The concepts of “rashism” and “Russian world” were introduced into the school curriculum in Ukraine

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The authorities have revised courses in history, literature and the basics of human security. They added information about the Russian military operation, removed the works of Russian writers, added data on fire training and first aid< source srcset=" 320w" media="(max-width: 320px)" >

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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine announced that it has made changes to the school curricula in history, literature, geography and the basics of public security.

The changes “are intended to clarify the through lines from the past, which allow us to explain current events.” “For example, the updated programs offer a view of the USSR as an imperial-type government. The programs also focus on the study of not only the instruments of violence experienced by Ukrainians in the 20th century, but also the resistance to it,— Department of Education said in a statement.

  • School programs for History now provides a separate educational block dedicated to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which began in 2014. “The list of terms/concepts has been updated, such as: “assignment of sovereignty”; (in the meaning of appropriation, the seizure of the sovereignty of the Ukrainian SSR by the union center), “Russian world”, “rashism”; instead of the expression “Russification policy” the expression “policy of Russia” is applied; (“The policy of growth”.— RBC); clarified the context of the application of the concept of "collaborationism",— reported in the Ministry of Education.
  • In the program for geography, the amount of study time allocated to the study of countries in the light of the Russian military operation has been revised.

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  • In the course “Defence of Ukraine”the military-patriotic component has been strengthened, including information about the “modern Russian-Ukrainian war and the heroes of this war, about the experience of conducting military operations.” Sections on fire training, medical assistance and civil protection have been supplemented. Added information about warning signals in wartime conditions, actions during air raids and shelling. The curriculum also includes information on human rights and international humanitarian law.
  • From programs that involve the study of foreign literature, removed the works of Russian and Belarusian writers, replacing them with Western ones. For example, the program included the works of the French fabulist Jean de La Fontaine, the American novelist O. Henry, the French writer Anna Gavalda, the Swede Ulf Stark, the Irish novelist John Boyne and others. The poems of Russian poets were replaced with works by Robert Burns, Heinrich Heine, Adam Mickiewicz, Pierre Ronsard, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
  • As part of the course of foreign literature, however, they will study the works of writers who wrote in Russian, but whose life and work were connected with Ukraine: Nikolai Gogol, Vladimir Korolenko (at the choice of the teacher), Mikhail Bulgakov (we are talking only about the novel «Heart of a Dog» ;, it will be studied at the choice of the teacher and students). In the list of works for additional reading, it was decided to leave “12 chairs” Ilf and Petrov, as well as the novel «Babi Yar» Anatoly Kuznetsov. Also, the programs “Literature (Russian and foreign)”, “Russian language for general educational institutions with instruction in Russian” were withdrawn from the list of recommended for study. and other courses involving the study of the Russian language and works in it.

Chairman of the Board of the Russian Historical Society (RIO), Executive Director of the History of the Fatherland Foundation; Konstantin Mogilevsky told TASS that the changes made to school courses are disappointing.

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“It is clear that the formulations that are used there have nothing to do with reality, and they deprive themselves not only of the past, but also of the future. Because, as you know, any future, any plans can be built only if you clearly understand the trajectory along which you are moving. To do this, you need to know history, and if deliberately false, fictitious information is placed as the basis for plans for the future, then, naturally, people who are taught such history will not be able to make any right decisions. he argues.

The decision to exclude the works of Russian writers from the school curriculum became known at the beginning of summer. For example, Ukrainian schoolchildren will no longer study War and Peace, as well as other works that describe the actions of the Russian, Soviet or Russian army.

In addition, Ivan Krylov's fables, Anton Chekhov's stories, Vasil Bykov's story “Alpine Ballad”, Pushkin's poems, “A Hero of Our Time” will be removed from the program. and “Crime and Punishment”, the novel “The Master and Margarita” Bulgakov and others.

“Personally, I think that everything that somehow connects us with the Russian Empire should be thrown out. All works in which there is a mystical power of Russian weapons, some kind of mythical, all this must be thrown out, — commented on the decision of the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Andriy Vitrenko. He stated that “heavy works” that describe the suffering of the Russian soul are “not needed at all” by Ukrainians.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Education, Sergei Kravtsov, called the adjustment of school programs the stupidity of the Kyiv regime. “The heritage of culture cannot be erased from history”, — he noted.

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