The Pentagon announced the development of means to combat hypersonic weapons

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According to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, the United States is actively engaged in the creation of its own hypersonic weapons and the development of means to combat it. She called progress in this direction “promising”

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The United States is developing means to combat hypersonic weapons, First Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks said at a briefing.

“Without going into too much detail, I will only mention that we are investing, among other things, in the means of combating hypersonic weapons, because we want to be sure that we can protect ourselves from their use by other countries,” — said the Deputy Minister.

According to her, the United States is also actively working on the creation of its own hypersonic weapons. “I do believe that we can talk about promising progress on the American hypersonic programs,” — said Hicks.

At that time, US President Donald Trump announced the creation in the United States of its own hypersonic missile in May 2020, describing it as “super-duper” (super duper). Trump later said that the missile being developed by the US military would be 17 times faster than what is now considered the fastest in the world, and would be able to hit targets at a distance of 1.6 thousand km.

The successful test of hypersonic weapons in mid-July was announced by the American Raytheon Technologies Corp. According to the company, the weapon can reach hypersonic speed — 5 Mach and above (1 Mach — 1224 km/h). The system is propelled by hydrocarbon fuel, and since it uses oxygen for combustion, it does not need an onboard oxidizer, the press service noted.

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Currently, Russia and China possess hypersonic weapons. Back in 2018, President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow had Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. and “Vanguard”. In May last year, he also announced the completion of tests of the Zirkon hypersonic missile system.

In early May, then Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced that Russia was already working on the creation of a new generation of ground-based hypersonic missiles, air and sea based. “By their characteristics, they will surpass the existing and prospective developments of the leading states,” — he said.

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