The White House with the phrase “Now is not the time” assessed the prospect of dialogue on Ukraine

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The United States will help Ukraine achieve military success, the decision on the negotiations is up to Kyiv, Kirby said. He added: it’s not time for them yet, Zelensky thinks so too. In Kyiv, they said earlier that they were waiting for a strengthening of the negotiating position The White House with the phrase “Now is not the time” assessed the prospect of a dialogue on Ukraine” />

John Kirby

The decision regarding the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine to resolve the conflict will be taken only by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, the US authorities intend to help him in this support, but the time for dialogue has not yet come. This was stated by the coordinator of the National Security Council for strategic communications John Kirby on Fox News Sunday.

“And [what] we’re going to do is keep making sure he can succeed on the battlefield, so he can succeed at the [negotiation] table. But even President Zelensky will tell you that now is not the time for such discussions, — he said (quote from Politico).

Kirby noted that Ukraine's response to the Russian special operation was better than expected by the West, now the Ukrainian military is “going on the counteroffensive.”


U.S. intelligence does not believe peace in Ukraine is possible “at this stage,” U.S. intelligence chief Avril Haynes said in late June, calling the conclusion “obvious to all.” President Vladimir Putin's plans “to take over most of Ukraine” have not changed, she continued, summarizing: “The picture remains rather bleak, and Russia's attitude towards the West is getting tougher.”

At the same time, the White House has repeatedly expressed confidence that Russia does not want to negotiate with Ukraine. “We hope that everything will end with negotiations, but now we do not see that this comes from the Kremlin,” — said press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

The Russian authorities take the opposite position: on July 3, the Kremlin accused the United States and other Western countries of opposing initiatives to resolve the conflict. According to presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the West is determined to “continue the war,” but sooner or later “common sense will prevail.” He is sure that the authorities of Ukraine “will have to understand once again all our conditions”; and agree to them. “Sit down at the table. And just to fix the document, which in many respects has already been agreed upon,— summoned Peskov.

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Russia launched a military special operation in Ukraine over four months ago— on the night of February 24, soon the parties began a diplomatic discussion of ways to resolve the conflict. The delegations of Moscow and Kyiv met several times in person, continued negotiations via video link, and the greatest progress was made at the end of March in Istanbul.

The delegation of Ukraine then handed over to the representatives of Moscow its proposals on ways to resolve the conflict, soon Russia sent a response document, but there was no reaction from Kyiv, said the head of the Russian delegation, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky. He considered this situation a “freeze” negotiations by official Kyiv.

In Kyiv, it was explained that the change in attitude towards the negotiations was caused by what happened in the city of Bucha, Kyiv region. In early April, journalists from Reuters and other publications reported on the bodies of dead civilians found in the city. The Ministry of Defense considers these data a provocation to denigrate Russia, Putin voiced the same assessment.

Ukraine can start a new stage of dialogue with Russia if its negotiating position is strengthened, said the head of the Kyiv delegation David Arachamia. He believes that, first of all, this can be achieved through the supply of weapons from the West. “Our armed forces are already ready to use it,” — he assured.

Strengthening of the negotiating position may occur by the end of August, specified Arakhamia. He explained that a counteroffensive of the Ukrainian military is expected during this period.

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