Reuters called a way for Kyiv to harm Russia at the UN

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The agency writes that Ukraine was unable to implement the most radical option – the exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council, but it remains possible to withdraw credentials from the country's permanent representatives to the organization

Ukraine may try to revoke credentials from Russian representatives to the UN, writes Reuters.

The publication indicates that Kyiv has previously called for Russia to be excluded from the membership of the UN Security Council. However, this is impossible due to the fact that Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council, has a veto on such a decision, the agency adds.

at least majority support in the General Assembly, — writes the publication.

Earlier, most of the countries that are members of the General Assembly condemned the conduct of a special operation in Ukraine. However, a Reuters source, an Asian diplomat, predicted a decline in support for Kyiv unless Moscow “crosses red lines.” They mean a chemical or nuclear attack, mass casualties among the civilian population or the annexation of the territory of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the Russian special operation, the UN has held several meetings related to the events in Ukraine, where certain documents or decisions regarding Russia were adopted.

Two days after the start of hostilities, Moscow vetoed a draft resolution of the UN Security Council calling stop the operation. 11 countries voted for this resolution— members of the Security Council, three more countries, including China, abstained from voting.

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In early March, at a meeting of the UN General Assembly, a resolution was adopted demanding that Russia immediately stop the “use of force against Ukraine”; and completely withdraw the armed forces from its territory. 141 delegations voted for the resolution, against— five (Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Russia and Syria), abstained 35.

A month after the start of the CSO, the General Assembly adopted another resolution— about the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. 140 delegations voted for its provisions, against— five, abstained 38.

In early April, the General Assembly suspended Russia's participation in the UN Human Rights Council. This measure was supported by 93 states, against— 24 (except for the previous five, this number included Algeria, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Nicaragua, etc.), another 58 abstained. Moscow has announced that it will leave the council ahead of schedule.

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