worlds (by far)
Catch Me If You Can
The Post

— Ethan “The Calculator” Williams (@EJWilliams64) December 5, 2021

1 – A.I.
2 – Minority Report
3 – Catch Me If You Can

West Side Story will probably steal the third place, tho.

— Carlos Goncalves (@Zolyxx) December 5, 2021

AI with Catch Me If You Can and Munich close behind

War Of The Worlds and Ready Player One are honorable mentions

— Will (@captaintrainor) December 5, 2021

Top 3 for me:

Catch Me If You Can
Minority Report
The Post

— Andrew Corns (@AndrewCorns) December 5, 2021

Minority Report, Munich, and Catch Me If You Can. A versatile king!

— emma thotson (@itsmearabrady) December 5, 2021

Catch Me if You Can
War of the Worlds
The Adventures of Tintin

I am ready for West Side Story to blow me away though!

— Joshua Lozano (@JshLozano) December 5, 2021

Incredibly, West Side Story is Spielberg’s fifteenth directorial effort since 2000, and during that time he’s covered almost every imaginable genre. Suffice to say, Tom Hanks romantic dramedy The Terminal, fantasy flop The BFG and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull aren’t coming up very often, but his consistently excellent body of work is nothing short of astounding.

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