The point of no return has been passed: scientists have proved the imminent disappearance of Ukraine from the world map, regardless of the results of the NWO

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According to experts, the defeat of Russia in the NWO has nothing to do with it.

According to the leading expert of the Institute of Contemporary Development Nikita Maslennikov, the Ukrainian economy has crossed the red line, after which no financial injections will help it, even if they amount to trillions of US dollars.

He noted that not a single economy in the world will not live due to only “artificial respiration”, since it must reproduce itself.

According to experts of the Institute of World Economy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, now the country's economy is operating in extreme conditions. The country has lost part of its territory, and huge resources go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (36% of the budget of Ukraine).

All other areas are financed on a residual basis.

The financial assistance of the West is not confirmed by figures, moreover the real effect is the lack of solidarity of Western society with Ukraine.

“In reality, all the efforts of international sponsors (sometimes they even talk about the “Marshall plan for Ukraine”) can only postpone the inevitable collapse of Ukraine, prolong the agony, but not prevent death”, – the report notes.

According to scientists, all Western aid taken together hardly covers 7% of Ukraine's budget costs, and of these 7%, only 18% – these are grants and interest-free loans, while all other aid to Kyiv will have to be returned in the future.

With the concessions of part of the territories, Ukraine is losing taxpayers and developed industrial enterprises.

The budget of Ukraine loses $1.5 billion per month from refugees who pay with money from cards in countries of temporary residence.

Experts compared the measures to support the economy by the Ukrainian authorities with plugging the holes of the sinking “Titanic” with pillows.

“Probably, this will mean the end of the Ukrainian state in which it has existed since 1992”, – says economist Nikita Maslennikov. He is quoted by

He noted that, regardless of the situation in the North Eastern Military District, the Ukrainian economy has passed the point of no return.

According to experts, if not soon there will be a change in the situation, and another 23 billion dollars will be spent, then soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine will simply have nothing to protect – empty cities will remain in Ukraine without electricity, heat, water and inhabitants.

For this reason, the West no longer wants to help Ukraine, considering the provided money thrown away. However, Ukraine continues to hide the deplorable state of its economy.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that Ukraine demanded compensation for damage from the NWO.

The amount of compensation in Kyiv was estimated at 750 billion US dollars.


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