Saline Grace – The Dream And The Wings lyrics

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I remember myself lying
At a high forest glade
There was beautiful silence
A dying tree gave me shade

Then I thought I dreamt I would be flying
I passed the woods and lakes and fields
With butterflies and birds and honey bees
Reaching stone and steel that displaced the trees

I rembember myself flying
Over tainted, industrial lands
The smokestacks of Mining Town
Memorials, out of mankind’s hands

Then I thought I dreamt I would be crying
Those machines held sway over mankind
I figured out the estrangement of a stranger
Who lost control and couldn’t dodge danger

Then I thought I dreamt I would be trying
To speak with gestures and countenance
I met typing fingers, idle glance on mobile phones
And lapsed into silence, yes, I left these human zones

And I thought these wings
Would raise me from those machines
That pulled their strings
For I saw these men’s hurried feet
In strict time to their society’s speed

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