The Ministry of Education will strengthen historical education in the schools of Donbass

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Historical education will be strengthened in the schools of Donbass, Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov said during a pedagogical meeting in the DPR, where he spoke via video link.

The minister recalled that the post of adviser to the director for educational work is being introduced in Donbass schools in order to “educate young people in the spirit of citizenship and patriotism.”

“They have to involve children in social movements, youth volunteering projects. Historical education in schools will also be strengthened. Our duty— give children a complete picture of who their predecessors are, what outstanding, great people made history, — said Kravtsov.

The Russian government has previously announced that it will integrate the DPR and LPR into a single scientific and educational space of Russia. In particular, graduates of Donbas universities will be able to receive Russian diplomas. According to Kravtsov, the transition of educational institutions of Donbass to Russian curricula is planned to be completed within five years.

“Integration into the educational environment with Russia will be gradual. We expect that the transition to unified curricula will take five years, during which teachers, schoolchildren will undergo adaptation,— he said.

According to the Ministry of Education, 584 schools and 34 thousand teachers will work in the DPR in the new academic year. The department estimates the number of schoolchildren who will start classes at more than 160 thousand.

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