Robert Pattinson Rumored To Have More Creative Control On The Batman 2

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Robert Pattinson could be set to have more sway on The Batman 2. The British star is making his grand DC debut in next year’s The Batman, which will mark what could be the start of a long career as the Dark Knight. It’s likely that Warner Bros. wants him to be the longest-serving Batman ever. But how can they convince the former Twilight icon to stick around for a while? Maybe handing him more creative control would be the way to go about it.

A new rumor is pointing to Pattinson potentially getting both a producer credit on the sequel to the Matt Reeves franchise-starter and even being involved with the script in some capacity. This intel does come our way via Reddit, however the source – u/SpideyForever245 – has provided some accurate info in the past, including pre-empting Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier cameo.

Various sources, including this one, have previously claimed that Pattinson and Reeves clashed on the set of The Batman over creative differences. On the one hand, allowing the star to have more of a hand in the production in the next film could help matters as it might leave Pattinson feeling more included and heard. On the other, it could lead to more in-fighting if they continue to disagree and the actor has more power this time.

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After Affleck was set to write and direct The Batman back in the day, it would be ironic if his replacement in the role eventually goes on to co-write its sequel. To date, Pattinson has no feature writing credits to his name and his only producing credit was as an EP on 2010’s Remember Me. So doubling up his responsibilities on something as massive as The Batman 2 would be a heck of a way to cut his teeth on working behind the scenes.

We’re pretty sure Warner Bros. is hoping for a trilogy, as well as a bunch of spinoff movies and TV series. But, first of all, The Batman is on course to hit theaters on March 4th, 2022.

Source: Reddit

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