The Ambassador of Ukraine announced the detention of a ship with grain from Berdyansk in Turkey

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The Zhibek Zholy ship, which was carrying wheat from Berdyansk, was detained in Turkey, the investigators will decide on further actions on July 4, the Ukrainian ambassador said. According to Reuters, the vessel has 4.5–7 thousand tons of grain

Vasily Bodnar

Turkish Customs Department detained the Russian cargo vessel “Zhibek Zholy” with grain from Berdyansk, the Ukrainian ambassador to the republic, Vasyl Bodnar, said on the air of 1+1.

“We are fully cooperating. The ship is currently standing at the entrance to the port»,— said the diplomat.

Bodnar said that the investigators intend to meet on Monday, July 4, to resolve the issue with the vessel. The Ukrainian embassy expects the ship to be arrested.

The SonDakika portal indicates that the ship could not enter the port of Sakarya (north-west Turkey) due to the lack of necessary permits. According to the MarineTraffic portal, the gross tonnage of the ship exceeds 5.6 thousand tons, the total carrying capacity of the vessel— 7.1 thousand tons

Two days earlier, on July 1, the ambassador spoke about the appeal of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine to the Turkish side with a request to “take measures” in relation to the vessel “Zhibek Zholy”. A Reuters source then reported that 4.5 thousand tons of wheat were loaded onto a ship in Berdyansk (Zaporozhye region; the city is under the control of Russian forces).

Reuters also got acquainted with the appeal of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, the department emphasized in the document that the vessel was involved in the “illegal export of Ukrainian grain”; from Berdyansk to Turkish Karasu, a different amount of wheat was called in circulation— 7 thousand tons

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RBC sent a request to the Russian Embassy in Turkey and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said earlier that from 20 million to 25 million tons of agricultural products were blocked in the country: wheat, corn, barley, sunflower oil. The Russian leadership has repeatedly stated that it does not interfere with the export of grain and is ready to ensure the unhindered passage of dry cargo ships with wheat. “We categorically reject these accusations and, on the contrary, accuse the Western countries of taking a number of illegal actions that led to this blockade,” — said the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

The UN reported that they could not confirm the export of Ukrainian grain by Russia. The representative of the Secretary General of the organization Stefan Dujarric on June 7 said that the UN had seen the relevant statements of the Ukrainian authorities in the media and discussed them with experts from the World Food Program (World Food Program). “They have no way of substantiating these accusations,” — he emphasized.

The owner of Zhibek Zholy, Kazakhstan's KTZ Express Shipping, claimed to have an agreement with Russia's Green Line; on chartering a vessel without a crew for a period until November 2022.

“Green-Line LLC guarantees that they are not subject to any sanctions. Otherwise, the shipowner has the right to immediately terminate the contract, — The Kazakh company said in a statement.

KTZ Express Shipping specified that the Estonian company Mangelbert OU and the “Turkish side” participated in the grain sale transaction.

RBC sent a request to the press KTZ Express Shipping service.

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