The Internet Is Going Crazy For Godzilla Vs. Kong

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itemprop=”headline name”>The Internet Is Going Crazy For Godzilla Vs. Kong


Scott Campbell

24 mins ago


International audiences got the chance to see Godzilla vs. Kong a week before their counterparts in the United States and Canada, and looking at the numbers, there are a whole lot of people who rushed out to watch the two iconic monsters engage in a battle for the ages. The latest chapter in the MonsterVerse scored an overseas opening weekend of $123 million, which is positively massive by the standards of the COVID-19 era.

Domestically, Adam Wingard’s mega budget creature feature is poised to smash all sorts of records now that it finally released nationwide today. It would comfortably be the biggest motion picture event of the year so far if if wasn’t for a little thing called Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but it can’t be stressed enough that Godzilla vs. Kong deserves to be seen on the largest screen possible.

Those still not convinced about heading down to their local multiplex can check it out from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the HBO Max hybrid debut, but whichever way it’s being consumed, the pic is all that anyone can seem to talk about today, as you can see from the reactions below.

@lancereddick just watched #GodzillaVsKong with my kiddos. They love it. Saw you hiding in there too. 👍🏻

— Blaine Nixon (@scoob1981) March 31, 2021

I freakin love this Opening credits . @Junkie_XL you blow me away yet again With your epic music #GodzillaVsKong

— SpecSpiderKen 🏳️‍🌈 #KONG (@Kenman_RiderW) March 31, 2021

#GodzillaVsKong was a banger! Love it!

— Shifty (@Shifty81763376) March 31, 2021

I love this movie already. Godzilla said he got something for a bitch who think they got something for him. #GodzillaVsKong

— Suffering Succotash (@__TheTrillest_) March 31, 2021

Just finished #GodzillaVsKong and it was good! Lots of action! Wish they used more of Godzilla they didn’t really give much context to him rather than just fighting but overall it was a 7/10 for me! I love KONG!

— cruder 🐣 (@crudercape) March 31, 2021

“Is it good? No. Is it fun? Yes.”

Love this review of #GodzillaVsKong from @idislikestephen on @pchh

— Laura Pavin (@LauraPavinNews) March 31, 2021

Godzilla vs kong is fucking awesome

— SpankThatShank (@haegoI) March 31, 2021

that was awesome #GodzillaVsKong

— Samuel J. Hill (@shillthevoice) March 31, 2021

#GodzillaVsKong was awesome !!

— 🃏Rab 🃏 (@robertmcnaught) March 31, 2021

New Pair Of Godzilla Vs. Kong Character Posters Are A Thing Of Beauty

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GODZILLA VS KONG HELL FUCKIN YEAH!! tbh I love both so I don’t care who wins😂😂😂 THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

— Nayi✨💕🥰 (@BiebzNerdTitans) March 31, 2021

@GodzillaVsKong was the best godzilla movie to date. The human characters were in it just enough to move the story the fights were awesome!! #GodzillaVsKong #Godzilla #Kong

— Brian Vogelpohl (@BrianVogelpohl) March 31, 2021

I loved Godzilla vs Kong. A love letter to Kaiju movie fans

— Ahsoka Fan (@TheBg_12) March 31, 2021

I just finished watching Godzilla vs Kong and I LOVE IT!


fave scene is where they went to the hollow earth, it was amazing.

10/10 for me.#GodzillaVsKong

— toothless fury🥀 (@zoexferndez) March 31, 2021

So i finished Godzilla vs Kong and wow. It was a entertaining movie it kind of made me emotional?? I love kong 🥺

— aniya (@eIixirgenius) March 31, 2021

Love you @GodzillaVsKong

— team big lizard (@RoastedPOKemon) March 31, 2021

It’s already the highest-rated MonsterVerse film on Rotten Tomatoes, and we gave it a hugely positive review of our own, while the critical acclaim could help propel Godzilla vs. Kong to serious box office heights. If you’re not on board with the concept, then it’s not the movie for you, but if you want the type of spectacle-driven blockbuster that’s been sorely missing from our lives over the last twelve months, then it should be appointment viewing whether it’s at the cinema or on HBO Max.

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