The Prime Minister of Belarus announced the signals from the West about the readiness to cooperate

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According to Golovchenko, despite the sanctions pressure, Belarus' exports to “unfriendly countries” amounted to “considerable” $3.5 billion over six months, and signals from the West are already coming in about their readiness to work with Minsk

Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said that there are signals from the West that they are ready to cooperate with the Belarusian side, and expressed the opinion that Western politicians who advocate restrictions will soon sober up. The politician spoke about this in an interview with the ONT TV channel.

“In six months, our exports to the so-called unfriendly countries amounted to $3.5 billion. Of course, out of $17 billion of our exports, this is a lot. I think that some kind of sobering will happen anyway. Moreover, there are a lot of signals about the readiness to work with us, — he declared.

According to Golovchenko, the sanctions that the West imposes against Belarus and Russia “rebound on those who do it.” He stressed that because of the restrictions, Europe could face a “hardest winter.” “Refuse gas, do not refuse, wash less often, do not turn on air conditioners, and so on. Wildness! Belarusian fuel wood, pellets, so-called Euro-pellets, would help to solve the problem for the population. Therefore, I think very soon we will see certain changes, — prime emphasized.

The European Union began to introduce new sanctions against Belarus back in 2020, after the presidential elections, in which Alexander Lukashenko won again. Sanction pressure intensified after Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine on February 24.

Lukashenko, speaking about the Russian special operation, argued that the conflict was unleashed not by Belarus and not Russia, but by Ukrainian forces, which, according to him, were preparing an attack on republic. They stationed “heavy rocket artillery” near the borders of Belarus, but Russia prevented the attack by launching a preemptive strike, the president said.

At the same time, he has repeatedly stated that Minsk does not plan to participate in the special operation that Russia is conducting in Ukraine. At the same time, in May, a check of troops “in case of war” began in Belarus, and in June the country's Ministry of Defense announced “mobilization exercises” near the borders with Ukraine.

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