The German government denied the message about the postponement of the closure of the nuclear power plant

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The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, wrote that the authorities were going to postpone the closure of the remaining three nuclear power plants due to a possible shortage of gas in the winter. This was later denied by the government

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The German government has denied reports of a decision to postpone the closure of the last three German nuclear power plants due to be decommissioned at the end of 2022, Reuters reports.

These plants, operated by E.ON, RWE and EnBW, produce about 6% of the country's electricity.

August 16, The Wall Street Journal, citing German government sources, reported that the authorities were going to delay the decommissioning of the remaining nuclear power plants in preparation for a possible gas shortage this winter, but the final decision not accepted yet.

“The government has not yet taken any decision on how to deal with the three remaining German nuclear power plants,” — a cabinet spokesman told Reuters. According to the interlocutor of the agency, this will happen after the results of stress testing.

After the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1” In 2011, the previous government of Angela Merkel decided to phase out nuclear energy. To date, 14 out of 17 German nuclear power plants have already been shut down.

Earlier, the German authorities have repeatedly expressed fears that Russia could cut off gas, and called for savings. The Kremlin responded by saying that Moscow was “very, very carefully” refers to “the reputation of a responsible supplier.” The Russian side connects the situation with pumping with sanctions.

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“Gazprom” due to the lack of a turbine, by the end of July, he reduced the flow of gas through the Nord Stream; up to 20% of capacity (up to 33 million cubic meters). The engine was stuck after being repaired in Canada due to the sanctions of that country. Subsequently, Ottawa agreed to send it to Russia via the FRG.

However, Gazprom then they announced the impossibility of delivering the turbine to Russia, citing the sanctions of Canada, the EU and the UK, as well as existing contractual obligations with Siemens (serves engines for Nord Stream). Siemens, in turn, indicated that if Moscow wanted to return the turbine, it would have already done so.

According to the head of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, Klaus Müller, German underground gas storage facilities (UGS) are filled with 75%. By October 1, they should be 85% downloaded, and by November 1— 95%, he noted. At the same time, the country must reduce gas consumption by 20% to avoid energy restrictions in the coming winter, Muller said.

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