The certificate is like a bank card. You can buy TSR online

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Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 32. Take a check per capita 10/08/2022 Plot Social insurance

Since October 2021, a new tool has appeared, with the help of which people with disabilities can receive technical means of rehabilitation (RTR) under state support programs, – This is an electronic certificate. How convenient is it?

How does it work?

Previously, there were two options for purchasing a hearing aid, wheelchair, prosthesis or other TSR: get it through the regional branch of the Social Insurance Fund (FSS) or buy it with your own money, and then write an application to the FSS for compensation. Now there is an electronic certificate. He did not replace the previous methods, but supplemented them with the possibility of electronic payment and electronic purchase. That is, the person himself chooses which of the three options is more convenient for him.

Electronic certificate – this is just an electronic entry in the registry, which is tied to the number of the owner of the Mir payment system card issued by any bank in Russia. The money necessary for the purchase of TSR is not transferred to the card, but is reserved in the Federal Treasury before the purchase is made.

An electronic certificate works almost the same as a regular bank card: you can instantly pay for the selected product with it. And the recipient, having chosen the necessary TCP, applies his card to the payment terminal or makes a purchase online.

If the product complies with the requirements of the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise, then payment occurs instantly. After all, an electronic certificate contains the following information:

  • type and number of TCPs that can be purchased;
  • maximum price per TCP unit;
  • validity period.

The cost of an electronic certificate for a TCP corresponds­ corresponds to the price of the last valid state contract concluded by the Social Insurance Fund for a specific type of product. This pricing procedure is valid until January 1, 2023

If you liked the product, the price of which is higher than the amount set by the electronic certificate, you can still purchase it by paying with the certificate and paying the difference with personal funds. The only condition: the product must comply with the individual rehabilitation or habilitation program for a disabled person.

How do they buy?

Everything is simple. It is necessary to enter the “Electronic catalog of technical means of rehabilitation” on the FSS website. select the desired product, and then go to the “Product Card” section.

If you want to examine the product before buying, hold it in your hands, then on the interactive map, select a store and go there. It is also possible to use a certificate today in offline stores or workshops connected to acquiring, in the Ozon marketplace, where at least in large cities you can most often order a product and arrange delivery to the desired address (for an additional fee).


People with disabilities can purchase using an electronic certificate:

– canes, crutches, supports and handrails;
– wheelchairs with manual and electric drive, batteries for them;
– orthopedic shoes;
– special clothes;
– anti-decubitus mattresses and pillows;
– devices for dressing, undressing and grabbing objects;
– devices for reading «talking books», for optical correction of low vision;
– medical thermometers and blood pressure monitors with voice output;
– light and vibration sound signaling devices;
– hearing aids, including those with custom made earmolds;
– chair-chairs with sanitary equipment;
– braille display, screen reader software;
– absorbent underwear and diapers.

The list of TSRs that can be purchased with an electronic certificate is approved by the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation. 


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