The Central Bank may block transfers of Russians over 10,000 rubles

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The regulator announced a bill with the introduction of a “cooling off period”.

At a meeting of the Expert Council for the Protection of the Rights of Consumers of Financial Services at the Central Bank, the regulator was proposed to block transfers of Russians in the amount of more than 10,000 rubles.

Such a measure, according to experts, will help the bank deal with fraudsters that have become more active recently.< /p>

To unfreeze them, the following scheme is proposed: entering additional identification or a PIN code.

This was reported by “Izvestia”.

According to Igor Kostikov, head of the Financial Consumer Union Council, the meeting participants supported the proposal.

However, it needs additional elaboration, despite the fact that the effectiveness of their use of such mechanisms on marketplaces and ad services has already been proven.

In The Central Bank confirmed that a draft law has also been prepared to introduce a two-day “cooling period”, during which the sender can cancel the transfer of funds.

Experts of the publication note that the introduction of the new rule will lead to additional costs for both banks and the clients themselves entov.

It is noted that the amount of 10,000 rubles is slightly less popular than the transfer of 5,600 rubles in the first half of the year.

Topnews wrote that the Central Bank at the end of the year may resume the launch of five and ten-ruble bills.


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